Wednesday, October 26, 2011

STDS - Don't think that it won't happen to you!

Let's make ONE thing clear: The only way to be safe from STDs is if you do not have sex. At all. No, not even oral or anal. You may be protected if you use a condom but even then, only if you used the condom correctly and it does not have any defects. 

Some common misconceptions about STDs: 
1. You will only get STDs if you fuck prostitutes.
This is a complete lie. Whoever made this up was just trying to keep you away from prostitutes. The truth is, you can get STDs from anyone; yes, even a virgin. Either parents of a virgin could be HIV positive and passed it on, girls can have a yeast infection and she can pass it on to you. So the conclusion is: It can happen to anyone! Note: ALL STDs CAN BE PASSED ON FROM MOTHER TO CHILD. 

2. STD = AIDS. 
No! No! No! AIDS is a STD caused by HIV but STD does not equal AIDS. You can say you're sick if you have cancer, but you can't say you have cancer because you're sick. So you can say you have an STD if you have AIDS, but you can't say you have AIDS because you have an STD. There are several types of STDs which I will elaborate on later. 

3. I have only slept with 2 people in my life and therefore I am safe from STDs!
See point 1!!! Another thing to think about is: Imagine if you've had sex with 2 people, let's call them A and B, A has had 3 partners who were virgins, B has had 10, and those 10 each had 2 which were virgins, maybe one of them lied and has actually been with a prostitute before and that prostitute has had 200 customers. So add it all up and you have fucked a total of 236 people! Think about it. 

4. You cannot get an STD from someone who doesn't look infected. 
Do you really need me to explain this to you? Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. It's a disease for christsake, do you have microscopic vision?! On the other hand, what is abnormal? You may not even know what a STD looks like even if it shat in your face. 

5. Someone with an STD wouldn't be having sex in the first place. 
The problem is, many people with STDs do not know that they are infected. Most STDs are silent, they do not show any symptoms at all until it is too late and you will feel perfectly healthy as you continue infecting other people! :) 

6. I will not get an STD from oral sex. 
Lies, all lies! Where are you getting your information from? You can easily contract herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis from oral sex and if you have an open wound in your mouth, you may also contract HIV/AIDs. 

7. I'm homosexual, so I am safe from STDs. 
STDs can spread from anyone, to anyone. NOBODY IS SAFE, no, NOT EVEN YOUR DOG. 

Different types of STDs:
1. Herpes 
There is no known cure for herpes due to the fact that most people do not know they have herpes until it is too late. It is contracted through skin to skin contact, like touching someone's sore (I don't know why you would want to do that) or kissing someone with a sore (again, I don't understand why anyone would want to) or engaging in sexual activities. The virus is not airborne and it is very fragile so don't worry about catching it from a toilet seat. Herpes has an incubation period of 2-20 days but keep in mind that sometimes the symptoms can be very mild or not be there at all. Herpes will come and go as it pleases, but it will stay with you forever. The only way to know for sure? Get checked!

2. Crabs
This is not a bacteria or a virus, it is however, lice. You know, like the ones you find on your dogs. You get them from having sex with someone who has crabs or sharing bedding/clothing/toilet seat with someone who is infected. The symptoms usually appear within 5 days and look like tiny flecks of dead skin. It is easily treated, with over the counter medicated shampoos and creams. They can only live about 72 hours without a human host so seal your whole goddamn house for 72 hours and lock yourself in the toilet lol. 

3. Syphilis
Transmission through sex or direct contact with a sore, it's incubation period can range from 10 days to 3 months. It is easy to cure in its early stages but it may not have any symptoms and can develop into something potentially dangerous. But USUALLY, you will develop one or many small, painless, red sores called chancres where the infection occurred. It will disappear in time but if left untreated, you'll develop stage 2 syphilis. The 2nd stage is a red rash which will also go away without treatment but will develop into stage 3. You will continue to have syphilis even though you do not show any signs. This stage can last for years and years but when it resurfaces it may take your life. So be safe, if you're sexually active, go get checked!

4. Gonorrhea
This typically shows up after 4-6 days of being infected, but can stay in your body till up to 30 days without any symptoms... Then again, 50% of women with gonorrhea do not show any symptoms anyway. However, symptoms include: pain while peeing, discharge from vagina/penis, pain during sex. This disease may be cured easily in the early stages but it an evolving disease, so sometime in the future - if scientist do not find a new cure - it may become an incurable disease. If left untreated, it could lead to infertility and/or death. 

