Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best Pizza in Kuching

Everyone's definition of what is 'best' or 'perfect' may be different so I will elaborate on my standards.

I do not claim to know everything there is to know about pizzas but according to my taste buds, my definition of the best pizza is one that is thin crust but not so thin that it is literally crust - think Skinny Pizza from Singapore, it's like a huge piece of chalk biscuit with random toppings! THAT IS NOT PIZZA!! Secondly, the toppings must complement each other. Thirdly, the toppings must be in balance with the pizza. Not overly stuffed nor pathetically little. Neither thin pizza with a shitload of toppings or a thin pizza with a thin sheet of toppings are desirable and vice versa.

Ok, on to the best pizza in Kuching... Presenting:

They do deliveries, functions and of course, takeaways.

I am in no way affiliated with Tom's Pizza. I just think that 1. They deserve the free advertising because they make awesome pizzas! 2. Sharing is caring. And I would really hate to see one of the best pizza places disappear like Italiano and Silhouette, my previous pizza obsessions. But! I'm pretty confident that Tom's Pizza will still be there when I come back, maybe even have another outlet or two. xD Look, they have even been featured in a newspaper before!

Anyway, I ordered Pepperoni (RM15) and Hawaiian (RM15); Other toppings which include: Champignon (otherwise known as Button) Mushroom (RM12), Margherita (RM12), Italian Smoked Turkey Ham (RM15), Cheese (RM10) and Ocean Tuna (RM15). Their operating hours are 12 noon to 10pm on Tuesdays to Sunday. You can find them at Da-Light food court near King Center. Keep in mind that they have Mondays off!

Craving for pizza yet?

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  1. My boss just treat us with tuna, hawaiian , smoked tuna, button mushroom and pepperoni..they so yummy!!! After New Year i take a visit hahaha...