Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Nasi Lemak 2.0

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Disclaimer: These are all my thoughts and I do not claim to be right or wrong.

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Our Malaysian Film industry has never been anywhere near good, hell, it wasn't even anywhere near watchable. To be fair though, I have only watched Red Curse & Possessed before I gave up completely on Malaysia's local films. But people kept asking me if I've watched Nasi Lemak, and many more raved about how funny it is. I'm not sure if people actually realize the hidden meanings Namwee has planted in the movie. The humor, I feel, is only to soften the blow of racial discrimination, parodies and sarcasm.

But to be honest, I was really blown away by the cinematography, I was expecting some cheap shots and unprofessional takes coupled with even cheaper effects, if any. That aside, I can not stop looking out for little tell-tale signs that Namewee isn't quite done with poking fun at Malaysia yet. Apparently, he isn't going to quit anytime soon and I hope he never does! He is very sarcastic, and hides his messages well so it's pretty much open to how you perceive it but here is my list of things I think he referenced in his movie...

Hidden Meanings/Parodies: (Do not read if you do not want spoilers)
Nasi Lemak 2.0? One may wonder why is it 2.0 when there isn't even a 1.0. If you aren't Malaysian or if you don't follow Malaysian politics, let me enlighten you on Bersih 2.0. It is basically a rally pushing for clean and fair elections. You can read more on that on wiki.

The scandal that the restaurant's CEO was involved in is in reference to Malaysia's latest sex scandal. You can read about it on Malaysians Must Know The Truth.

There is a great big sign that says: 'Thank you for not throwing your rubbish here' and you can see how much garbage is littered just below the sign. Open to interpretation, one could say that Malaysia always pass new laws but none of them are properly reinforced or it could be a stab at Malaysian mentality. Post a 'No smoking' sign and people will smoke like nobody's business.

Blackouts. I am not sure if West M'sia suffers frequent blackouts, and I'm pretty sure it was just a coincidence but East M'sia recently experienced long blackouts. More on the Star.

We all mind our own goddamn business because we don't want to bring trouble onto ourselves. I digress, but if there was a car accident, everyone would rubberneck around the accident and try to memorize the carplate number so they buy TOTO/4D (the lottery).

The lady with a young handsome boyfriend from China. How many times have you seen old men with young, China girls? There is nothing more to add on top of that. Aside from how the lady may be a mockery of girls in Malaysia. Full on makeup and contact lenses every day and always anehing in public. Muak muak!

Policemen in Malaysia are corrupt and bias. The nasi lemak stall is left un-harassed but the old Chinese lady's stall is not. On top of that, they are fearful of their actions BECAUSE they are not honorable.

Drug use. The happy guy you see laughing like an idiot and rolling like crazy is not there just for kicks, you know. Malaysia is not Amsterdam but it might as well be.

Japanese wannabes, there are none (that I've seen) in Kuching except cosplayers... I'm sure anyone reading this can think of a blogger off the top of their head that fits this criteria though. ;D I don't think it's a bad thing, I mean, we are one big rojak family! There are also English-speaking wannabes and all sorts of wannabes so I don't think it's anything to worry about. Hell, there are even whites who wanna be blacks.

The kiss. This is a straight out lash at Malaysian censorship. On a side note, I believe that being a Muslim country and therefore having many restrictions has made us bitter towards Malays. We have to accommodate Muslims and it has made us intolerable towards them especially since Malay favoritism is well known throughout the country. The government can easily rectify this by separating movies into 'Halal' (censored) and 'Non-Halal' (uncensored)! ;)

Personally, I think that racism is overrated. Seriously, people get so worked up over nothing. If only people can stop being so critical and just accept things as they are. Learn to laugh at yourself. Black people scare the shit out of me, but you (black people) don't have to get offended, you can always opt to laugh at my ignorance or freak me out even more to laugh about it later. But I'm not encouraging racial discrimination I'm just saying that people tend to be ultra-sensitive about anything racial related. It's so childish. Imagine kids on the playground, baby John calls baby Tim fat and says that he doesn't want to play with him. Tim the victim cries and reports John as a fat-sist. Now nobody can call baby Tim fat if they don't want to be a fat-sist, and they have to play with him even though he's fat and people don't like his fatness. Does it hurt to be called names or excluded just becos you're fat? Please, grow a pair. I'm not against fat people cos you all fat people out there will probably be like pah fat who cares, you're only slim cos you don't know how to enjoy food. Well, I'm so offended, how can you be such a slim-sist and assume that just cos I'm slim I don't enjoy food? So the vicious cycle continues... But ok, seriously, it doesn't freaking matter. It's not fair, but since when has life been fair? It doesn't matter if you're Indian, Malay, Chinese, Malanau, White, Caucasian, blahdeeblahblah, but you'll all discriminate against who's uglier, poorer, more ill-mannered etc etc. Racism manifests itself in many different terms but it's really just judgement. Humans are very judgmental creatures. See, I'm even judging us.

