Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Nasi Lemak 2.0

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Disclaimer: These are all my thoughts and I do not claim to be right or wrong.

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Our Malaysian Film industry has never been anywhere near good, hell, it wasn't even anywhere near watchable. To be fair though, I have only watched Red Curse & Possessed before I gave up completely on Malaysia's local films. But people kept asking me if I've watched Nasi Lemak, and many more raved about how funny it is. I'm not sure if people actually realize the hidden meanings Namwee has planted in the movie. The humor, I feel, is only to soften the blow of racial discrimination, parodies and sarcasm.

But to be honest, I was really blown away by the cinematography, I was expecting some cheap shots and unprofessional takes coupled with even cheaper effects, if any. That aside, I can not stop looking out for little tell-tale signs that Namewee isn't quite done with poking fun at Malaysia yet. Apparently, he isn't going to quit anytime soon and I hope he never does! He is very sarcastic, and hides his messages well so it's pretty much open to how you perceive it but here is my list of things I think he referenced in his movie...

Hidden Meanings/Parodies: (Do not read if you do not want spoilers)
Nasi Lemak 2.0? One may wonder why is it 2.0 when there isn't even a 1.0. If you aren't Malaysian or if you don't follow Malaysian politics, let me enlighten you on Bersih 2.0. It is basically a rally pushing for clean and fair elections. You can read more on that on wiki.

The scandal that the restaurant's CEO was involved in is in reference to Malaysia's latest sex scandal. You can read about it on Malaysians Must Know The Truth.

There is a great big sign that says: 'Thank you for not throwing your rubbish here' and you can see how much garbage is littered just below the sign. Open to interpretation, one could say that Malaysia always pass new laws but none of them are properly reinforced or it could be a stab at Malaysian mentality. Post a 'No smoking' sign and people will smoke like nobody's business.

Blackouts. I am not sure if West M'sia suffers frequent blackouts, and I'm pretty sure it was just a coincidence but East M'sia recently experienced long blackouts. More on the Star.

We all mind our own goddamn business because we don't want to bring trouble onto ourselves. I digress, but if there was a car accident, everyone would rubberneck around the accident and try to memorize the carplate number so they buy TOTO/4D (the lottery).

The lady with a young handsome boyfriend from China. How many times have you seen old men with young, China girls? There is nothing more to add on top of that. Aside from how the lady may be a mockery of girls in Malaysia. Full on makeup and contact lenses every day and always anehing in public. Muak muak!

Policemen in Malaysia are corrupt and bias. The nasi lemak stall is left un-harassed but the old Chinese lady's stall is not. On top of that, they are fearful of their actions BECAUSE they are not honorable.

Drug use. The happy guy you see laughing like an idiot and rolling like crazy is not there just for kicks, you know. Malaysia is not Amsterdam but it might as well be.

Japanese wannabes, there are none (that I've seen) in Kuching except cosplayers... I'm sure anyone reading this can think of a blogger off the top of their head that fits this criteria though. ;D I don't think it's a bad thing, I mean, we are one big rojak family! There are also English-speaking wannabes and all sorts of wannabes so I don't think it's anything to worry about. Hell, there are even whites who wanna be blacks.

The kiss. This is a straight out lash at Malaysian censorship. On a side note, I believe that being a Muslim country and therefore having many restrictions has made us bitter towards Malays. We have to accommodate Muslims and it has made us intolerable towards them especially since Malay favoritism is well known throughout the country. The government can easily rectify this by separating movies into 'Halal' (censored) and 'Non-Halal' (uncensored)! ;)

Personally, I think that racism is overrated. Seriously, people get so worked up over nothing. If only people can stop being so critical and just accept things as they are. Learn to laugh at yourself. Black people scare the shit out of me, but you (black people) don't have to get offended, you can always opt to laugh at my ignorance or freak me out even more to laugh about it later. But I'm not encouraging racial discrimination I'm just saying that people tend to be ultra-sensitive about anything racial related. It's so childish. Imagine kids on the playground, baby John calls baby Tim fat and says that he doesn't want to play with him. Tim the victim cries and reports John as a fat-sist. Now nobody can call baby Tim fat if they don't want to be a fat-sist, and they have to play with him even though he's fat and people don't like his fatness. Does it hurt to be called names or excluded just becos you're fat? Please, grow a pair. I'm not against fat people cos you all fat people out there will probably be like pah fat who cares, you're only slim cos you don't know how to enjoy food. Well, I'm so offended, how can you be such a slim-sist and assume that just cos I'm slim I don't enjoy food? So the vicious cycle continues... But ok, seriously, it doesn't freaking matter. It's not fair, but since when has life been fair? It doesn't matter if you're Indian, Malay, Chinese, Malanau, White, Caucasian, blahdeeblahblah, but you'll all discriminate against who's uglier, poorer, more ill-mannered etc etc. Racism manifests itself in many different terms but it's really just judgement. Humans are very judgmental creatures. See, I'm even judging us.

Back to the movie, I think that it tries too hard. Both the guys (one high on e and the one that kept acting like a dog) are too damn annoying to be funny in the least. Not to mention the crude sex jokes were very unnecessary, but could Namewee be testing Malaysia's censorship? All in all, this being Namewee's first movie, I think that I can be generous enough to oversee it's flaws since it exceeded my expectations with the cinematography, acting, hidden meanings and thought provoking instances such as 'Malaysia against China'. I have struggled with this myself, I am proud to be Chinese, I love China history and I embrace my heritage but when it comes down to it... I am Malaysian!


  1. Nicely written there! full of support for you. People tend to be oversensitive these days. I have tonnes of malay and indian friends and the idiotic 'lot' are trying to take away the bonds and friendship of the multicultural malaysians haihz.

  2. What an interesting insight! I totally agree with the idea of separating the movies between “Halal” and “non Halal”.

    I meant to watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 but I have a hard time getting my hands on it (I now live abroad..) but your post makes me want to look harder ^^

    Take care

    1. you can download nasi lemak 2.0 (and an array of asian films) from! :) xx

    2. Thanks! I will definitely check this out! ^^