Wednesday, November 23, 2011

emo me.

"Alcohol is poison. Why do I drink it? Because there is something inside me that I want to kill."

Just a quote I like.

I was talking to my friend about the memories we made together. I remember how we used to always go to his house just to talk and smoke. Funny shit almost always goes down. There was one time we broke a chair. We watched movies there. We wrestled. We farted. We goofed around. It was just good times.

We were like family, the two of us. There wasn't anything we could do that would have pissed each other off, okay, that's a lie. We pissed each other off constantly but always shrugged it off. Haha. I would go to his house at 9am in the morning if class ended early and barge in on him and his girlfriend while screaming at them to wake up. If they didn't, I would jump on the bed. Push them around. We'd always have lunch together. Maybe go to the Spring and buy tickets to a movie for that night with the whole gang. We told each other almost everything. Almost.

We all gathered there before heading out all the time, his house was like our meeting ground.

It was all gone, in a few more months it would've been a year. But slowly, we're going back to how we used to be. Too bad that soon, it'll all just be a memory again.

Good night

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