Tuesday, July 12, 2011

KL - Day 3

I killed a baby cockroach. Don't make me go into details. I will NOT entertain anyone. It's such a scary filthy little thing, why the f does it even exist?!

Today we said goodbye to Sungai Wang after a day of shopping. Tried to find dirt cheap treatment but all the sales keeper were either trying to rip us off or selling us pirated/expired products. Seriously imitation is so crazy here in KL. They have fake Ed Hardy, Juicy Couture, Babyliss etc... Omg the sellers must be seriously buay paisei because they sell those imitations at sky high prices. Saw a shop called Ying Ji Fashion and I'm seriously in love with their clothes but their prices are sky high also. I would never pay 100+ for a shirt that isn't branded, but I honestly thought of buying an outfit or two (or three) from that shop. If anyone has 1k they don't need, I would appreciate the donation. :D

Oh yea, I tasted the most fabulously delicious cheese baked rice at Kim Gary. Syiok qin!

I'm currently on the way to Sunway to meet my wife. Omg my wife, I miss you! Will be meeting you soon!

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