Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Movie: I Spit On Your Grave

This is the most gratifying + disturbing movie I have ever seen.

Source: Google Images
A young, pretty writer goes to a secluded cabin, hoping to stay there for a few months as she writes her book but accidentally aggravates a few boys. So they terrorize her and she comes back for revenge. I wish that they didn't spoil the movie by stating in the summary that she came back for revenge, but then again, that was the reason why I picked this movie to watch. 

I'm so sick of movies that end ugly, but this movie is the happy ending to all slasher flicks especially those containing rape. 

It was truly satisfying to see her take her sweet revenge. Do not watch if you're screamish about gory details, even though the CGI on this baby wasn't all that perfect, it still crept me out. 


  1. Looks like MY kind of movie. Gore. Me likey. :)

  2. Did you watch the remake? I hated the original because it was boring and quite disturbing.. but I might give the remake a chance..

  3. trying2bsweet - why? becos of the poster? @@

    lindy - if gore if your kind of movie, you'll enjoy this loads!

    tany - this is the remake. :) according to reviews the original was badly made? not sure how it compares, but considering how special effects hv improved over the years, the remake should be gorier. :0