Monday, October 17, 2011

Movie: Real Steel

SPOILERS, so don't read this post till you've watched the movie and when you have, come and leave your comment below. ;)

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It was epic! It blew my socks off!

No, I can't care less about the graphics although obviously good graphics is a plus (PUI YOU SORCERER & WHITE SNAKE PUI!) but the emotions in the movie was so darn realistic. It reached out from the big screen and touched my little cold heart.

When I first saw the little boy, Max, played by Dakota Goyo, I was like 'mini Justin Bieber so peh!' but when I really got into the movie, wow. The scriptwriter made a character I like, I mean normally I hate little annoying kids but he's a charming little annoying kid. He's earned himself some hate on IMDB and critics/idiots called him egoistical (b/c of the mic scene) but honestly, he's a kid and he acted like one! He was insulted that Zeus' people wanted to buy Atom and he doesn't know any better! Geez. What is WRONG with you online losers? Go out there and take a breath of LIFE. Although, if I were his dad, I would've slapped him and snatched the mic back before he could choi su (challenge/pick a fight) with Zeus. Other than that, I have nothing to say about Charlie - by Hugh Jackman - cos come on, who doesn't love that gruffy old man? I've had a crush on him ever since I watched X-Men. I kept willing myself to become a mutant so that he and I could be together. If I were a mutant, my power would be to control time. If I was dying, I could undo my oncoming death - thus not fearing death - and I can kill people I hate repeatedly until I get tired of it or I could torture them by dragging out the time, making an hour last a year. I can even relive my favourite memories over and over again! Ok enough with the nonsense and on to the review.

I like emotionally realistic movies, movies that has logic, that makes sense. And this movie has that. It isn't too unbelievable and it doesn't try too hard to tug at your heartstrings, it seems to do so effortlessly and that's what captured me. Not to mention Hugh is hot. Some of you may argue that no real father/son talks like that, well guess what? What evidence do you have? I can say that there's a pink unicorn floating somewhere in the universe and you can't say I'm wrong cos you can't PROVE THAT IT DOESN'T EXIST! Buahaha, oh the cleverness of me. I actually stole that from my brother, but he originally said kettle and not a pink unicorn.

To be fair though, there is one major glitch. Robots are a fairly dangerous thing I'm surprised no one has died from any robot accidents. How about people using robots for personal reasons? Obviously it doesn't flow with the plot but I was just wondering... HOW THE HELL DID THE GOVERNMENT APPROVE OF CIVILIANS HAVING ROBOTS?! Ok, shush now.

Movie critics can pick at a movie to pieces but a movie is to be enjoyed. So all in all, despite all the "this is a shit movie" comments, I absolutely enjoyed it and you should at least give it a chance.


  1. one of the best movies this year.. better than transformers i think :)

  2. OMG! movie of the year! here i come... :D