Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best Pizza in Kuching

Everyone's definition of what is 'best' or 'perfect' may be different so I will elaborate on my standards.

I do not claim to know everything there is to know about pizzas but according to my taste buds, my definition of the best pizza is one that is thin crust but not so thin that it is literally crust - think Skinny Pizza from Singapore, it's like a huge piece of chalk biscuit with random toppings! THAT IS NOT PIZZA!! Secondly, the toppings must complement each other. Thirdly, the toppings must be in balance with the pizza. Not overly stuffed nor pathetically little. Neither thin pizza with a shitload of toppings or a thin pizza with a thin sheet of toppings are desirable and vice versa.

Ok, on to the best pizza in Kuching... Presenting:

They do deliveries, functions and of course, takeaways.

I am in no way affiliated with Tom's Pizza. I just think that 1. They deserve the free advertising because they make awesome pizzas! 2. Sharing is caring. And I would really hate to see one of the best pizza places disappear like Italiano and Silhouette, my previous pizza obsessions. But! I'm pretty confident that Tom's Pizza will still be there when I come back, maybe even have another outlet or two. xD Look, they have even been featured in a newspaper before!

Anyway, I ordered Pepperoni (RM15) and Hawaiian (RM15); Other toppings which include: Champignon (otherwise known as Button) Mushroom (RM12), Margherita (RM12), Italian Smoked Turkey Ham (RM15), Cheese (RM10) and Ocean Tuna (RM15). Their operating hours are 12 noon to 10pm on Tuesdays to Sunday. You can find them at Da-Light food court near King Center. Keep in mind that they have Mondays off!

Craving for pizza yet?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Change your eye color permanently.

It's amazing how much vanity we humans are capable of. Even while there are millions suffering from poverty, we continue to indulge ourselves selfishly.

A Californian company, Strōma Medical, has developed a laser that will change brown eyes into blue eyes by removing melanin in the eye.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? I would love to have blue eyes. But it will only be available to the public a few years from now, and at $5000 per procedure, my dream would have to wait.

Source: DeviantArt

Read more:
Washington Post
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Interview with Dr. Gregg Homer

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

emo me.

"Alcohol is poison. Why do I drink it? Because there is something inside me that I want to kill."

Just a quote I like.

I was talking to my friend about the memories we made together. I remember how we used to always go to his house just to talk and smoke. Funny shit almost always goes down. There was one time we broke a chair. We watched movies there. We wrestled. We farted. We goofed around. It was just good times.

We were like family, the two of us. There wasn't anything we could do that would have pissed each other off, okay, that's a lie. We pissed each other off constantly but always shrugged it off. Haha. I would go to his house at 9am in the morning if class ended early and barge in on him and his girlfriend while screaming at them to wake up. If they didn't, I would jump on the bed. Push them around. We'd always have lunch together. Maybe go to the Spring and buy tickets to a movie for that night with the whole gang. We told each other almost everything. Almost.

We all gathered there before heading out all the time, his house was like our meeting ground.

It was all gone, in a few more months it would've been a year. But slowly, we're going back to how we used to be. Too bad that soon, it'll all just be a memory again.

Good night

Review: Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask

Source: Google Images
Retailing at RM7+
I got it at Watsons, during a buy 1 get the 2nd one off 20% promo - I'm a cheapo like that. 

I have never tried Neutrogena though I've heard great things about this brand so I jumped at the opportunity to get 2 pcs of the mask. :D

No alcohol. No perfume. Non-comedogenic. 
Have no idea what non-comedogenic means and I'm too lazy to google it up.

Vitamin C
According to the internet, based on the first thing that popped up: is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. That's great. And another thing I know about Vitamin C is that it whitens skin! :3

What I think:
It made my skin super soft and supple. I don't think I've ever felt my skin so soft before. But it's kinda big for me. Seriously, who makes all these facial masks? They should come in sizes: Asian, small, medium, big and giant. Lol, no, seriously. Anyway, my skin feels really moisturized although I do not see any brightening effect. I do like it because I feel as though my skins likes it, hahaha! Might repurchase. Not to mention, unlike the Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Moisture Boost Mask I tried, this one seems to have relaxed my skin, it doesn't feel tight, quite the opposite. Oh, but then again, it comes in dual packaging, and what I mean by that is... The mask is in a foil packet inside a paper envelope type packet. The Nivea one does this too. C'mon, that's so wasteful!

The essence is not runny.
Skin feels rejuvenated and soft and relaxed.

The mask is too big.

I may repurchase this in the future depending on my mood and whether there is anything else that catches my eye. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello, people.

"I missed the part where that's my problem."

I was rewatching Spiderman when that quote jumped out at me.

That's the problem with people, sometimes they don't understand that their actions - or inactions - will directly - or indirectly - cost others.

