Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Bio-Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost 7pcs Trial Kit

So one day, I was minding my own business at Guardian when a lady asked me how old I am. Seeing as she's a promoter for skincare, I asked her how old do I look based on my skin. She said 25 and explained that my face looks very dehydrated. I was freaking horrified! But offended at the same time so I walked out and went to Watsons and bought this set. Don't get me wrong, Watsons always is and always will be my first choice, but I browse Guardians sometimes and buy things that Watsons doesn't have.

I bought this is a trial kit for RM25.90. There are 7 pcs in total, which include:
- Complete Cleansing Milk 8g
- Cell Renew Essence 5ml
- Hydra Nourishing Lotion 8ml
- Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask 10g
- Active Nourishing Emulsion 15ml
- All-Day Hydra Nourishing Cream 8g
- Intense Eye Cream 3g

I didn't really know how to go about using this 7pcs 6-step regime, so I googled and it let me to Bunny chan, thanks for your review and information! Btw, if you guys wanna read a different review from someone who knows their thing more, I suggest you read her review.

My review:

1. Complete Cleansing Milk
The moment of truth. I believe a cleanser can tell you a lot about a product. Its texture, scent, effect and not to mention it's the FIRST thing you'll use from a line. I disliked the smell at first scent. It smelt like men's perfume to me, but personally I tend to lean towards sweet perfume so yea. It is a very slippery and light cleanser - I'm more used to thick, creamy cleansers like Hada Labo's Tamagohada. This does NOT lather well, I like foamy cleansers and this just disappeared before I was even done massaging it into every nook and cranny. At the end of the day I felt like I was washing my face with water. But when I was done, my skin felt silky, like there's a film of protection on my skin.

2. Active Nourishing Emulsion
Nothing much to say here, it's a toner! It's supposed to prep your skin for the other goodies you'll be feeding it with. It absorbs fairly quickly, a few pats after applying it onto your face would do.

3. Intense Eye Cream
The promoter that said I looked 25 told me my eyes had horrible eyebags and that wrinkles are starting to form *gasp* so I hoped that this would be my ticket out of 25-ville but it did nothing. And if I got this into my eyes, it hurts. C'mon people! Make sure any eye products you make have a tear-free formula!

4. Cell Renew Essence
This kinda reminds me of Hada Labo's lotion/toner except it's slightly more runny and it absorbs far quicker.

5. Hydra Nourishing Lotion
A light moisturizer that helped me hide my dry skin. I have dry skin around the corners of my mouth and lower cheeks, so this really helped me hide it. Slightly runny. Did nothing to keep the oiliness at bay. I have very oily skin and this acted as an oil booster.

6. All-day Hydra Nourishing Cream
I actually prefer this over the lotion. It feels creamier and more moisturizing because it isn't runny. And it doesn't leave my skin as oily as the previous lotion.

7. Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask
This totally blew me away... Because it did NOT do what I thought it would do. I wake up in the morning with a film of stickiness on my skin. That is not what I want to wake up to. I expected silky, supple skin but this is my first sleeping mask and maybe sleeping masks are supposed to be sticky?

All in all, I would not be repurchasing. It was a disappointment because I expected well moisturized skin equaled less oil. I have just proven that this is not a fact. Oily people, you do need to moisturize but it does not mean that the more you moisturize, the less oily you become. And dry skinned people, well, you need a lot of moisturizing. But, I'm no expert, just going with experience.

Good luck to you in your endeavors.

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