Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Drinking Games

Went to Executive last night for the first time since it was bombarded a few days ago. This is Kuching, gangster city. Don't piss anyone off. LOL. Anyway, I learnt a new drinking game! Seriously though, who the hell comes up with these drinking games? They make people look retarded, are slightly challenging and the more you play, the more you drink and the more you drink the more you lose! But then again, that's what makes it so fun!

The games I know so far are:

1, 2, clap
The rules are really simple, nobody can say 3, 6 or 9 and have to substitute it with a clap. Anyone who lags for more than 3 seconds has to drink, anyone who says any of the 3 numbers has to drink, anyone who claps/says a number before their turn has to drink and anyone who claps when their number is not 3, 6 or 9 has to drink. The furthest I've ever gotten to with my friends is 100+ HAHA suckers. Another optional rule is that everytime someone loses, they go in the opposite direction. Example: A says 1, B says 2, C claps, D accidentally claps so he drinks, and when he starts from 1, it'll be C's turn to say 2 instead of E. You get the drift?

It's a game that's played in mandarin, so one person says “一只青蛙” and another says “掉进水里” and the third says "dooomp", then continue with “两只青蛙” “掉进水里” "dooomp" "dooomp" till someone messes up. If it's 5 frogs, then there has to be 5 "dooomp"s, each "dooomp" spoken by a different person.

It's the game I know of as the dice game which was played in Pirates of the Carribean, you can think of it as cheating or you can think of it as being smart, but either way, it's a game of luck. Google it.

Ji Gu Bang
This is something like scissors, rock, paper, but the thing is, you do it twice. So let's say A chooses rock and B chooses scissors, you do it again but A has the upperhand because he won the first round so if during the 2nd round, both chose paper, B loses and has to drink. It's usually played with two hands although 1 would suffice. This is a 1 on 1 game.

1, 2, 3
Everyone can only choose 1, 2 or 3 with their fingers and the total is added up and you start counting from one person. Let's say there's 5 people playing, A and B chose 3, C and D chose 2 and E chose 1 which totals up to 11 and you start counting from A, the loser is A. If the total is 12, the loser would be B and vice versa.

5, 10, 15
Everyone can only opt to go with 5 or 10. Let's say there's 3 people playing, A shouts 10, chooses 5, B chooses 5 and C chooses 0, B loses (if going in clockwork). If B shouts 0 and everyone chooses 0, C drinks. If no one guesses the correct digit, then the game continues till someone does.

Dice number
Usually played with two dices. One player calls a number and the amount of beer to be drunk by the loser, whoever gets the number loses. So if he calls "double, half glass", anyone who gets double has to drink half a glass. Or if he calls "5 and 6, one sip" whoever gets 5 and 6 together has to drink one sip. Get creative with this game! You can even say one red and one black, any sum bigger than 8 or whatevers.

5 glasses
You get 6 glasses and one dice and lotsa beer. The rules are, you have to fill or drink from the glass of the number you get. So if you rolled 5 and the 5th glass is empty, you fill it to your heart's content. Anything from a drop to a full glass. If the glass is already filled, you have to drink it no matter the amount. This is by far the kickest game ever. The optional rule is, you have to fill a glass before your turn is up. Imagine if all 6 glasses are filled and you have the worst luck that night. HAHA.

Clap clap
This is the game I just learnt. You slap your thighs twice and point to your opponent and say "yo" and slap your thighs once and point to any random direction. If both players point in the same direction, both has to slap their thighs once and point to each other and say "yo" whoever doesn't or does a wrong gesture loses. Again, another 1 on 1 game. This left me bruises on my thighs so people, don't get too excited! Lol...

See the little purplish black dots? :\
This is the last 1 on 1 game I know. You start off by sandwiching your hand with your opponent, so it's your left hand, his right hand, your right hand and his left hand. You slide out of the position (signifying the start of the game) and you clap twice before throwing rock, scissors or paper. If the both of you choose the same thing, clap twice and throw again till someone wins/loser and then you clap twice and point to a direction (up, left, right, down) if the loser follows your direction, he loses. If not then you replay the game till someone loses/messes up. If you're slow, do NOT try this game, because you will lose and lose and lose...

Geez, I know more drinking games than I thought. Anyway, the above are those that I frequently play and love. *^^* Share your drinking games too!

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