Saturday, January 28, 2012

First encounter with an Australian bitch!

Met a fat bitch at Mallalieu (Auburn) today. I initially wanted to call her stupid or crazy, but it would've given her reason to act the way she did. This is my first encounter with a rude Australian! My god, everyone is usually really friendly, accommodating and understanding. But you my fat fuck, you are truly the cream of the crop!

I went into the boutique because I needed change for the ticketing machine cos it doesn't take 50 bills. The rude fatty manning the counter was talking to her friend or as she claims, customer. She looked and nodded at me and I thought it meant I could approach the counter so I went up to her and said hi. At that point she could ask me to "hold on" in a polite and civilized manner which is how other Australians would have said (speaking from experience, not to mention that is the acceptable behavior regardless of race/nationality). Her friend/customer then said that she is going to leave. You see, that is being polite and courteous. But as it seems, the fat bitch is merely a savage, devoid of manners. While her friend/customer was leaving, I ask her if she could break down the 50 I was holding, but once her friend/customer left the shop, she glared at me with her eyes bulging and red faced (honestly, I always thought this was a figure of speech) and said to me in a demeaning manner: did you know that you interrupted me?! That was a customer and you interrupted me! Obviously I don't remember her exact words, but it was something along those lines.

I was so shocked! Even back at Kuching, you would never see shopkeepers going at it with a customer. It was so uncouth, so out of line, all I could do was stand there and gawk at her like I was witnessing the meltdown of a hippo.

I tried explaining nicely that I thought that since she looked at me, I could interrupt. Yea, I know, big misinterpretion on my part. She then retaliated, saying: I was acknowledging you. I was still suffering from shock at getting attacked by a big white glob of fat, so I stared at her dumbly. Not to say that it didn't make sense, it made perfect sense, but so was my suggestion above that she politely put me on hold! She continued by saying that she wouldn't break down the money into change for me, so I began to leave without a second word. Just as I was about to walk out of the shop, she just HAD to add: You should apologize! I've regained composure by then so I responded with something along the lines of: No! I will not apologize. And left the shop.

To the bitch if you ever google Mallalieu or Auburn or fat bitch and find this post:

I may have interrupted your little chat but you had no right to reprimand me! If I had been rude and continued to impose myself on you and your friend/customer, I would admit I was wrong and apologize but I did NOTHING of that sort. I merely said hi and waited for your conversation to end. Your horrible attitude proves that you should not be allowed to interact with other people, much less be a cashier. Let me remind you that I was a potential customer. I will not apologize for your attitude problem and possible racism.


After recovering from that traumatizing incident, I met up with Charlene at a Taiwan cafe along Swanston St, next to McD. I told her about the whole thing and she laughed at me and told me she would have been shocked too. I admit, though, I would usually ignore such petty things but I guess I am too bored and therefore have nothing better to do.

After lunch, we went to David Jones (?) next to Myers. There was a lion dance going on outside Myers! Anyway, while she was talking to the lady behind the counter, another customer interrupted. The salesgirl waited patiently for the other customer to finish speaking before saying "in a moment" and turned back to Charlene. Look at that. What a professional, well mannered and helpful salesgirl. It sure beats the cashier at Mallalieu. :)

We went to Hives after that, by walking all the way there! It was far, it was hot and I got tanner. :( Poor Charlene got blisters from her new slippers cos she didn't expect to do so much walking! I felt kinda bad cos she didn't complain at all and her blisters looked pretty bad, not to mention I was the one who wanted to go to Hive. I never knew slippers could cause blisters. TIME TO CHANGE TO HAVAIANAS! LOL. She also brought us to a delicious Viet restaurant for an early dinner. :)

Thx for the delish popiahs Charlene~

The food was good! I managed to finish everything even though the portions are as big as what everyone says! I even contemplated stealing the sauce home because it's so darn nice too. Oh god oh god oh god, I shouldn't hang out with friends too often cos I'll get fat! But it was nice to see a friend from Kuching to hang out and just talk! It was fun~ God I miss my friends back in Kuching. :(

See you soon!

I just realized that my eyebrows are balding. Good god.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Do you remember passion?

