Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Garnier's Perfect Fit & Relax Whitening Mask

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Retailing at RM39.90 
However I got it at a 70% discount from Facelook, Kuching.

New stretch-to-fit technology
I'm sure many girls would have problems finding a facial mask that fits perfectly since everyone's face shape is different and facial masks cater to the general public. I usually find masks too big for me with the eyes too wide apart, the nose and mouth areas too loose. But with Garnier's Perfect Fit & Relax Whitening Mask, the mask hugs my face nicely as you can stretch it to suit your face shape.  

Intense whitening diffusion equals to 14 days of whitening care 
The '14 days of whitening care' is in regard of the quantity of whitening product in the mask. It does not mean that after using it, your face will show the effects equal to 14 days of whitening care. 

Skin relaxing mask
Just like any other tissue facial masks, it has a relaxing and cooling effect. Nothing special here.

With pure lemon essence
Anybody can tell you that lemon is a natural skin whitener. You can google up many homemade whitening recipes that include lemon. Drinking warm lemon daily in the morning is also known to help you achieve fairer skin and better digestive system.

What I think:
It's perfect for girls who are hoping to brighten their complexion and let me tell you, the effects are instantaneous. My skin looked revitalized and brighter just after the first application. And after using it for consecutively for 2 days, I received comments that I looked fairer. Continuous use of the mask would definitely ensure you fairer skin but I'm kinda lazy to apply it twice every week, so it's sitting on a shelf now. I shall update again when I get around to finishing all 4 boxes (5 pcs in each box) with a before and after picture. It smells strongly of lemon, I have a personal distaste for citrusy scents, however I have grown attached to the smell of lemon because of its promise to make me fairer!

Effectively whitens skin
Rejuvenates the skin instantly

Strong lemon scent
Dripping with essence - when I say dripping, I mean it literally, so it'll be wise to use your mask twice or massage the remaining essence on your neck/body. I consider this a con because it tends to get a little messy which is why I'm lazy to apply this mask in particular.

Pop your mask in the freezer to get more out of your mini facial. According to Michelle Phan, Korean actresses have been known to rub ice on their faces to achieve perfect skin. Michelle has a tutorial on an ice facial which you can view here. The coldness from ice can help reduce swelling and redness and also minimize pores.

I would continue to use this facial mask and purchase it in the future. 

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