Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drunk people tell the truth???

The Culprit
Who the fuck came up with shit like that? Now here's the thing, you can barely talk coherently, you can barely balance yourself cos the whole fucking world is made from jelly, so what makes you think that you are able to THINK what the truth is, and then say it?

Drink drink drink!
Look, it's just easier to tell a lie.

"Are you drunk?"

Because you don't want to go into detail about what the fuck happened. Hell! You don't even know what happened in the first place! Or its just because you still believe that you're sober, your brain still thinks that you're still capable of functioning but the truth is, you're wasted as hell.

So, if your state of mind is already in denial about your current state, why the fuck would you think that you are going to be honest?

If alcohol was a truth serum, then why don't police use it on suspects? And why do you think that the chick you brought home last night is not as hot as you thought she was? Even your subconscious was lying to you so...

Think about it. :) I lie like a mothafucka conman when I'm drunk. Don't trust anything a drunk person tells you.


  1. I don't drink but this is a good post! :P

  2. came from innit...lot of ppl say like this..but is it truth?? :p

  3. I'd trust a drunk. Something tells me drunk people would always, always say the first thing that comes to their mind.

    Pure, unadulterated thoughts. The best kind of thought. ;)

  4. i guess it really depends on individuals. the first thing that comes to anyone's mind isn't necessarily the truth. ;)