Monday, July 11, 2011

KL - Day 1

Woke up at freaking 5am after a hard night of partying - happy bday Hanb! Tried to sleep on the plane but couldn't, tried to sleep on the bus to KL Sentral but couldn't. Bro picked us up there and brought us for breakfast at Yut Kee. Nice chicken chop! And then we went to buy me a pair of baby pink havaianas and changed my bb's housing at bangsar - thanks Ben and Eric. Wasn't really happy with the camera lens change tho, cos it doesn't fit properly. But Eric said he'd replace it if ever falls out.

Oh, we also had the best cha sio in the whole world! The fatty parts disintegrate in your mouth. It doesn't just melt - it disintegrates! Lol..

The place is called Sun Ming. Make sure to visit it if you are ever in KL.

We also went to Lowyat before that and I can't for the life of me figure out why there's more people in Lowyat than Sungai Wang! Haha.. We are now in KLCC hunting for Nandos.

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