Thursday, June 30, 2011

some things change with time

and others revert to original.

I used to believe in angels, I used to believe in unicorns, I used to believe in mermaids, I used to believe that animals were pure of heart and deserving to be treated as equals, I used to believe in many things. 

But as time passed, I believed in less and less. Other people call it as becoming realistic. I call it growing up. 

When you grow up, you prioritize differently. And as you grow, you lose sight of things that actually matter. 

And I'm trying to look for the innocence that once was, and all those beliefs that colored my life. I've recently read Chicken Soup for the animal/pet/cat and dog lovers soul and it ignited the flame that once burned so bright. I wanted to save all animals, and I hated humanity because we are the reason animals need saving. It was a child's dream. But that doesn't mean we can't do our part. There are so many things we can do. Starting by neutering our pets and/or adopting strays into our lives. :) SSPCA is holding an adoption day at Boulevard Kuching on the 3rd of July, 2011! Go forth and start healing the world! 

There is one thing however, and only one thing that remained strong and true in my heart, one thing that never wavered and may have even gotten stronger over the years: Friendship. 

When I was younger it was always animals, and then friendship, but never family. However, somewhere in between rejecting my blood ties and chasing dreams and friends, family seeped into importance and is definitely here to stay. Family is the one thing that is eternal. You can run from it, you can deny it, but you can't escape from the truth: That you owe them your life. Without your father and mother, no matter what lousy parents they were or are, you wouldn't be here because of them. If you wanna say that you hate them for bringing you into this world, well then fuck off. 

Make the best out of everything, even when it's something you don't want. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ghost Stories

Disclaimer: The following post was found in my archives (which are hidden, so don't bother trying to look for them), I believe that ghost stories should be shared ;) Enjoy!

To celebrate my blog's revival, I shall post some ghost stories that I've heard from friends/family/aquaintances. Who doesn't like a good scary story, hmm? ;)

Best of all, these stories are mostly based in Kuching. Some of you may even have passed the location of the incident before, or better yet, experienced similar incidents.

The Longest Stretch of Road
I don't remember which road it is, but this road is a very long, dark stretch of road that is empty of streetlights. If I'm not mistaken, it's the road from Matang to 7th Mile. According to my friend, his friend was on a motorcycle on his way home when he noticed something out of place. For those of you who ride motorcycles, you should know how it feels when there is someone sitting behind you, you would obviously feel a weight on the back of your bike, am I correct? Well, this guy, he felt the weight and tried to ignore it, because that's what everyone says. Everyone always tell you, 'if you see/feel/hear/smell something, IGNORE it', this is the crappiest advice I've ever heard because ignoring something doesn't make it go away! Imagine if it were YOU, would you be able to ignore weird, paranormal activities? D: But I really respect that guy, he really has balls, he actually kept his cool and continued to drive home, but apparently, the ghost/spirit/blah wasn't very happy with his behavior, and it spoke in a clear, low voice in Malay, 'I know you know I'm here...'

The guy, trying to be smart, ignored the ghost yet AGAIN. Seriously, don't you know it's rude to ignore people when they are talking to you? SO, the ghost prompted him (probably for a reaction of some kind), 'Let me show you how I look like...' After a long pause, the ghost continued, 'Look down...' And at that time, he was nearing the end of the long, dark road and there were some streetlamps-- sufficient light for him to see whatever it was.

He looked down... And saw.... A deformed hand. According to him, looked like a dog's paw.


Come and Play with Me!!
This story takes place at a very famous beach resort-- all you Kch people are sure to know which one... Most people will agree that it is quite dirty, especially the Hilltop rooms. But I've been there SO many times and not ONCE have I met something out of the ordinary... 'Cept that ONE time.. But we'll leave it for later, kays?

Well, according to a friend, he stayed back in the hotel room while his friends went to swim in the afternoon because he was sleepy. He woke up several times, but never thought much of it, until he turned to his side and saw a little boy staring at him. The little boy then ran to the foot of the bed and started to pull on his leg.

I don't know if he was shitting me, or if he was too tired, but that sure as hell made my day... Because I was one of his friends that went for a swim...

Okay, fine, I made that story up. xD TAHAH.

That One Time
A group of us were talking about ghosts and sharing ghost stories the aforementioned resort, and whether is was a trick of the light, or paranoia, I was something dash across the path (next to the beach-- we were beside the swimming pool) and disappearing into the darkness. Eeee!

The Man in the Toilet
My brother's friend has what the Chinese call 'ying yang yan' or what you English speaking bananas would refer to as 'the third eye'. They were at a pub (not gonna mention the name cos I am too young to get sued) when my brother said that he needed to use the toilet. His friend, the one with the third eye said that he too needed the toilet, so they both went together. The toilet of the unmentioned pub is in a room, and my brother's friend stopped my brother from entering because "someone just went in", so they both waited outside the room for a little bit until my brother said why don't they wait in the room because the pub was quite crowded, so his friend obliged and walked into the room.

Once they were right through the door, my brother's friend stopped in his tracks and my brother, bumping into him, asked him what's wrong and he told my brother that the toilet door was open and there was no one in sight.

Sobering up, my brother pushed him forward, knowing that he has the third eye and asked him to check whether the 'man' was still in the toilet.

