Thursday, July 21, 2011

KL - Day 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!

Day 3
Watched Kung Fu Panda with wifey! Omg I miss you so much, it was good to see you again!! :D

Day 4
Woke up fucking early today because I had to go to Cyberjaya to get my graduation robes, invitations and for a rehearsal. Had breakfast at Subway in Sunway Pyramid before heading off on a RM45 cab ride to Cyberjaya. Limkokwing looks pretty damn impressive.. But if you thought that they would be a bigger more efficient of Limkokwing Borneo, you're WRONG. - -

Took my robes after 15 mins of confusion, got my tickets after squeezing in the "queues" which are actually just mobs of people for about an hour and a half, we went in for our rehearsal which is actually a demo. They cared more about the degree and master holders cos they have mortarboards. BOOOOOOOOOOO!

Got a free ride to Sunway, thanks! And then spent time with hubbei at Sunway and read books lol! After that hubbei gave me Anna Sui perfume and we dinnered at TGI Fridays! Wow at the price. FML.

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Walked all the way from Sunway Pyramid to Suria Mas and it really freaked the both of us out. It was my idea to walk back because I thought it was an opportune time to paktoh. Zzz.. Especially on the overhead bridge, we kept feeling like someone was following us and at the end I shouted at hubbei to STOP LOOKING BACK!

Day 5
Woke up at about 10am thanks to laopo TT^TT and took a taxi to The Curve.

Met up with my brother for Marche (OMFG OMFG LOVE THE ROSTI) and then went shopping at Curve and Ikea (MEATBAAAAAAALLS!) and had Tutti Frutti (OMFG RM18 yoghurt DAI!) until my bro came and picked us up for dinner at a pasar malam where we had nasi lemak (OMG YUM) and THEN! Watched the FINAL installment of Harry Potter with laopo, bro, Roxy and hubbei. Kinda sad and nostalgic. I'll be sure to force hubbei to rewatch Harry Potter from 1 - 7 with me. :D But be sure to watch the trailer below if you HAVEN'T watched Harry (FML I typed Happy, this is what happens when you blog after drinking) Potter.

Went back home and then talked with laopo till quiet late. Will miss talking to you! TT^TT

Day 6
Picked up mom at the airport. The AIRPORT! From Sunway Pyramid to the airport. LOLs. Sorry and thanks to laopo who brought us our luggage cos we got lost trying to find the carpark in Pyramid. Goddamn KL, why is everything so complicated and big?! If you wanna be complicated, can't you be more like Singapore and have lots and lotsa signs?!

Anyway, after we picked up mom, we went to iHotel and checked in. After that we went to dinner at a random restaurant and then walked around Midvalley for a bit before we picked up dad from KL Central. I tell you that man can be left at Spring and get lost! xD Daddy, if you're reading this, I mean it in the best way possible. :3 After we picked up daddy we went to eat (again) at a coffeeshop where my bro says is the best nasi lemak. Too bad they ran out of coconut milk rice. :( But we had a good time sittin there and chattin.

Day 7
It is THE day! I'm finally graduating! Hubbei set the goddamn alarm at 5am and I almost died as I climbed out of the bed. Bro picked me up and sent me to Limkokwing. Here's an example of their incompetence: They asked us to be there before 7am because anyone who reaches campus later than 7am will not be able to graduate. We reached before 7am, and at 7am, the registry counter wasn't even open. What a joke of a threat! There were even graduates who arrived just before 10am and they still got to register!

We spent some time camwhoring and camwhoring and more camwhoring as we waited for our names to be called. We were the last ones to be called, mass comm from Borneo. Wheeppie~ After we went into the Hall of Fame, we were seated while we waited impatiently for our names to be called.

Finally, my name is called and I stand on the stage, confident as ever and letting the camera men take my picture. I would have liked to say something happened, me falling off the stage, getting a standing ovation - anything - but no. It was just 7 seconds of forgettable fame. Just as soon as I got up on stage, I was forgotten. Except of course, by my family, who bought me 3 bouquets of flowers with pink teddy bears. OMG the love! Everyone knows I love pink! It's my personal theory that anyone who doesn't love you doesn't know your favorite color. My eldest bro's green (which, they say is a sign of intelligence), my 2nd bro blue (which is a sign of compassion and peace), and hubbei a mixture of black, white, yellow and sky blue (probably a sign of mental disfunctionality or just a general case of confusion xD). Now you know their secrets. Anyway!

We went off to take graduation pictures (kinda disappointed cos I don't have a mortarboard to throw and wipe in other people's faces) but my grandma looks proud enough and everyone else looks happy enough so to hell with it. :D

After that I went home to bathe because HOURS (from 6 till 3) waiting to graduate is exhausting and all I wanted was a hot shower... Went shopping at Midvalley again after my shower. Finally got the complete set of Hunger Games (supa love!) and then had dinner at this Taiwanese shop at Pavilion (forgot the name) just opposite Moo Cow (yogurt ice cream parlor, dunno if I got the name right but oh whatever). The ice cream is great tho. If you're a girl, you can try prancing past and see if they give you a free sample. They don't usually give boys samples which is why my brother despises them because he walked back and forth a few times and they didn't give him a sample!

Day 8
Finally the 17th, tomorrow will be my last day in KL! Daddy went home pretty early in the morning and we all woke up and got ready at about 11am before we went looking for mom. Had a nice brunch (lunch actually) and then bro sent mom off while hubbei and I stayed back in Midvalley and try to buy some things. Ahaha.. At last all we did was wander around and had Moo Cow yogurt ice cream. I'm seriously gonna miss that ice cream and anyone who tries to tell me Tutti Frutti is better will earn a piece of my knuckle.

After that we went back to Tropical Guest House - I totally recommend this place because it's awesome! It's pretty unique and very clean. Not to mention they have really cute hamsters. Ahahaha.. And check out the chick below who posed naked in our room. LOLs.

We walked from Sungei Wang to Lowyat to Times Square and then to this awesome coffee shop which serves salted egg chicken wings.

Then cabbed back to Times Square till we were tired to the point of a breakdown and walked back to the guest house.

I read till I finished the book 'Will you be there?' which is really well written, well thought out (cept I would've been able to save both Ilena and Angie, which I will talk about in my review next time) and ALMOST brought me to tears. If you want books to make you cry, Mitch Albom has never failed me.

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Day 9
The final day! My bro and Roxy came over quite early to help us pack and send us to Pavilion where we had our final Nando's meal.


Shopped at Forever 21 for a bit and then at Sungei Wang where I spent every last bit of my money and then hit Times Square before heading to KL Sentral.

Finally reached Kch at 10pm and rushed to D'Rangers for a drink. I'm so sober now it's not even funny. 8 days without a drink is a pretty long time if you ask me. So until next time. Ta-ta.

Goodnight, kitties.

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