Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review: Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Moisture Boost Mask

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Retailing at RM8+/-
I got it at Watsons!

Boost Skin's Moisture by 15x
What a boastful statement! But nonetheless, it was what drew me in to buy it since I do not normally purchase Nivea brands (had a horrible experience with their deodorant). The mask left my skin feeling very soft and supple, I was quite surprised at its instantaneous effects! When I woke up in the morning the next day, my face was completely free of shine, meaning that my face was hydrated throughout the night by Nivia's Aqua Boot mask. Amazing! But! The only downside is, it hydrates SO much that I had water retention in the morning. D: Seriously, my face was all puffy. Is this even possible?!

No alcohol. No perfume. No color. 
Just like what everyone wants to see on any skincare products. :D

Ginseng & B Vitamins
I can't find anything related to ginseng and skin, but I'm guessing that something which is good for our health must be good for our skin too! Vitamin B improves our skin's ability to retain moisture and has anti-aging effects. It can also lighten our skin (triple yay!)

What I think:
I did not like the way the mask is created, it has more-than-enough slits and doesn't really cover my entire face. My nose bridge is quite high, so in order to cover my whole nose, my eye area had to be deprived of this intensely moisturizing mask. In regards to the design of a mask, Garnier's Perfect Fit & Relax Whitening mask is still my favorite. My skin felt kind of tight after using the mask though, not sure why that is.

The essence is not runny or diluted.
Skin feels rejuvenated and supple!

The design of the mask.
It has soooo much essence that it felt like such a waste to throw it away! :(
Water retention! ><

Massage mask essence into your skin after you've taken it off to absorb all the goodies! Don't let it dry naturally as that might dry out your face esp if you're in an air conditioned room! No point it intensely hydrating your skin just to have the moisture sucked out mercilessly.

I may repurchase this in the future if there are no other cheaper alternatives. :) 

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