Back to the movie, I think that it tries too hard. Both the guys (one high on e and the one that kept acting like a dog) are too damn annoying to be funny in the least. Not to mention the crude sex jokes were very unnecessary, but could Namewee be testing Malaysia's censorship? All in all, this being Namewee's first movie, I think that I can be generous enough to oversee it's flaws since it exceeded my expectations with the cinematography, acting, hidden meanings and thought provoking instances such as 'Malaysia against China'. I have struggled with this myself, I am proud to be Chinese, I love China history and I embrace my heritage but when it comes down to it... I am Malaysian!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: My Fave Cosmetics

I'm gonna do a review of my favorite products to date. I'm actually quite fickle and not really much of a makeup guru, so take my review with a grain of salt. :D All images are taken from the websites of its respective brand.

Canmake Cream Cheek in 08 & Cream Cheek in 07

08 a cream blusher in a very sweet light pink with slight shimmer, which is why I bought it, actually. I buy anything that's in a shade of pink (baby, pastel, light pink) that appeals to me regardless whether I need it or not. And as for its shimmer, which girl can say no to a little bling? 07 is warm, coral shade. If you compare it with 08, they are total opposites because 08 has more of a cold undertone to it.

Ok, on to the review: 08 is my very first cream blusher but I had no problems putting it on. I have tried both fingers and blush brush to apply and I find that using your fingers is easier. It's more controllable therefore making it more natural. You may accidentally go overboard with a blush brush. The best way to apply cream blush (which I why I now LOVE cream blushers, I used to overload or put too much product on one cheek with powders) is to use your middle finger to pick up the product and press your middle fingers together and when you're sure both fingers have an equal amount, just gently pat it onto your cheers and blend! You get perfectly equal blushes on both cheeks! :D 08 was listed best seller in Cleo if I'm not mistaken. I really like the vibrant yet natural glow and its staying power. Will definitely get more Canmake cream blushers... Too bad Kuching doesn't have Canmake. T^T I bought 07 on my next trip out of Kuching, the orange shade really put me off because I am a very pink-oriented girl... But I think that orange is supposed to be more suited for darker skin (read: me). I got it and a ABSOLUTELY love it! 07 is my go-to everyday blusher. It is so natural and I can use put it on with eyeliner and something for my lips and be done with it. 08 tends to wash me out a little, so I have to go heavier on the makeup. If I HAD to choose between the two, I would take 08 because I can't be disloyal to pink. But given the choice of having both, believe me when I tell you that I will probably have to repurchase 07 more than 08.

True White Plus Two-Way foundation and Skin Beauty Two-Way foundation

I bought both of these foundations in shade 21 (for comparison and also because you'll get the free compact case if you get a pair) and I really love these foundations. Why? Well, I have used BB creams (skin79 super+ beblesh balm, shills super magic bb cream) - they leave my skin dull and I dislike its smell, liquid foundations (stage picture perfect shade 06, maybelline clear smooth minerals in no.2 shell beige, diorskin nude) - are usually very slippery and I don't like how heavy liquid foundation is, other powder foundations (I have tried most drugstore brands) - makes my face very oily because they are very drying. But ZA's foundation (both of them) are brightening, oil-controlling, light but with good coverage - of course keep in mind not to PILE it on, just one or two soft-handed applications would be enough or else you WILL look like a ghost! It evens out my skin tone with just one application, I don't even need to use additional makeup to feel pretty! I don't see a big difference in the two different lines, though according to the promoter I bought from, True White is supposed to whiten skin over time and Skin Beauty is supposed to control oil so I use Skin Beauty in the afternoons and True White at night hehe! Although shade 21 is supposed to be 'yellowish', it gives me a nice, translucent healthy glow - which I have been looking for. I will continue purchasing this until something else comes along that is proven to be better than this. I honestly adore it. This is the only foundation that has ever worked for me.