"Sometimes we are held responsible for the things others did. So bitch please think before you act!" I tweeted this some time ago about (name deleted) who I thought was my friend, someone who calls herself my best friend. In all honesty, I knew what kind of person she is. She is not a dependable person, she frequently lies and exaggerates, but I still thought of her as my friend because we were always there for each other. We understood each other even though we are total opposites and overlooked each other's flaws. I always assumed she was true to me. I guess life bitch slapped me real hard when it turned out that she was just a selfish, insecure little attention whore who really doesn't give two fucks about anybody at all. Lots of people told me to be careful of her, even more disliked her and some even told me to cut off all ties with her so I guess I got what I deserved for not listening to them. To you: Fuck you. I gave you too many chances because I believed in you and you know you fucked them all up.

If I knew how to contact you, I won't be blogging about this now. But I know you read my blog and since you don't reply my facebook messages or have the decency to pick up my calls, here it is just so I can get it out of my system. Goodbye and good riddance.

Edit: 30 March 2012 //

I've come to accept that people come and go. Even those closest to you will hurt you. Some friendships were not meant to endure and I'm no longer bitter about it because there really is no point. Time heals all wounds. Her name has been deleted because fuck it, that's what she is to me. A nameless person; another stranger.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Drinking Games

Went to Executive last night for the first time since it was bombarded a few days ago. This is Kuching, gangster city. Don't piss anyone off. LOL. Anyway, I learnt a new drinking game! Seriously though, who the hell comes up with these drinking games? They make people look retarded, are slightly challenging and the more you play, the more you drink and the more you drink the more you lose! But then again, that's what makes it so fun!

The games I know so far are:

1, 2, clap
The rules are really simple, nobody can say 3, 6 or 9 and have to substitute it with a clap. Anyone who lags for more than 3 seconds has to drink, anyone who says any of the 3 numbers has to drink, anyone who claps/says a number before their turn has to drink and anyone who claps when their number is not 3, 6 or 9 has to drink. The furthest I've ever gotten to with my friends is 100+ HAHA suckers. Another optional rule is that everytime someone loses, they go in the opposite direction. Example: A says 1, B says 2, C claps, D accidentally claps so he drinks, and when he starts from 1, it'll be C's turn to say 2 instead of E. You get the drift?

It's a game that's played in mandarin, so one person says “一只青蛙” and another says “掉进水里” and the third says "dooomp", then continue with “两只青蛙” “掉进水里” "dooomp" "dooomp" till someone messes up. If it's 5 frogs, then there has to be 5 "dooomp"s, each "dooomp" spoken by a different person.

It's the game I know of as the dice game which was played in Pirates of the Carribean, you can think of it as cheating or you can think of it as being smart, but either way, it's a game of luck. Google it.

Ji Gu Bang
This is something like scissors, rock, paper, but the thing is, you do it twice. So let's say A chooses rock and B chooses scissors, you do it again but A has the upperhand because he won the first round so if during the 2nd round, both chose paper, B loses and has to drink. It's usually played with two hands although 1 would suffice. This is a 1 on 1 game.

1, 2, 3
Everyone can only choose 1, 2 or 3 with their fingers and the total is added up and you start counting from one person. Let's say there's 5 people playing, A and B chose 3, C and D chose 2 and E chose 1 which totals up to 11 and you start counting from A, the loser is A. If the total is 12, the loser would be B and vice versa.

5, 10, 15
Everyone can only opt to go with 5 or 10. Let's say there's 3 people playing, A shouts 10, chooses 5, B chooses 5 and C chooses 0, B loses (if going in clockwork). If B shouts 0 and everyone chooses 0, C drinks. If no one guesses the correct digit, then the game continues till someone does.

Dice number
Usually played with two dices. One player calls a number and the amount of beer to be drunk by the loser, whoever gets the number loses. So if he calls "double, half glass", anyone who gets double has to drink half a glass. Or if he calls "5 and 6, one sip" whoever gets 5 and 6 together has to drink one sip. Get creative with this game! You can even say one red and one black, any sum bigger than 8 or whatevers.

5 glasses
You get 6 glasses and one dice and lotsa beer. The rules are, you have to fill or drink from the glass of the number you get. So if you rolled 5 and the 5th glass is empty, you fill it to your heart's content. Anything from a drop to a full glass. If the glass is already filled, you have to drink it no matter the amount. This is by far the kickest game ever. The optional rule is, you have to fill a glass before your turn is up. Imagine if all 6 glasses are filled and you have the worst luck that night. HAHA.

Clap clap
This is the game I just learnt. You slap your thighs twice and point to your opponent and say "yo" and slap your thighs once and point to any random direction. If both players point in the same direction, both has to slap their thighs once and point to each other and say "yo" whoever doesn't or does a wrong gesture loses. Again, another 1 on 1 game. This left me bruises on my thighs so people, don't get too excited! Lol...

