Thursday, August 18, 2011

This blogpost is to remind myself that some people are incredibly insensitive, inconsiderate bitches.

They do not appreciate your kindness, in fact, they take advantage of that kindness and exploit it. They are inconsiderate to your personal life (and time) and are insensitive to your feelings.

They do not see themselves as such, however, and probably feel that they are not in any way wrong for feeling or doing so. It's amazing how they can accuse you of being unkind instead and assume that you will take advantage of them! Moreover, they get pissed off at YOU because THEY pissed YOU off.

I take back my apology, you little fuck. I only said sorry because I was nice and didn't want anything to affect our friendship. But after learning that you were pissed at me, that was the cherry on top. I don't want you as my friend. You are NOT my friend. If you could think of me so unkindly, you were NEVER my friend.

I've learnt my lesson. Fuck off, bitch. Never again. 

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