L'Oreal Glam Shine Strawberry Sorbet #50

Before anything else, please let me say this: I AM SO FREAKING UPSET THAT THIS HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. DAMN YOU, L'OREAL! DAMN YOU!! I am a lipgloss/stick/balm/anything junkie, I have a whole drawer dedicated to storing lipstuffs and let me tell you this: L'Oreal Glam Shine Strawberry Sorbet is by far my favorite among Maybelline, Benetint, Ettusais, Stage, Bourjois, Kanebo, Revlon, Canmake.... you get the idea. Even L'Oreal's other Glam Shine lines do NOT make up for this at all. I especially hate the L'Oreal Glam Shine 6 hour formula. It makes my lips peel. Have no freaking idea what they put it in but it has a very sticky sticky texture and peels my lips off while still being sticky *shudders* did anyone have the same experience with the 6 hour L'Oreal Glam Shine? Comment box below, let me know!

Back to the Strawberry Sorbet. Le sigh! How do I start complimenting this beautiful, one of a kind lip gloss? It is the most beautiful milky pink I have ever come across. Most pinks are either too lavender or too peachy but this is the absolute smack-in-the-middle perfect milk pink! It is gorgeous in the bottle but sadly, it comes out not as opaque as I would like. It is very subtly shiny made up of the tiniest shimmers.

If anyone can direct me to a website that sells discontinued products or if they know where in the world I can find strawberry sorbet, please comment below!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Whitening Pills - The Verdict

Part One & Part Two, click to go to the respective links.

I have been putting this off for a very long time, but I wouldn't feel complete if I don't conclude my 3 month experiment especially since a lot of my traffic comes for the review. You know who you are. ;) To be fair, I sometimes forget to take the pills, but forgetting it today and taking an extra tomorrow wouldn't make such a big difference, would it?

Both Kyusoku Bihaku and L-Glutathione stank like rotten eggs. The capsules sometimes get stuck in my throat because I'm not very big on taking medication.. LOL. Probably wouldn't happen to anyone else but me. But just a heads up. ;) 

So, I guess everyone wants to know how they turned out, why I didn't blog about it like I promised... Well, the truth is, they didn't make such a big difference that I felt obliged to blog about it. If I found a god-given miracle product, believe me I would sing its praises the very day I find it and every other day. Just by putting this blogpost off, I believe many of you know how the experiment went.

The first thing I noticed was that the pills made my skin very dry - even now that I've stopped, my skin can go from crazy oily to peeling dry depending on its mood wtf. Secondly, it evened out my skintone, gave me a glow and generally made my skin better - bear in mind that I was using other products along with the pills such as my Hada Labo facewash, lotion and other whitening creams/masks. I'm a whitening freak... *looks at tanned skin* even though I don't look it, trust me, most of my friends know the first thing I look for in a product is whether or not it will make me fairer. 

However, I expected these pills to make me go at least 2 shades lighter (OK MY DREAM IS TO BE SNOW FREAKING WHITE! GOD OH PLEASE) but it did no such thing. There has been no drastic change in fairness. I am honestly quite disappointed. I can't even post up a before and after pic because I was so disappointed with the pills and TRUST me! You won't be able to see a difference anyway. 

The verdict: Don't be disheartened, I'm sure if you're hardworking and diligent enough - coupling the pills with sunblock and whitening lotions and taking care to steer clear of the sun (which, truthfully, I did not) and of course, drinking lots of water, you'll probably see more results than I did. I, however, will NOT be repurchasing and I call this experiment a complete failure because it did NOT do what I expected it to. I thought that I would be able to see a DRASTIC change without taking drastic measures such as staying out of the sun (hell, I even went to Jangkar - twice and swimming countless times), applying lotion (I am VERY lazy) or sunblock (have I mentioned that I'm lazy?). If you're patient and have lots of money to spend and will seriously put in effort to be fair, by all means, go ahead. :) 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

never too late

this was my dream. something i repeatedly had to fight for, lose and earn.
I always had excuses but now I have more reasons to leave than stay.

So I'm not planning to come back to Malaysia any time soon, I have made up a small list of things to buy because it's either hard or expensive to get it where I'm going. Ok, I'm not trying to be mysterious or secretive but I don't want to jinx anything so I'll only be posting up my destination when everything is confirmed.

Feel free to skip this whole chunk of paragraph: As a Chinese, I think it's in my blood to yearn for porcelain, flawless white skin. So if there was a miracle product that can give me that, I would probably kill to get it. I would take out cities if I have to. But the truth is, I'm really not very hardworking or consistent at all, and I have had really bad skin since I was... 12? I was out in the sun all day, golfing, swimming, playing basketball and being rough with the guys without even sunscreen. Trust me, my mother tried very hard to get me used to sunscreen but I just wouldn't stand for it! And then I had to pay for it. - - I struggled with it for the longest time but never really put the effort into achieving what I want. It's like saying I want it I want it I want it but never really working for it. So yea. Keep in mind that everyone's skin is different, and what works for me may not work for you. I have been experimenting with many different types of facewash and skincare, not to mention our hormones change with age so what I think is working for me could just be a shift in my hormones. Am trying to really care for my looks like a proper lady, but sometimes I honestly can't be arsed to roll out of bed to wash my face. I would very much rather stay in my room till the sun goes down before I even venture out of my room. So girls, take care of your skin! Cleanse, tone and moisturize properly and most importantly, sunblock!! Sorry for digressing, list below:

