Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shills Luxury Chocolate Mask vs Daiso Charcoal Mask

It's really frustrating when you aren't naturally born with perfect skin. I have GUY friends with better skin than I do (CURSE YOU) and I envy them secretly. LIFE IS SO UNFAIR! So girls like me have to go that extra mile to have unhorrible skin. My scale is: horrible, unhorrible, ok, good, perfect. LOL. We will probably never achieve that perfect baby smooth/soft skin every girl wants but what to dooooo!

Rant aside, today I'm gonna compare two peel-off masks which are Shills Luxury Chocolate Mask and Daiso Charcoal Mask.

First of all, I waxed my face with Nair facial strips, I do this because I believe this will help strip away any buildup/dead skin/open up clogged pores. Then to make sure my face is clean, I used a gentle scrub. Next, I use Nature Republic's Blackhead Scavenger Oil Peeling Gel to further open the pores. After that's done, I applied Shills Luxury Chocolate Mask on the left side of my nose and Daiso Charcoal Mask on my right.

Shills is alot stickier whereas Daiso is more runny. Both is super hard to wash off, so make sure you don't get any on your clothes/hair. I apply the mask over a sink so that anything that drips off can be wiped off with a tissue easily. Shills smell like chocolate (duhhh) and Daiso has more of a soapy scent to it. I'm not that particular about scent so long as it doesn't smell like shit. Once dried, Shills looks like it has better coverage whereas Daiso kinda dries with holes. Daiso dries into a paper-like mask and Shills dries into a more stretchable plasticky mask. Lol I'm really bad at describing stuff like this.

Left: Daiso Right: Shills

I don't know why that happens, and it looks pretty freaky, but if anyone does, leave a comment below. ^^

After about 20 minutes, the moment of truth!!

Daiso wins!
Daiso truly and remarkably extracted all the gunk and opened clogged pores. With gentle squeezing, I was able to get even the most stubborn blackheads out! Shills did extract some blackheads and sebum but it didn't work as well as Daiso. However, Shills is less painful to remove but it did leave some discoloration, so the left side of my nose is now darker than the rest of my face. D: But I think it's due to the Nature Republic Oil because this has never happened before. Sidenote: I used Daiso on the rest of my face because Daiso wasn't as hard to get out of the tube, and it was easier to spread.

Final results from my personal blackhead exterminator routine: I have NEVER felt my nose this smooth before as blackheads on the nose run in the family. For the first time in my life, I feel as though my nose is actually clean! Please note that I made the above routine up myself, I am no professional and I'm pretty sure what I'm doing to my skin is super harsh so please do not follow my steps. If you do and anything happens to your skin, I will not be held responsible!

Your advice/opinion would be greatly appreciated so don't forget to comment!


  1. I tried the daiso one before, but it's very painful when i peel them off. At last I washed it off because I couldn't stand the pain already. Oh horrible.

  2. now you make me crave for Daiso!!! say bye bye to nose-parasites LOL

  3. I have tried the charcoal mask but from different brand, worked wonders for me.

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    1. malware alert from google, don't click on this link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hey, im finding this mask too. i have visited two daiso stores , both of them doesn't sell this mask TT may i know where u buy it?? i really need help

    1. hi! i got it from the curve at damansara. good luck in finding it! :)