5. Chlamydia
Chlamydia is known as the "Silent Epidemic" because (say it with me now!) it may not show any signs until it is too late. But the known signs are: pain while peeing, discharge from penis/vagina, abdominal cramps in women, sensitive testicles in men. It's incubation period is 7-21 days but most will not show any symptoms at all! If left untreated, you don't die (thank god for one that doesn't kill) but it may cause sterility and/or blindness. The good thing is, it can be treated with antibiotics! 

People fear this the most because they think it promises a slow death. It has an incubation period of 10 years. It is spread by transfer of blood or bodily fluids. You can even get it from getting tattooed with an unsterilized needle. The truth is, you can have HIV till the day you die a natural death and not suffer from AIDs, however if you have sex with multiple people, you are exposing them to HIV and they may develop AIDs due to your irresponsible, ignorant behavior. Another thing to keep in mind is that: there is absolutely NO CURE!!! 

7. Genital Warts
Do you want to see a cauliflower growing on you? Well this is the disease for exactly that. The warts may appear days or years from when you first contracted it. No cure, only treatment available. Please google pictures for this STD because I swear you'll get goosebumps and stop having sex for a year. Mwahahah!!

Yeast Infection 
This is actually caused by an imbalance of bacteria and yeast in a woman's vagina. It's usually caused by antibiotics, dirty/non-cotton underwear (so girls, change your undies often!), chemicals (say no to douches and scented pantyliners), hormones, diets, condoms... Anything that will disturb your natural balance of bacteria. It's very common and easily treatable but highly itchy. Men may contract yeast infections from women and show no symptoms so if you've tried everything but keep getting yeast infections, I suggest you pull your hubby to the doctor. You may have infected him and now he's repeatedly infecting you without knowing it. 

If after all the above, if you're still not convinced and are not going to get tested if you're sexually active, well here's a big fuck you for being an arrogant jerk! Ignorance is not bliss, it's dangerous. An ignorant arrogant asshole is the worse thing that can happen to humankind. So please educate yourself and others around you. For a more in-depth understanding of STDs, please click on any of the links below: 

Remember that it's always better to be safe than sorry. STDs are diseases, it is not judgement. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. People have to stop thinking that only 'dirty' people will contract STDs because it's NOT TRUE. A partygirl could sleep around with 1000 people and not get infected whereas a straight As student who never breaks any rules may, even if he has only slept with one person. STDs do not care who you are, whether you are a slut or a nerd. It doesn't give a shit how old you are. It doesn't care whether you are rich, poor, fat, skinny, ugly, pretty, handsome, white, black, yellow, green. IT DOESN'T DISCRIMINATE SO NEITHER SHOULD YOU. 

I am no professional, neither do I claim this post to be 100% factual. To make mistakes is human so excuse any mistakes but please rectify me in the comments box below. We don't want to be spreading misinformation! If in doubt, check with your doctor or consult the internet. Thanks for reading and remember, sharing is caring.

Edit: 14/11/2011

Sure, they are all very fuckable and sexy...
Source: Google Images

... But what if they give you this?!

I don't want to contaminate my blog with pictures of infected genitalia, so click the link above and scare yourself shitless! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Switch Re-Opening at Spring

There it is, right smack between MPH & Poppies. It is more spacious and strategically near a toilet! :P There are more choices including Beats by Dr. Dre, cute accessories (the gold chrome phone for iphone is to die for!) and many more. Go and check it out for yourself! The first 50 customers get a goodie bag that either consists of an ipad or iphone casing, t-shirt and iphone bumpers in a recyclable bag, so next time you go shopping, use the recyclable bag and say no to plastic bags!

Being one of the invited bloggers, I got a goodie bag too! So now I have iphone bumpers, iphone casing, iphone housing... All I need now, is an iphone! I have actually been collecting pink items for my future iphone. Some people just don't understand my need for pink, so let me explain: I don't mind spending the extra money on a color I like because life is short and we shouldn't live unsatisfied. If I had a black blackberry, I would be unhappy every time I look at it and I use my phone a lot therefore I would be unhappy a lot, if my laptop wasn't pink, I wouldn't like to use it therefore it would be neglected and therefore a waste of money, I never liked staying at home till I painted my room pink lol seriously and imagine if my clothes weren't pink... Sorry for digressing!

Back to the topic: Switch! The pic above was taken during the Fruit Ninja competition. A young boy walked away the winner. The highscore was only about 250. Next up, they had a Treasure Hunt which Denise and Ari were crowned winners with an iPod Shuffle each!