See the little purplish black dots? :\
This is the last 1 on 1 game I know. You start off by sandwiching your hand with your opponent, so it's your left hand, his right hand, your right hand and his left hand. You slide out of the position (signifying the start of the game) and you clap twice before throwing rock, scissors or paper. If the both of you choose the same thing, clap twice and throw again till someone wins/loser and then you clap twice and point to a direction (up, left, right, down) if the loser follows your direction, he loses. If not then you replay the game till someone loses/messes up. If you're slow, do NOT try this game, because you will lose and lose and lose...

Geez, I know more drinking games than I thought. Anyway, the above are those that I frequently play and love. *^^* Share your drinking games too!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Bio-Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost 7pcs Trial Kit

So one day, I was minding my own business at Guardian when a lady asked me how old I am. Seeing as she's a promoter for skincare, I asked her how old do I look based on my skin. She said 25 and explained that my face looks very dehydrated. I was freaking horrified! But offended at the same time so I walked out and went to Watsons and bought this set. Don't get me wrong, Watsons always is and always will be my first choice, but I browse Guardians sometimes and buy things that Watsons doesn't have.

I bought this is a trial kit for RM25.90. There are 7 pcs in total, which include:
- Complete Cleansing Milk 8g
- Cell Renew Essence 5ml
- Hydra Nourishing Lotion 8ml
- Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask 10g
- Active Nourishing Emulsion 15ml
- All-Day Hydra Nourishing Cream 8g
- Intense Eye Cream 3g

I didn't really know how to go about using this 7pcs 6-step regime, so I googled and it let me to Bunny chan, thanks for your review and information! Btw, if you guys wanna read a different review from someone who knows their thing more, I suggest you read her review.

My review:

1. Complete Cleansing Milk
The moment of truth. I believe a cleanser can tell you a lot about a product. Its texture, scent, effect and not to mention it's the FIRST thing you'll use from a line. I disliked the smell at first scent. It smelt like men's perfume to me, but personally I tend to lean towards sweet perfume so yea. It is a very slippery and light cleanser - I'm more used to thick, creamy cleansers like Hada Labo's Tamagohada. This does NOT lather well, I like foamy cleansers and this just disappeared before I was even done massaging it into every nook and cranny. At the end of the day I felt like I was washing my face with water. But when I was done, my skin felt silky, like there's a film of protection on my skin.

2. Active Nourishing Emulsion
Nothing much to say here, it's a toner! It's supposed to prep your skin for the other goodies you'll be feeding it with. It absorbs fairly quickly, a few pats after applying it onto your face would do.

3. Intense Eye Cream
The promoter that said I looked 25 told me my eyes had horrible eyebags and that wrinkles are starting to form *gasp* so I hoped that this would be my ticket out of 25-ville but it did nothing. And if I got this into my eyes, it hurts. C'mon people! Make sure any eye products you make have a tear-free formula!

4. Cell Renew Essence
This kinda reminds me of Hada Labo's lotion/toner except it's slightly more runny and it absorbs far quicker.

5. Hydra Nourishing Lotion
A light moisturizer that helped me hide my dry skin. I have dry skin around the corners of my mouth and lower cheeks, so this really helped me hide it. Slightly runny. Did nothing to keep the oiliness at bay. I have very oily skin and this acted as an oil booster.

6. All-day Hydra Nourishing Cream
I actually prefer this over the lotion. It feels creamier and more moisturizing because it isn't runny. And it doesn't leave my skin as oily as the previous lotion.

7. Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask
This totally blew me away... Because it did NOT do what I thought it would do. I wake up in the morning with a film of stickiness on my skin. That is not what I want to wake up to. I expected silky, supple skin but this is my first sleeping mask and maybe sleeping masks are supposed to be sticky?

All in all, I would not be repurchasing. It was a disappointment because I expected well moisturized skin equaled less oil. I have just proven that this is not a fact. Oily people, you do need to moisturize but it does not mean that the more you moisturize, the less oily you become. And dry skinned people, well, you need a lot of moisturizing. But, I'm no expert, just going with experience.

Good luck to you in your endeavors.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drunk people tell the truth???

The Culprit
Who the fuck came up with shit like that? Now here's the thing, you can barely talk coherently, you can barely balance yourself cos the whole fucking world is made from jelly, so what makes you think that you are able to THINK what the truth is, and then say it?

Drink drink drink!
Look, it's just easier to tell a lie.

"Are you drunk?"

Because you don't want to go into detail about what the fuck happened. Hell! You don't even know what happened in the first place! Or its just because you still believe that you're sober, your brain still thinks that you're still capable of functioning but the truth is, you're wasted as hell.

So, if your state of mind is already in denial about your current state, why the fuck would you think that you are going to be honest?

If alcohol was a truth serum, then why don't police use it on suspects? And why do you think that the chick you brought home last night is not as hot as you thought she was? Even your subconscious was lying to you so...

Think about it. :) I lie like a mothafucka conman when I'm drunk. Don't trust anything a drunk person tells you.