Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Whitening Pills - The Verdict

Part One & Part Two, click to go to the respective links.

I have been putting this off for a very long time, but I wouldn't feel complete if I don't conclude my 3 month experiment especially since a lot of my traffic comes for the review. You know who you are. ;) To be fair, I sometimes forget to take the pills, but forgetting it today and taking an extra tomorrow wouldn't make such a big difference, would it?

Both Kyusoku Bihaku and L-Glutathione stank like rotten eggs. The capsules sometimes get stuck in my throat because I'm not very big on taking medication.. LOL. Probably wouldn't happen to anyone else but me. But just a heads up. ;) 

So, I guess everyone wants to know how they turned out, why I didn't blog about it like I promised... Well, the truth is, they didn't make such a big difference that I felt obliged to blog about it. If I found a god-given miracle product, believe me I would sing its praises the very day I find it and every other day. Just by putting this blogpost off, I believe many of you know how the experiment went.

The first thing I noticed was that the pills made my skin very dry - even now that I've stopped, my skin can go from crazy oily to peeling dry depending on its mood wtf. Secondly, it evened out my skintone, gave me a glow and generally made my skin better - bear in mind that I was using other products along with the pills such as my Hada Labo facewash, lotion and other whitening creams/masks. I'm a whitening freak... *looks at tanned skin* even though I don't look it, trust me, most of my friends know the first thing I look for in a product is whether or not it will make me fairer. 

However, I expected these pills to make me go at least 2 shades lighter (OK MY DREAM IS TO BE SNOW FREAKING WHITE! GOD OH PLEASE) but it did no such thing. There has been no drastic change in fairness. I am honestly quite disappointed. I can't even post up a before and after pic because I was so disappointed with the pills and TRUST me! You won't be able to see a difference anyway. 

The verdict: Don't be disheartened, I'm sure if you're hardworking and diligent enough - coupling the pills with sunblock and whitening lotions and taking care to steer clear of the sun (which, truthfully, I did not) and of course, drinking lots of water, you'll probably see more results than I did. I, however, will NOT be repurchasing and I call this experiment a complete failure because it did NOT do what I expected it to. I thought that I would be able to see a DRASTIC change without taking drastic measures such as staying out of the sun (hell, I even went to Jangkar - twice and swimming countless times), applying lotion (I am VERY lazy) or sunblock (have I mentioned that I'm lazy?). If you're patient and have lots of money to spend and will seriously put in effort to be fair, by all means, go ahead. :) 


  1. it also not work on me
    i buy 4 l-white and 3 boxes of KB
    nothing happen

  2. Nice to see a reliable review for glutathione pills for whitening.

    I just started taking Dr. James glutathione whitening pills for a week now and I see just a bit of a glow already, hopefully the whitening effects increases the following weeks ahead. I noticed that your whitening pills are a lower dosage than the ones I'm taking which are 1000 mg a capsule, they say take 1-2 a day, I take 3. I also personally do not take vitamin C because I don't want the pills and my body to rely on artificial Vitamin C. I eat fruits and veggies anyways, so the glutathione has natural vitamin C to work with.

    Anyways, hopefully I get to be snow freaking white in a few weeks!

    1. What are your reviews now about Dr. James glutathione i.e after 6 months???
      Please do try pinkish glow by Royale and tell the effects. :)

    2. Jaywar, wats ur current review about Dr james pills? does it really work? i started the course two weeks back. i can feel little smoothnes in my skin. ur post is 9 months back. it worked for u or not? u became snow freaking white or it dissapointed u? kindly reply..

  3. So does it work effectively?? I wanted purchase the product

    1. Hi Libu! I did not notice any skin whitening effects so no... I don't think that it is effective.