Kids ♥ Apple!
This is the first event I covered and I was really shy about it because I didn't know how I should go about covering an event and it gets quite intimidating when you have seasoned photogs snapping away right beside you. Haha! But it was a great experience and I hope I would be able to cover more events in the future!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Camwhoring with a DSLR!

This is shameless, I know. But you're only young ONCE, and you'll never get back TODAY. We should appreciate what we have (even if it's makeup-enhanced) because you never know when it'll be GONE.

Let me digress for a lil bit: I feel old. I feel like a 16 year old trapped in an aging body. ZOMG noo!

But, here's to being 21 years, 6 months & 2 days old!

This mini, self absorbed photoshoot was taken especially for a contest on facebook. First prize is a Fujifilm Instax Hello Kitty Mini 25s, RM200 and 5 pairs of Bliss Barbie contact lens. Second prize is a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s White, RM150 and 2 pairs of contacts. Third prize is Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s Pink and a pair of contacts.

I'm wearing Vivian 3 Tone grey contact lens. I absolutely love Vivian 3 Tone. It is going to be my signature lens from now on.

I really want the Pink or Hello Kitty one! Vote for me if you can but I won't hold it against you if you won't, I know how annoying "VOTE FOR ME!" people can be.

But if you don't mind making a girl happy, click here and like the Facebook Page, and then click here to like my picture! I will appreciate it even MORE if you share the link around! Thanks!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I salute my Dad

Sometimes I feel that his kindness and generosity is boundless.

A taxi which was parked by the roadside turned into the main road without noticing my father's car and took off the paint on one side. My father let the guy off after reprimanding him because he felt pity for the taxi driver who was trembling in fear, had no cash or a hand phone.

I would've taken down the taxi's car plate, the driver's ic and company and gone to the company to see if they were insured against this kind of thing. But my father probably didn't want to cost him his job or cause him to suffer any serious consequences because my father assumed the driver could not afford it.

But in this world of liars and cheats, I would've at least made sure the taxi driver is really poor and incapable. If he really was, then, I wouldn't make such a big deal out of it cos accidents happen and there's no point in forcing a person with no excess money to pay for something you can afford easily.

What would you do?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DotA Map Hack!

You know what pisses me off the most about DotA? MHers and n00bs!

MHers, it is unfair what you do and if I ever meet the person who created DotA Map Hack I WILL SLIT HIS THROAT! What is the POINT in playing DotA if you're gonna cheat? You're all just losers and cowards.

n00bs, now I don't care if your DotA skills are horrible because I'm lousy at DotA too. But DO YOU KNOW that SOMETIMES, when you try to hide in the forest and your hiding skills aren't that awesome, you may be ACCIDENTALLY seen by the opposing team? DID YOU KNOW THAT?! It doesn't mean we are MHers, it means that YOU ARE AN IDIOT FUCK for THINKING that. And FYI, there are WARDS too, so if you're farming and suddenly you're attacked, BUY A GEM BEFORE ACCUSING PEOPLE OF HACKING! Thank you. Oh, and YES, there is an item called GEM which enables you to see the opposing team's wards, bombs and even *gasp* heroes that are invisible! Betcha didn't know that.

Oh GOD, the many times players have pissed me off by their ignorance and arrogance. There's always that ONE guy on either team that is so goddamn noisy.

"Lag! Fuck you host, turn off your porn!" 
Porn was replaced by MH because of some fucking coward that couldn't stand losing! 

"Waaaa! $*%(&@ MH!" 
This usually happens when you kill someone who was hiding, invisible or any idiot. 

"Of course you win laaaa, you MH!" 
This is what ALL sore losers say. They just wanna find an excuse for their loss. It's like the loser who couldn't get the girl, and accusing any guy who succeeded in chasing her of cheating. Sorry, I couldn't find a lame reason because I honestly don't know what go through those losers' head. 

I usually don't give a shit about people like that, because I know that dogs will bark back at dogs. But this is me complaining about the barking dogs. If you lose, lose with dignity! Who cares if the opposing team is using MH, they know and you know. Winning with MH doesn't make anyone a winner, and accusing people isn't very nice. So...

Hell yea...

Oh and it really makes my day when my team tells the opposing team that they have just been pwned by a girl. 100% of the time, they don't believe us until we stand up to leave.

Source: Google Images

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shills Luxury Chocolate Mask vs Daiso Charcoal Mask

It's really frustrating when you aren't naturally born with perfect skin. I have GUY friends with better skin than I do (CURSE YOU) and I envy them secretly. LIFE IS SO UNFAIR! So girls like me have to go that extra mile to have unhorrible skin. My scale is: horrible, unhorrible, ok, good, perfect. LOL. We will probably never achieve that perfect baby smooth/soft skin every girl wants but what to dooooo!