Cleanser - Hada Labo Tamagohada AHA/BHA Cleanser

Its key ingredients, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid is commonly used to fight skin problems such as acne, whiteheads/blackheads, clogged pores and the like by regenerating your skin cells and gently scrubbing your dead skin off. I'm not going to bore anyone with long scientific explanations, but feel free to visit these two sites to feed your brain: here and wikipedia. My skin seems to be a lot more evenly toned now and I have less visible blackheads. Generally, it seems to be working pretty well. However, I do suffer from mild peeling skin and I've yet to figure out what is causing it.

Toner - Hada Labo Arbutin Lotion

Just FYI, the Japs don't wipe toner onto their faces using cotton pads, they pat it gently onto the skin using their fingers and call it lotion instead. I have been using Hada Labo's Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion (pictured on the left) and I really like it because although it's step 2 of facial care, it's so moisturizing that I usually skip moisturizing and go on to apply a whitening cream instead (which I've pretty much convinced myself is a form of moisturiser anyway). This toner is supposed to be so good that one is sold in Japan ever 4 seconds which is actually quite scary if you think about it. Think of all the empty disposed bottles... We're killing earth with our vanity! If there's any environmental friendly cosmetics that have worked well for you, feel free to tell me about it!! Back to the product, at first I was quite skeptical because of the word 'Acid' but I now know that not all acids are bad! And it honestly locks moisture in your skin and is does not have alcohol, mineral oil, colorant or fragrance which is awesome for troublesome skin like mine. I will be changing to Hada Labo's Arbutin Lotion when I'm through with my moisturizing bottle because the Arbutin Lotion will both moisturize and whiten skin! Yay! :D

Moisturiser - Hada Labo's Arbutin Milk

I still haven't found the perfect moisturizer yet. So I'll probably pick up Hada Labo's Arbutin Milk soon after I finish my 'trial' moisturizers which include Hazeline's White and Natural, L'Oreal's White Perfect. I use Egyptian Magic at night because it's heavier, probably suitable for the climate where I'm headed to. And I've done my research, it's available there! ;) L'Oreal's White Perfect (I have both night and day creams) just doesn't seem to be doing much for my skin. I believe it's even breaking me out a little - like clogging my pores - because it doesn't absorb as well. It makes me very shiny and is not moisturizing at all although its texture could've fooled me. Hazeline's White and Natural and Pond's White Beauty are quite similar in texture and they are perfect for day usage because they mattify your skin, but I am not loving Hazeline's White and Natural because it doesn't seem to have much of an effect whereas Pond's White Beauty promises results in 7 days and yea, I could see results fairly quickly. Btw, I feel obliged to warn you guys that the Hada Labo's milk and lotion packaging are very, very similar.

Facial Masks - Hada Labo's Retinol Anti-Aging Mask, Hada Labo's Arbutin Mask and Hada Labo's Moisturizing Mask, Garnier's Whitening Mask

I have never been a big fan of masks because they drip and make a mess. Although I really don't mind how it feels on my skin and its effects. Had a mini-rant about facial masks, but I guess it couldn't hurt to throw in a couple boxes of masks where I'm going. Garnier's mask which I blogged about back in May is by far my favorite because it really fits onto your skin so snugly and it isn't as flimsy as most tissue masks. I have never tried any of Hada Labo's masks, but since their products have worked for me so far, I'm expecting good results. It's never too late to start anti-aging care, and since masks are for extra skin-pampering the retinol mask is going in my luggage. Moisturizing masks is a MUST since my skin can be seriously dried out to the point of flaking in Malaysia's humid weather, what's to say when I leave for dry air?

