Monday, August 22, 2011

eating. eating. muchies munch munch.

been eating like a fat mfucker. 

Had claypot rice (mom's cooking is forever the best), then had crabs at Qing Shan with pandan coconuts yum! Dinner at Chef at Home for hubbei's bday and McDs for supper. 

Gonna sleep now. 

But not till I get this out of my system!

God damnit, I tweeted a few days ago about how I know it's puasa but can y'all please drive a bit faster than 20 km/h? And then yesterday, a Kelisa kissed my car's butt. :( There were three other accidents along the road I was on, and yet people don't learn from other's mistakes to slow the fuck down. But at least I get a brand new bumper. 


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