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Movie: The Roommate

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IMDB: College student Sara finds that her new roommate Rebecca has an obsession with her, which quickly turns violent.

Sara & Rebecca
The movie generally centralizes on Sara and Rebecca. Sara is a sweet, overly friendly and tolerant girl since she is able to put up with Rebecca's jealousy and obsession. If you were to meet someone like Rebecca, chances are you would try to discourage the friendship from developing into a deeper bond. 

Sometimes when we come across a movie with weak characters, we tend to blame the actors for their lousy acting skills. But in The Roommate, the actor's acting skills are fine, the storyline is actually pretty good as well. It isn't so far fetched, since almost everyone has that experience of going off to college and sharing a dorm with a complete stranger. Even if you hadn't experienced it personally, it's something of the norm rather than tramping off to some isolated place and meeting your doom there like Eden Lake. But the character development and plot development was very weak. I would pick Eden Lake over The Roommate any day because even though it is not as normal as having a roommate, the plot and characters are much more believable. 

*Spoilers below*

I liked it's potential, but the story fell flat because of the lack of a back story for Rebecca. The title The Roommate heavily implies that the main character is Rebecca, and we soon learn that she has a dark past and psychological problems. However, it was never explored and I'm sure many would've like to know what was the root of her problems. We were only given a vague image that Sara was not her first victim and that her parents are "terrified of her". 

I don't like the use of schizophrenia and bipolar in the movie. It is both inaccurate and stereotypical. The definition of schizophrenia on wiki: and the definition of bipolar: I think Rebecca was only starved for attention as she did mention that the only way her parents make up for their lack of time together was to let her "loose on a platinium card" and her actions were rather justified, everything she did was for a cause. She wasn't crazy, she may be slightly over the edge, but I wouldn't count her as crazy. She was an angry, possessive and insecure little girl and the movie was like a jigsaw puzzle that just wouldn't fall into place. Schizophrenia and bipolar my ass.

If you are the kind that can turn off your brain and just enjoy a movie for what it is, go ahead. But if you're the overly critical kind, do yourself a favor and skip this movie. ;) 

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