Conclusion: My brother just about has less balls than I do. LOL! x3

The Girl in Red
This story is particularly creepy to me because my own brother told me this story. His friend, yet again the one with the third eye, works in the same office as he does. Let me describe how the office looks like: The entrance leads directly to a staircase and on the top of the stairs, there is another door, through the door is a small reception. One day, my brother noticed his friend staring out the office door and my brother asked him, 'What are you looking at?', his friend, remembering my brother's countless warnings about NOT telling him anything if he sees anything, replied, 'Nothing...'

But my brother, being the kepoci that he is, asked him over and over again until his friend relented, 'You really want to know?... Well, there's a girl standing in front of the reception in a red dress, holding an umbrella... Looking at us.'

After that, every time I went to pick my brother up from work, I'd refrain from looking up the stairs and if I HAD to go up the stairs, I'd be running up the stairs like a maniac....

A Mother & her Child
According to the security guard at my ex-school (you don't have to be a genius to guess which school), he was closing up the school for the day, locking up and such when he noticed a mother and her daughter walking around the school compound, not thinking much of it, he proceeded to check the school compound until he realized something shocking... The front gate was already locked, there shouldn't be anyone around aside from him...

Neverending Stairs
I've a few friends who are scouts, and as we all know, scouts overnight at their schools often (maybe not, maybe only my ex-school has sadistic scouts)... But what I know is this... A group of playful scouts decided to go hunt for ghosts, and my ex-school has a pretty big stadium with a pretty long staircase. In the dead of the night, they went into the stadium, and finding nothing there, they proceeded to walk up the stairs... But walking as fast as they could, they never seemed to be able to reach the top!

It was only until daybreak could they reach the top...

National Service
Now this story is purely courtesy of ME. I was the one who went into NS. I was the one who experienced this. And... Well, let's not get carried away...

I was on night duty with a certain NS mate of mine and while we are doing our rounds, we have to check the toilets to make sure that there are no lights that are left on or taps that are left running... The time was 3am and I went into the toilet to take a piss before doing my rounds, after doing my rounds, we noticed that the toilet lights were on and of course, the first thought that comes to mind was, 'Celaka. Which bitch left the lights on?! Now I have to waste like another 5 minutes of my sleepytime.'

How was I to know that when I walked into the toilet, I would get the shock of my life?

Okay, fine, I exaggerate. But for someone who is as wimpy as me... What I saw is enough to traumatize me for life.

I saw.... ALL THE TAPS RUNNING. D: It really scared the piss out of me, and I still have to suck it up and close all the running taps! I was more than terrified, I was half expecting to be killed.

But looking back, I think that it may be the coaches pranking me. They knew what I sissy I was. :\ Yet, there's still something unexplained which I experienced during my stay at NS... Stay tuned...

The Lost Guardian
A crazy fool brought her little guardian ghost with her to NS. Apparently, it's supposed to protect her from evil forces... That THING reeked, and also scared the piss out of everyone in the dorm, because the fool lost her protection thing. That night, most of us were too scared to sleep, and we huddled together, pretending to sleep but we were really just waiting for the thing to come looking for its owner... The Malays warned us not to open our eyes no matter what happened. So when I heard the noisy of a slamming locker, my eyes stayed sealed shut. I was too afraid to sleep but too afraid that it might know I was awake, I was so curious to see how it looks like but I was too afraid of what I'd see and too afraid of what might happen if I opened my eyes. I really didn't know what to do... But the sound faded away as dawn approached and I fell asleep for a little while before we had to wake up for assembly.

But every night after that, I heard lots of noises after lights-out. Especially a fan which creaked everytime I closed my eyes, but everytime I opened my eyes to look at the fan, it would become silent. According to the Malays, it's because I already know of its existence which was why it did not hide itself from me... Or the rest of us.

The assuring part was that the idiot found her charm the next day, which was why the spirit did not hassle us.

The more I write, the more stories come back to me. I'm officially freaking myself out... So that's all for now. Feel free to email/comment me YOUR stories. ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's 1am...

And I'm using the Garnier mask I blogged about a month ago.

I hate facial masks.

I hate the mud/clay kind that you apply on your skin and wash off after 20 minutes because even though putting it on is fast and not-quite-messy, washing it off is tedious! It's like it DOESN'T want to leave your skin. And I have to spend like 10 minutes just washing the mask off! - -

And those tissue masks are so wet and slimy, I make a mess all over myself as I try to stick it into place. But at least it's easy to remove. But it's so gooey, imagine if it fell onto the floor as you are trying to put it on and what would you do? Throw it away or put it on anyway? Throwing it away seems wasteful, but putting it on even after it has fallen to the floor and collected god-knows-what is just plain disgusting.

I have a love-hate relationship with both kinds of masks. I go to tissue masks when I'm in a pamper-myself mood with lots of time to spare, but I'll use wash-off masks while taking a long steamy bath. x3

So, which do you prefer, girls? Tissue masks or wash-off masks? 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Whitening Pills - Part 2

After taking L-White Glutathione for a month, all I can say is my skin's not oily anymore, my scars are slightly lighter but my skin tone is more or less the same even though my tan lines are fading. There's not so much difference so I really cannot bother with a before and after pic.

I'm continuing with KB for the next two months, so come back two months later to see my before and after pic.

The final part here.