Rant aside, today I'm gonna compare two peel-off masks which are Shills Luxury Chocolate Mask and Daiso Charcoal Mask.

First of all, I waxed my face with Nair facial strips, I do this because I believe this will help strip away any buildup/dead skin/open up clogged pores. Then to make sure my face is clean, I used a gentle scrub. Next, I use Nature Republic's Blackhead Scavenger Oil Peeling Gel to further open the pores. After that's done, I applied Shills Luxury Chocolate Mask on the left side of my nose and Daiso Charcoal Mask on my right.

Shills is alot stickier whereas Daiso is more runny. Both is super hard to wash off, so make sure you don't get any on your clothes/hair. I apply the mask over a sink so that anything that drips off can be wiped off with a tissue easily. Shills smell like chocolate (duhhh) and Daiso has more of a soapy scent to it. I'm not that particular about scent so long as it doesn't smell like shit. Once dried, Shills looks like it has better coverage whereas Daiso kinda dries with holes. Daiso dries into a paper-like mask and Shills dries into a more stretchable plasticky mask. Lol I'm really bad at describing stuff like this.

Left: Daiso Right: Shills

I don't know why that happens, and it looks pretty freaky, but if anyone does, leave a comment below. ^^

After about 20 minutes, the moment of truth!!

Daiso wins!
Daiso truly and remarkably extracted all the gunk and opened clogged pores. With gentle squeezing, I was able to get even the most stubborn blackheads out! Shills did extract some blackheads and sebum but it didn't work as well as Daiso. However, Shills is less painful to remove but it did leave some discoloration, so the left side of my nose is now darker than the rest of my face. D: But I think it's due to the Nature Republic Oil because this has never happened before. Sidenote: I used Daiso on the rest of my face because Daiso wasn't as hard to get out of the tube, and it was easier to spread.

Final results from my personal blackhead exterminator routine: I have NEVER felt my nose this smooth before as blackheads on the nose run in the family. For the first time in my life, I feel as though my nose is actually clean! Please note that I made the above routine up myself, I am no professional and I'm pretty sure what I'm doing to my skin is super harsh so please do not follow my steps. If you do and anything happens to your skin, I will not be held responsible!

Your advice/opinion would be greatly appreciated so don't forget to comment!

to all you ladies out there

every single month we have to suffer discomfort and inconvenience, our hormones take over control and we become raging monsters.

If you can find that one guy who will tough it out (no, I don't mean IGNORE; I mean a guy who can be patient with you throughout this period of time lol pun!!) and comfort you, take a moment to realize this: Not every guy will understand or accept why ladies become crazy once a month, so for one to overlook this... Appreciate him. :) He's truly a man - because men are logical animals, for them to overcome that need for logic and to understand their loved ones even without comprehending, what more do I need to say?

Dear Guys,

It is scientifically proven that PMS exists! It occurs every once a month and usually happens right before a period. Symptoms can be anything from: pimples, bloating, tender breasts, clumsiness, constipation or diarrhea, food cravings, headaches, confusion, fatigue, emo-ness, highly irritable, aggression, jealousy, insecurity, mood swings, lethargy, etc. If you are able to be understanding boyfriends and be less demanding/more caring, that would help a lot and one day your girl will thank you for it.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Find your perfect hairstyle!

It's really hard to find that perfect hairstyle isn't it? Especially when 'perfect' does not have a universal definition. What is perfect to you may not be perfect to someone else. Check out this constantly updated website on all kinds of hairstyles, haircuts, hair colors and lots of it! Took me ages to find this awesome website so here I am sharing it with all of you who are interested!

The name of the website is Rasysa and it's in Japanese - If you have google chrome, you can translate the page into whatever language you want, and you will be able to find hairstyles based on length, color, cut, image, face shape etc - but if you don't or you can't be bothered, click on the following links for easy navigation:

Based on length:
Medium length
Super short

Sharing is caring! I hope you guys found the above useful. :) Feel free to skip ramblings below.

