Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's 1am...

And I'm using the Garnier mask I blogged about a month ago.

I hate facial masks.

I hate the mud/clay kind that you apply on your skin and wash off after 20 minutes because even though putting it on is fast and not-quite-messy, washing it off is tedious! It's like it DOESN'T want to leave your skin. And I have to spend like 10 minutes just washing the mask off! - -

And those tissue masks are so wet and slimy, I make a mess all over myself as I try to stick it into place. But at least it's easy to remove. But it's so gooey, imagine if it fell onto the floor as you are trying to put it on and what would you do? Throw it away or put it on anyway? Throwing it away seems wasteful, but putting it on even after it has fallen to the floor and collected god-knows-what is just plain disgusting.

I have a love-hate relationship with both kinds of masks. I go to tissue masks when I'm in a pamper-myself mood with lots of time to spare, but I'll use wash-off masks while taking a long steamy bath. x3

So, which do you prefer, girls? Tissue masks or wash-off masks? 


  1. I like both but depends which brand ^.^

  2. love tissue masks, easy to use. lazy to wash if using wash-off those clay masks

  3. thx for the feedback girls! :)

  4. I prefer the type of tissue mask that's so thick and sticky where I can sleep with it because it saves time and trouble.