Tuesday, July 12, 2011

KL - Day 2

Woke up at about 10am after crashing at 8pm.. The first thing we did when we woke up was moving to a different guesthouse. Then we headed out to hunt for Nandos at KLCC. Cost us rm10 to cab there which made my bro go: my goodness you lazy ppl... It's so near!!

Look at how happy he is! :D

But honestly, the mild spicy one is nais! Love! And the sweet corn was orgasmic! Yum!

Anyway, we had our fill and began touring KLCC like the guests that we are. Nothing much to buy and the bookstore didn't have the books I wanted although they had a huge selection. Could've spent the whole day there but it'll be a waste of good shopping time. Anyway, we made our way to Times Square after having a nice meal at Wendy's.

Omg check this out:

Bought loads!! Will probably be broke long before I reach home haha.. But it was satisfying. One thing I don't get is that when I was in SG and I saw clothes selling for 20 I would be like OMG SO CHEAP!! But here? I'm like RM25?!? Discount leh wei.. Why ah!? Is it cos everything is so bloody expensive in SG and we expect dirt cheap prices in KL!? A haha fml.. As in f malaysians life.

Dinner? I had auntie ann's pretzels for snacks so I wasn't hungry.

Funny story.
We were wondering how to get back to our guesthouse as we were in Times Square. We thought we were quite far away, but the infomationalist(?) at the information counter told us to go out the main door, go straight and turn left at the traffic light. In for a long trek, we started out. But guess what awaited us at the other side of the overhead bridge?! Lowyat!! So all this while we were like 10 minutes away! Wtf... Sua ku qin.

I saw a deliciously pink luggage at Lowyat that I'd love to bring home and he saw a messenger bag he'd like to bring home.. Problem is, it'll cost us about 1k to purchase both... Go figure!! Anyway, it's time to catch up on zzz's. Nights!


  1. 20sg dollars is more that rm25 wat.. right? :)

  2. Cabs that you take at KLCC usually won't use the meter, that's why it seems costly.

  3. oh.. yea we only found out we should ask the cabs to use the meter on the last day we were in kl. - -