When I started to cut my hair alone (mom used to be the decision maker lol) I didn't know what kind of cut I liked or wanted so I always let the hairdresser do his thing, as long as he kept the length cos that was the only thing I was sure I wanted. But over the years, I started to be more aware of what I liked (thickness) and what I didn't like (thinned or overly layered hair!) so here's a guide to help you so that you don't get a haircut you're unsatisfied with. I know I was often unsatisfied because I wasn't specific enough or the hairdresser cut off too much or thinned my hair too much or the worst of all, tried to dictate my look eg: Cut your hair like this, that, blah, because it's the IN thing now. It's THE fashion. Fuck you and your fashion, do I look like a fashion zombie to you? Why the HELL would I want a cut that's the same with every other person?! Make sure you TELL the hairdresser EXACTLY what you want, because if you're not sure, he would be unsure as well!

So on to the most basic long hairstyles:

Thick or Thinned?

One length or long layers?

I'll blog about layers in a different post because there are many different kinds of layers, the above is generally known as long layers.

U-Cut or V-Cut?

Leave a comment below!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iphone 4s vs iphone 5

People, it doesn't really matter if your name is Tom, Dick, Jack, Rose, Mary or Belle. Cos it's just a freaking name!

The iphone 4s comes with: (If you're a real geek, check out gizmodo!)
- GSM & CDMA compatible 
- Better camera (8MP, 1080p Full HD) 
- Siri (a virtual PA - I can't wait to get my hands on her, she sounds like someone I wouldn't be able to live without; read more about it on giz here and here)
- Stalkers application (called 'Find My Friends', it technically shows you where your friends are; my dad would really love this, might even force me to install this oh my god IS PRIVACY DEAD IN THIS WORLD?! But if you're interested, give this link a nice fat click: CLICK ME)
- Faster processor, nicer graphics (2x faster, 7x better graphics)
- iOS5 (click!)
- iCloud (& click!)
- iMessage (a bbm ripoff with no extra shit like BIS services etc, can also be used on Touch so it's totally free as long as you have Wi-Fi WHICH MAKES IT BETTER THAN BBM SO THERE)
- Better battery life (8 hours talk time on 3G, 14 hours on 2G, 6 hours 3G browsing and 9 hours Wi-Fi browsing)
- Better call quality (dual antennas; more here)

Anything I missed?

Anyway, I guess the connection between the name (iPhone 4s) and the audience's disappointment is that... Well, we wanted a different design! No offense, but iphone 4 is ugly as shit. 

Overall, there is nothing exceptional. There could be so much more Apple could've expanded on. Just know that you're up against lots of competition now, Tim Cook! You better get your game on. It's been 16 months, dude! We were hoping for our socks to be blown away~ But who knows?! Maybe we just need time to digest and process the information before it's awesomeness sinks in, so give it a few months, and everyone will be singing its praises. 

Like they say, beggers can't be choosers. I may still want you! At least you fixed your 'no-signal' problem, gave us Siri, upgraded everything and iMessage! May even say goodbye to BB. Dilemma!! If only you came out in a different, sleeker, prettier design... 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review: Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Moisture Boost Mask

Source: Google Images

Retailing at RM8+/-
I got it at Watsons!

Boost Skin's Moisture by 15x
What a boastful statement! But nonetheless, it was what drew me in to buy it since I do not normally purchase Nivea brands (had a horrible experience with their deodorant). The mask left my skin feeling very soft and supple, I was quite surprised at its instantaneous effects! When I woke up in the morning the next day, my face was completely free of shine, meaning that my face was hydrated throughout the night by Nivia's Aqua Boot mask. Amazing! But! The only downside is, it hydrates SO much that I had water retention in the morning. D: Seriously, my face was all puffy. Is this even possible?!

No alcohol. No perfume. No color. 
Just like what everyone wants to see on any skincare products. :D

Ginseng & B Vitamins
I can't find anything related to ginseng and skin, but I'm guessing that something which is good for our health must be good for our skin too! Vitamin B improves our skin's ability to retain moisture and has anti-aging effects. It can also lighten our skin (triple yay!)

What I think:
I did not like the way the mask is created, it has more-than-enough slits and doesn't really cover my entire face. My nose bridge is quite high, so in order to cover my whole nose, my eye area had to be deprived of this intensely moisturizing mask. In regards to the design of a mask, Garnier's Perfect Fit & Relax Whitening mask is still my favorite. My skin felt kind of tight after using the mask though, not sure why that is.

The essence is not runny or diluted.
Skin feels rejuvenated and supple!

The design of the mask.
It has soooo much essence that it felt like such a waste to throw it away! :(
Water retention! ><

Massage mask essence into your skin after you've taken it off to absorb all the goodies! Don't let it dry naturally as that might dry out your face esp if you're in an air conditioned room! No point it intensely hydrating your skin just to have the moisture sucked out mercilessly.

I may repurchase this in the future if there are no other cheaper alternatives. :)