Thursday, June 30, 2011

some things change with time

and others revert to original.

I used to believe in angels, I used to believe in unicorns, I used to believe in mermaids, I used to believe that animals were pure of heart and deserving to be treated as equals, I used to believe in many things. 

But as time passed, I believed in less and less. Other people call it as becoming realistic. I call it growing up. 

When you grow up, you prioritize differently. And as you grow, you lose sight of things that actually matter. 

And I'm trying to look for the innocence that once was, and all those beliefs that colored my life. I've recently read Chicken Soup for the animal/pet/cat and dog lovers soul and it ignited the flame that once burned so bright. I wanted to save all animals, and I hated humanity because we are the reason animals need saving. It was a child's dream. But that doesn't mean we can't do our part. There are so many things we can do. Starting by neutering our pets and/or adopting strays into our lives. :) SSPCA is holding an adoption day at Boulevard Kuching on the 3rd of July, 2011! Go forth and start healing the world! 

There is one thing however, and only one thing that remained strong and true in my heart, one thing that never wavered and may have even gotten stronger over the years: Friendship. 

When I was younger it was always animals, and then friendship, but never family. However, somewhere in between rejecting my blood ties and chasing dreams and friends, family seeped into importance and is definitely here to stay. Family is the one thing that is eternal. You can run from it, you can deny it, but you can't escape from the truth: That you owe them your life. Without your father and mother, no matter what lousy parents they were or are, you wouldn't be here because of them. If you wanna say that you hate them for bringing you into this world, well then fuck off. 

Make the best out of everything, even when it's something you don't want. 


  1. what a sweet post here! yeah i also find that i become realistic a.k.a grow up, everything in my life now has been changed, the way how it look at similar stuff, it changed.
    at friend, friendship mean nothing for people at here, they make it easy come and easy go.
    i appreciate many years friendship we had even we're saperated!

  2. i know i love you laopo~ you are one of my most cherished friends. hopefully we'll find our own successful paths but ALWAYS have each other in our lives <3