Friday, October 7, 2011

Find your perfect hairstyle!

It's really hard to find that perfect hairstyle isn't it? Especially when 'perfect' does not have a universal definition. What is perfect to you may not be perfect to someone else. Check out this constantly updated website on all kinds of hairstyles, haircuts, hair colors and lots of it! Took me ages to find this awesome website so here I am sharing it with all of you who are interested!

The name of the website is Rasysa and it's in Japanese - If you have google chrome, you can translate the page into whatever language you want, and you will be able to find hairstyles based on length, color, cut, image, face shape etc - but if you don't or you can't be bothered, click on the following links for easy navigation:

Based on length:
Medium length
Super short

Sharing is caring! I hope you guys found the above useful. :) Feel free to skip ramblings below.

When I started to cut my hair alone (mom used to be the decision maker lol) I didn't know what kind of cut I liked or wanted so I always let the hairdresser do his thing, as long as he kept the length cos that was the only thing I was sure I wanted. But over the years, I started to be more aware of what I liked (thickness) and what I didn't like (thinned or overly layered hair!) so here's a guide to help you so that you don't get a haircut you're unsatisfied with. I know I was often unsatisfied because I wasn't specific enough or the hairdresser cut off too much or thinned my hair too much or the worst of all, tried to dictate my look eg: Cut your hair like this, that, blah, because it's the IN thing now. It's THE fashion. Fuck you and your fashion, do I look like a fashion zombie to you? Why the HELL would I want a cut that's the same with every other person?! Make sure you TELL the hairdresser EXACTLY what you want, because if you're not sure, he would be unsure as well!

So on to the most basic long hairstyles:

Thick or Thinned?

One length or long layers?

I'll blog about layers in a different post because there are many different kinds of layers, the above is generally known as long layers.

U-Cut or V-Cut?

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  1. i love the U-cut but my hair is currently short. will consider that once my hair grows longer =)
    thanks for sharing ~

  2. great tips and nice colored hair.

  3. zombie - shoulder length hair can rock the u-cut aswell! :D
    nava.k - thanks, will do more posts like this.