Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello, people.

"I missed the part where that's my problem."

I was rewatching Spiderman when that quote jumped out at me.

That's the problem with people, sometimes they don't understand that their actions - or inactions - will directly - or indirectly - cost others.

"Sometimes we are held responsible for the things others did. So bitch please think before you act!" I tweeted this some time ago about (name deleted) who I thought was my friend, someone who calls herself my best friend. In all honesty, I knew what kind of person she is. She is not a dependable person, she frequently lies and exaggerates, but I still thought of her as my friend because we were always there for each other. We understood each other even though we are total opposites and overlooked each other's flaws. I always assumed she was true to me. I guess life bitch slapped me real hard when it turned out that she was just a selfish, insecure little attention whore who really doesn't give two fucks about anybody at all. Lots of people told me to be careful of her, even more disliked her and some even told me to cut off all ties with her so I guess I got what I deserved for not listening to them. To you: Fuck you. I gave you too many chances because I believed in you and you know you fucked them all up.

If I knew how to contact you, I won't be blogging about this now. But I know you read my blog and since you don't reply my facebook messages or have the decency to pick up my calls, here it is just so I can get it out of my system. Goodbye and good riddance.

Edit: 30 March 2012 //

I've come to accept that people come and go. Even those closest to you will hurt you. Some friendships were not meant to endure and I'm no longer bitter about it because there really is no point. Time heals all wounds. Her name has been deleted because fuck it, that's what she is to me. A nameless person; another stranger.

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