Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DotA Map Hack!

You know what pisses me off the most about DotA? MHers and n00bs!

MHers, it is unfair what you do and if I ever meet the person who created DotA Map Hack I WILL SLIT HIS THROAT! What is the POINT in playing DotA if you're gonna cheat? You're all just losers and cowards.

n00bs, now I don't care if your DotA skills are horrible because I'm lousy at DotA too. But DO YOU KNOW that SOMETIMES, when you try to hide in the forest and your hiding skills aren't that awesome, you may be ACCIDENTALLY seen by the opposing team? DID YOU KNOW THAT?! It doesn't mean we are MHers, it means that YOU ARE AN IDIOT FUCK for THINKING that. And FYI, there are WARDS too, so if you're farming and suddenly you're attacked, BUY A GEM BEFORE ACCUSING PEOPLE OF HACKING! Thank you. Oh, and YES, there is an item called GEM which enables you to see the opposing team's wards, bombs and even *gasp* heroes that are invisible! Betcha didn't know that.

Oh GOD, the many times players have pissed me off by their ignorance and arrogance. There's always that ONE guy on either team that is so goddamn noisy.

"Lag! Fuck you host, turn off your porn!" 
Porn was replaced by MH because of some fucking coward that couldn't stand losing! 

"Waaaa! $*%(&@ MH!" 
This usually happens when you kill someone who was hiding, invisible or any idiot. 

"Of course you win laaaa, you MH!" 
This is what ALL sore losers say. They just wanna find an excuse for their loss. It's like the loser who couldn't get the girl, and accusing any guy who succeeded in chasing her of cheating. Sorry, I couldn't find a lame reason because I honestly don't know what go through those losers' head. 

I usually don't give a shit about people like that, because I know that dogs will bark back at dogs. But this is me complaining about the barking dogs. If you lose, lose with dignity! Who cares if the opposing team is using MH, they know and you know. Winning with MH doesn't make anyone a winner, and accusing people isn't very nice. So...

Hell yea...

Oh and it really makes my day when my team tells the opposing team that they have just been pwned by a girl. 100% of the time, they don't believe us until we stand up to leave.

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  1. thank God i'm not playing :P otherwise, i'll be pissed too hehee