Contact Lenses - Geo Nudy (Grey & Blue), Vivian 3Tone (Grey, Blue & Brown)




I love japanese/korean lenses, they are so damn cheap, you can get them from RM20 a pair online at but these contacts can go up to USD50, it's crazy. I don't think they post outside Malaysia so! I'm stocking up. I do not like lenses with black rims that are supposed to make your eyes look bigger, I used to, but then it started to look a bit creepy, especially since they are a lot bigger than my fucking irises so they move around and make me look like my eyes are wonked out. I've sworn them off forever. Now I am looking into Geo Nudy and Vivian 3tone contact lenses because I think they are GORGEOUS! Others that don't have the scary black rims (that I like) are Puffy 3 tone and Hybrid. But I only have a pair of eyes and my first choices are Geo Nudy and Vivian 3tone so.... *shrugs* Those weirdly patterned contact lenses also throw me off, I do not want stars, flowers, hearts or patterns in my eyes, please! The things people come up with! Geez. On another note, I also love i.Fairy contact lenses, especial the Nova series. But I have sworn off the black rimmed contact lenses and seeing as i.Fairy is more expensive and not as long-lasting as Geo (have never tried Vivian), the cons outweigh the pros.

Mini review on both i.Fairy and Geo:
Comfort -
i.Fairy: 4/5
Geo: 3/5
Geo tends to stick onto eyeballs and is generally very drying whereas i.Fairy kinda just disappears and you'll soon forget you're wearing lens.

Durability -
i.Fairy: 2.5/5
Geo: 4/5
I am quite rough with things and I like to let my nails grow long so the soft i.Fairy lenses aren't really cut out for me. If you're really careful and tender and all that, I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be an issue for you.

Price -
i.Fairy: 3/5
Geo: 5/5
I don't really wear contacts very much, usually only when I go clubbing so I don't see the need to invest in the slightly more expensive, less durable but more comfortable lens. And I spoil things easily, I have torn, dried out (by not refilling solution) and lost more lenses than I can count!

Disclaimer: The pictures for the products were all taken from google images. I'm far too lazy to photograph them myself.

Since I'm leaving for an indefinite time, I'm finding good, permanent homes for my pets. I have a crazy, hyperactive black pug, a neutered siamese mix which is super duper affectionate and a pair of sugar gliders. The pug, Blackie, is reserved by a Sibu-ian who apparently loves pugs. I believe he has about 8 of them. There are no takers for my siamese, Vanilla, or my gliders yet but I'm confident I'll be able to find good homes for them before I leave. Let me know if you're in Kuching and you're interested in adopting!

It's upsetting, but at least they will be given attention and time I have not been able to provide. Just as my daddy put it: Love isn't enough. I am not responsible enough for them even though I love them dearly. I was stubborn and thought I was more capable than I really was. But I've accepted my mistake and I'm trying to rectify it. Soon, I will no longer be held back by responsibility and I can finally chase my dreams. I'm not giving them away to chase my dreams. I'm giving them away because they are too much for me to handle, and without them, I am finally able to do what I want and therefore I'm going for it. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

what is a good friend?

If she tells you everything, does that make her a good friend? If she doesn't tell you anything, does that make her a bad friend? What are the rules of how to be a good friend? There isn't, is there? There's no guide we can follow, all we can do is judge for ourselves.

I used to be that person who unfriended anyone who was considered a loser, a bitch, a slut or in layman terms: an outcast. Cos who wants to be caught dead wearing fur unless its faux right? And then I realized that made me more fake that the fake fur which should be considered acceptable. 

Let me explain. 

Fake fur is acceptable because we humans tend to have a soft spot for killing cute animals - but apparently chickens, goats, cows, pigs and the like are not cute enough - so it makes real fur frowned upon and avoided.  So wearing fake fur is like making friends with people who are accepted, real fur is the people that are avoided. But choosing friends based not on how much you like them, but on how much others liked them is just stupid. 

Why would one wear fake fur/make friends with people who are acceptable?
Because 1. they honestly do boycott the killing of cute animals, like me. Or 2. they are weak individuals that are afraid of how others may perceive them if they wear real fur which is what they actually really want to do. Simply, they want to be accepted as well. Hanging out with the wrong gang will just flush you out of the social rings. Which was also me. But I'm not afraid anymore. I no longer seek approval or acceptance from anyone other than myself. 

I believe that to be a good friend, honesty is a very important and powerful thing. People lie so much nowadays that sometimes they themselves lose touch with what is real and what is not. I try to find honesty in my friends, but then it's not easy because nobody is perfect and lying comes too damn naturally to us. Why? Because we are too lazy to explain. Because we don't want to hurt someone's feelings. Because we are keeping a secret. Because we can. Which brings me back to my previous point. Choosing to befriend someone who is accepted but who isn't the type you would naturally go for is dishonest - you're being dishonest with yourself. How do you be honest with others if you can't be honest with yourself? 

I'm totally digressing, my thoughts aren't even in order. I started this blogpost because of an idea and ended it with a different idea. LOL. But both are important so let me try to cover the first point of this post. 

What is a good friend? 

I don't know.