Update: 06/03/2013

I had a sudden revelation today which reminded me of why I wasn't satisfied with this post. I have honestly obsessed over it (for more than a year now), scrutinizing it in my mind over and over again, wondering why it did not feel complete. Why I wasn't happy with it. Why I felt like it just wasn't the post I wanted.

It finally hit me while I was crossing a road. Actually, right when I was smack in the middle of a road. I forgot to talk about passion to the point of obsession. I had gone off track. I hadn't really wanted to tell you about the passion of life. I wanted to tell you that passion is life.

Truly passionate people tend to be slightly annoying to those who do not understand their passion. Have you ever felt annoyed at those humanitarians or environmentalists pestering you to support their mission? But let's say it's something you believe in, for me it's animals... If someone came up to me explaining to me how I could help animals, I would sincerely be interested and not find that person annoying at all. I respect people who believe in their cause or purpose so much, they become consumed with it. Why do I respect them? Because passion (and I shall quote myself) needs to be protected, cultivated. I used to only ever talk about animals - wonderful facts about the beautiful creatures that roam our planet - and used to get so passionate about the things I felt for. Used to, because hardly anything excites me anymore. I'm afraid that when some things are lost, they are lost forever.

I've recently discovered Nirrimi who conveys so much wonderment that reading her blog enchants me. Here is a human being who is completely at ease with her passion that it has become a part of her and she projects that sense of being through her work and her words.

I want that freedom. I want to be able to cease caring and just live.

* * *

When we were younger, we tend to live selfishly and to the extreme. Happiness never comes less than 100% and what was sadness but a few tears soon forgotten? As children, the world revolved around us and we didn't even think of it that way because we knew no reason. All we wanted to do was laugh, play, to have fun and enjoy life. Our life wasn't dull even though our parents made it a routine. Everyday is an adventure because we didn't know what new friends we were going to meet, what new thing might happen that day and mainly because we made it one. We had no cares for trivial things, even if shit happened to us, we'd just brush it off and hop onto the next exciting thing. Children knew the key to happiness; worldly things meant little to them.

How long has it been since you've done something that truly makes you happy? I know for a fact that material things such as gadgets and gizmos and brands are incapable of making a person happy. Sure, it gives you satisfaction to buy yourself a new toy, but satisfaction isn't happiness. Sure, it makes you feel loved if someone buys you an expensive gift. But how long since you've broken out of the norm, did something for YOU? Sure, work and all those other grown up stuff is important, but so is living. If you are living the dream, doing what you have always wanted to do, well good for you! This is for all the rest.

So now, I'm asking you to step out of your routine. Bask in the beauty of the world, of LIFE. Let the wind touch your heart, listen to children laughing in the park, show your friend or lover how much you appreciate them, resuscitate an old hobby, be spontaneous! I know life sometimes seems meaningless; you worry about friendship, about money, about family, about everything... And what for? So that you can live a meaningless life in a mansion, surround yourself with fake friends and expensive toys, waiting for death?

There is only one thing that makes living worthwhile: Passion for life. 

If you have that, then you have it all. Passion needs to be cultivated, cared for, grown. Some people may be born with a great passion which lasts all throughout their lives, but even the greatest passion will fizzle out and die without cultivation. I used to want to be a doctor, because my grandmother passed away due to cancer. I was going to find the cure for cancer. I also wanted to be superman, so that I could fly beside airplanes. Last but not least, I wanted to save animals from the world. I wanted to reach out and smack every animal abuser and exploiter there was.

But I got sidetracked. I grew up. I got caught up in the games big girls and big boys play. I learnt the words pressure, stress, responsibility, image. I realized that this world is a world of pretend. We have to pretend to be something we are not, to conform to ideals which nobody can achieve, to please the people who play the same stupid game. I remember being lectured that I am my father's daughter, I am my brothers' sister, I am whatever so and so, whatever I do will reflect on whoever is related to me. I did not believe in becoming what others expect of me, I cared nothing about their judgmental eyes, but I as I got older I grew to believe strongly in pride and honor. I didn't want to shame my family. And that is when I began to forget myself.

