Monday, October 24, 2011

Switch Re-Opening at Spring

There it is, right smack between MPH & Poppies. It is more spacious and strategically near a toilet! :P There are more choices including Beats by Dr. Dre, cute accessories (the gold chrome phone for iphone is to die for!) and many more. Go and check it out for yourself! The first 50 customers get a goodie bag that either consists of an ipad or iphone casing, t-shirt and iphone bumpers in a recyclable bag, so next time you go shopping, use the recyclable bag and say no to plastic bags!

Being one of the invited bloggers, I got a goodie bag too! So now I have iphone bumpers, iphone casing, iphone housing... All I need now, is an iphone! I have actually been collecting pink items for my future iphone. Some people just don't understand my need for pink, so let me explain: I don't mind spending the extra money on a color I like because life is short and we shouldn't live unsatisfied. If I had a black blackberry, I would be unhappy every time I look at it and I use my phone a lot therefore I would be unhappy a lot, if my laptop wasn't pink, I wouldn't like to use it therefore it would be neglected and therefore a waste of money, I never liked staying at home till I painted my room pink lol seriously and imagine if my clothes weren't pink... Sorry for digressing!

Back to the topic: Switch! The pic above was taken during the Fruit Ninja competition. A young boy walked away the winner. The highscore was only about 250. Next up, they had a Treasure Hunt which Denise and Ari were crowned winners with an iPod Shuffle each!

Kids ♥ Apple!
This is the first event I covered and I was really shy about it because I didn't know how I should go about covering an event and it gets quite intimidating when you have seasoned photogs snapping away right beside you. Haha! But it was a great experience and I hope I would be able to cover more events in the future!


  1. Wow, you're so lucky to be one of the invited blogger Veyroniqa. :)

  2. yay!!! If only Switch staff wears pink and you'll go to Switch more often? =P

  3. Whoa!! A free goodie bag?? Lucky! lol, too bad I cant join that day cause i got something to do, dang it. grr :) Looks like an awesome event!

  4. Great news! Very curious when Beats open, will Eminmen and SloopDog be there to grace the occasion for their master Dr. Dre. Thanks for the info!

  5. I've not been to spring for quite sometime already XD the new switch looks big

  6. There you go.. your first event! Good way to start =)

    Loving the content. Keep it up!! woohoOOO!!

  7. cutebun - possibly! will lepak there till they can't stand me hahahaha..

    anyway guys, thanks for all the comments, really appreciate it! :D

  8. time to switch to pink ..


  9. I did the same thing! My Samsung phone had no where to hook the cellphone charm onto, so I just bought a case and used that. I love charms, and it's a must have on my phone for me! ;)coques iphone 4