Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review: Whitening Pills - Part 1

I guess I'm neither tanned nor fair, I'm somewhere in the middle, maybe a light to medium brown. Fair people say I'm tanned and tanned people say I'm fair, but I've always wanted and envied those with super fair skin. So after months of research, I've decided to purchase whitening pills: Kyusoku Bihaku and White L-Glutathione. I initially wanted to go for whitening injections, but 1. it costs a bomb, 2. my bf was very against it, 3. I'm actually terrified of injections. So I decided to go with option 2. Pills.

Before I continue, I know that we should be happy in our god-given skin no matter the color. Being fair is not the only look that's beautiful, it is merely my preference. I refuse to be judged as pretentious or artificial, because at least I am honest about taking supplements to enhance my skintone rather than lie about it. People suntan to achieve that sunkissed glow and that is no different than me wanting to whiten my skin by taking pills. Suntanning is actually more harmful than taking glutathione pills, read all about gluatathione here: so that you will all know that I am not harming myself in any way by taking these pills. :)

Both White L and KB come packed with Vitamin C. KB has some kinda ingredient called NAC which increases the absorption of glutathione. Glutathione is the main ingredient in whitening pills. They are actually an antioxidant and skin whitening is merely a side effect. However, most of its potency is lost during digestion but Vitamin C prevents it from oxidizing and Alpha Lipoic Acid (one of the ingredients found in White L-Glutathione) boots our natural glutathione.

So if we break it down:
White L-Glutathione on the left, Kyusoku Bihaku on the right

Kyusoku Bihaku has NAC in its glutathione pills at 500mg and a 500mg Vitamin C which increases the absorption of glutathione. KB has 30 pills in each box, a pill a day for a month. Costs around RM135.

White L-Glutathione has a 700mg of glutathione and 150mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid which is also an antioxidant which will boost our natural levels of glutathione. However, it has a significant lower dosage of Vitamin C at only 150mg. But White L-Glutathione has 60 pills, good for one month. The recommended dosage is twice per day, before food. Costs around RM160. 

I'll take White L for the first month (started on 5/5) and KB for the remaining two and I'll blog again after one month to conclude the effects of White L-Glutathione and again two months later to review KB and also to compare the two with before and after pictures!

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  1. i already take both
    KB no effect on me
    since L-white only reduce my pimple but not whiten my skin

  2. I also take both but i consider KB since it has FDA and Halal certified so for me KB is effective. It gave a glowing skin after weeks. I was also wondering as i thought it would take time before i can see result as i read that if you have blurred vision of eyes or any health problem KB will be much slower but i am glad that it is effective.

  3. im taking pregnancy pill, i want to try kb, but my cncern is, if kb can affect the effect of pregnancy pill?