My fire fizzled out. I went through the motions of life just for the sake of it. Life was filled with duty and parties to give myself meaning. This is the price we pay for growing up. Our brains got the better of us, wanted to know more about the world we live in. Wanted to rid itself of ignorance. Just like how Adam and Eve took knowledge from the tree of God and therefore was punished with all the opposites of goodness. Everything comes with a price. I'm not asking you to drop everything and act like a 10 year old for the rest of your life nor is it possible to unlearn all that we have. I'm just asking you not to forget what being 10 year old was like. Don't forget how you didn't ponder over yesterday's actions or mull over what you said. The past doesn't matter because it has already happened.

Sometimes we forget the flavors of life, consumed by work and worries and the mundane. It's like eating the same goddamn food everyday, we get tired of it. But don't. My friend, don't ever lost sight of the meaning of life.

Sometimes we gotta break free of the comfort zone we've created to feel scared, excited - to feel something.

Now go and live passionately. ^^y

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Went to Brunei for Christmas.

It was all fun and games. We went to the beach and learnt how to drive a jetski. My god, the exhilaration of going at breakneck speed, knowing that a wrong move could send you flying is real icy. I flew twice. Once was intended, the other was a freak accident. I used my whole hand to hold on to the accelerator because using only my index finger was tiring. I was going pretty fast when my cousin told me to slow down. I did so, abruptly. My first reaction was to accelerate again, but the momentum so great and I ended up pulling the accelerator all the way, which, let me assure you, makes the jetski go very fast. The faster we went, the tighter I held on to the handles and inevitably, the goddamn accelerator. Eventually, the force of it threw us off and if you can just imagine two people flying off a jetski (literally) and bouncing a few times on the waves like stone skipping, you'll see how funny it all turned out.

But then my Lumix FT3 died that day. FUCK YOU PANASONIC, if you can't manufacture truly WATERPROOF cameras, then DON'T lie to your customers and say that it's fucking waterproof. I didn't even have to do much before the camera committed suicide. All I did was stand in shallow water, the camera half submerged in the water. THAT'S ALL, it was before any water activities, I was just taking pictures of my cousins roughhousing in the water a few feet away! People reading this blog, please don't waste your money over a contraption that clearly doesn't work how it's supposed to. And on top of that, I got bitten by sandflies!

I remember walking around THE MALL (oh yea, there's only one heh!) and eating salted popcorn with da bf. I love salted popcorn. I LOVE IT. It really beats caramel and whatother flavors there are. Da bf hung out with my brother for dota and complained that nobody dotas in Brunei. They ended up playing COD or something. Oh, the people in Brunei are so courteous! They stop before zebra crossings JUST to let you cross the road. Isn't that the sweetest thing? Boyfriend told me to stop thanking everyone that let us cross the road cos I look like an effin tourist. LOL.

Another thing to rave about is the food. Oh my god. I COMMAND YOU TO GO TO SERASA FOR THEIR AYAM PENYET BECAUSE I CRAVE FOR IT EVEN NOW. I will never forget the taste of that delicious ayam penyet... Oh god, I don't think there's ayam penyet in Melbourne. That makes me sad. Very sad. Even my stomach is crying. The rest of the food I must dutifully introduce (because sharing is caring and if you do not share good food, you will rot in the smelliest hell) are: nasi katuk, nasi lemak, nasi something haha sorry, lekor, fratinis pizza which is the ultimate yums, jolliebee. Ok! Enough about food. I'm getting hungry and hunger is NOT a good thing when all you do is eat, sleep and watch series the whole day. Can you believe that I've gone through 4 seasons of Big Bang Theory and 1 season of Game of Thrones already? I can't wait for my course to start. :(

We also went jungle trekking! I really like trekking! It exhausts you, gets shit all over you, random insects attack you, is life-threatening... But I do enjoy it. It gives me a sense of... Accomplishment. I didn't know where we were trekking to, I usually trek to waterfalls so that it makes it all worthwhile. But after an hour or so (can you believe that there wasn't even a trail for us to follow?) we found a little swamp thingie. Oh god. Crocodiles. There weren't any crocodiles, per se, but it looked like an ideal habitat for them. After taking footage of crocs at the croc farm for my video, I can say that I've developed a healthy respect for them.

