Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Movie: In Time

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I really like the concept of this movie.

Time = Money therefore the new currency is time. It brings a lot more meaning to "ζ‰‹δΈŠηš„ι’±" (cash in your hand) because it is proudly displayed on your arm. Oh, but did I mention that time also equals to how much time you have left to live? So money = time = life. I love it! It's brilliant!

I caught this on its premier but I didn't get around to blogging about it... I wanted to blog about it though, the above paragraph was actually written right after I watched it. It was my raw response. I loved the concept of the movie, but it could have been better.

Some say it's like a futuristic Bonnie & Clyde, but since I've never watched Bonnie & Clyde, I'll liken it with Fun with Dick and Jane with a little of Robinhood and a whole lot of sci-fi. The Island also comes to mind because of how the privileged is taking from the helpless, the poor, the weak, the ignorant and in turn choose to be ignorant about the suffering of others 'below' them.

It's about an average somebody (could be you) who suddenly wound up with a lot of something he should not have (could happen to anyone) and what happens consequently. He's nobody special, but someone who had an opportunity most will never get. The opportunity to change everything.

The thing about this movie - and the reason why I put it off for so long - is because of the major questions that needed answering and the movie never addressed them. Questions such as how does the system work? Why was this system implemented, when? People like to understand, and this movie failed to give that satisfaction. However, if you're able to look past all that and make up your own theories, go ahead and give this movie a spin because if you're reading my blog and liking my thoughts, chances are you'll enjoy it as much as I did and it may also be the movie that kick starts your brain into overdrive.

It made me think about who was right and who was wrong. Who's the hero and who's the villain? And then I realized, nobody is. Everyone is selfish. The system was probably implemented for the greater good and as the timekeeper said, 'He is harming the very people he's trying to help' or something similar along the lines of 'causing more harm than good'. The timekeeper was merely doing his job, Will was doing what he thought was right, even Sylvia's father was trying to do the right thing. In an alternate universe, a.k.a our present time, if someone was caught breaking the law (destroying the system), he'll be sentenced to jail and possible death. Will should be the criminal. But you know how this movie mindfucked me? It got me thinking about our governments.

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  1. I like this show too, never mind about the missing loopholes, I would like to think that things are how they are.

    The entire game plan changes when time is suddenly your life source.

    You have just got enough to live in a life free of worry that you will die the very next day. The next best thing to do is to ensure that your loved ones will be there with you. Step into the shoes of Will whose mother dies seconds before he could share that joy. All of that because of a corrupt and manipulated system which disadvantages the poor without any trace of empathy.

    Isn't what is happening in the movie a reflection of the current state of the world? The rich get richer, the poorer get poorer. The gap is widening with each minute, except that we are governed by law and order. Unlike the movie, there is actually a sense of compassion in some of us to help the disadvantaged.