Last but not least and the best of all! Christmas presents!
Ah, the joy of receiving. ^^v


Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

This is the first year I spent away from home. It is different, and it makes me homesick but then again I'm the sort of person that can put whatever it out of sight, out of mind. So as long as I don't see any pictures, I'm totally fine. HAHAHA. Thanks to my retrobaby Peters for facetiming me and giving me a lil bit of CNY love cos CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW QUIET MELB IS WHEN IT COMES TO CNY?! THERE IS NO FIRECRACKERS AT ALL. NOT EVEN ONE.

Source: Google Images
A terrific way to start the new year is to go shopping! And starting my exercise routine which I will goddamnit stick to!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Facebook: New generation of dating?

I came across this video on facebook (duhh):

And then I realized, hey, there's a new dating style. Previous generations usually relied on matchmaking or on their parents to find them a partner and generations closer to mine usually find the one through school or friends so does this mean that newer generations will find their significant other through cyberspace (facebook)? I say usually because I'm generalizing based on what I know. I may be wrong but this is what I see so bugger off if you can't be open minded enough to take my thinking with a grain of salt.

You'll come across lots of similar stories if you sift through their comments and that's just so amazing. To me, I used to think that cyber-dating is for losers. But after watching the video above, I realized that it can be pretty sweet too. I digress, if you pay to join an online matchmaking site, that's pretty sad and desperate but totally different from their love story! Their story is about two strangers who weren't looking for love but finding it in an unexpected place.

One other thing that touches me is that racial discrimination doesn't exist for them! Perhaps it's because they have never been exposed to shit like that but whatever! This new generation of lovers give me hope because (and let me quote Thirteen) "if everybody married someone from a different race, then in one generation, there would be no prejudice". When I watched Thirteen, the prospect of everyone marrying someone from a different race is quite low but now? I think that it is highly probable.

Now, love stories. Love stories are always heartwarming and inspirational. Stories about love that endure through distance, sickness and time, regardless of whether it started as a young love, summer love, highschool love bla bla bla but the thing is love stories are sweet. I digress again, I love Nicholas Sparks. He writes the best love stories although I have to be honest, I have only read The Notebook but watched all movies based on his books.

Let me know your views in the comment box below! :D

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day for mistakes

We went out to the city today to try so that I could try getting a working permit since my course starts a month later, but no such luck. We met a lot of friendly Australians that helped us find our way.

Why is it the day for mistakes? Well, we don't know why but the train passed Flinders Street (which we originally wanted to go before the city) and went straight to Melbourne Central! After that we didn't get the chance to go to Flinders Street cos we decided to check out Lai's school instead.

We went shopping after that at Chadstone Shopping Centre and met an unhelpful bus driver. We asked him if he knew how we could get back to Holmesglen but he was an ass and told us no. C'mon, you're a bus driver! How can you NOT know?! But anyway, there are always helpful people around and soon we were on our way back to Glenferrie! Too bad that's when we overshot the Burnley station. - - Can someone tell me why sometimes we gotta press the button on the door of the trains if we wanna get off? It was only at the next station did I realize the words on the doors. So that was mistake no. 2.

Mistake no. 3 was getting overpriced bacon and buying 2 loaves of bread accidentally cos we thought they were on sale but they weren't! So we ended paying the full price for both! GAAAAAAAAAH.

Highlight of the day is Lai cooking dinner :D ♥

Watching tv right now, their local channels are actually not bad.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


If you're a dog lover, you have to get this book: A Dog's Purpose! 

Looks nice but isn't nice. The taste is ok, but it's too oily & the chix was soggy!! EWW.



There she is. Melbourne!

It's was really cold and there was so much to do and we didn't know where to start!

My aunt and cousin came over to pick us up from the airport and brought us to take our keys. Unfortunately, our electricity could not be connected on the day itself so we went to her place for the weekend.

He's very cold with Angel at his feet! :D

OMG. Pretty bird! 

We went to see penguins at St. Kilda. Yes, it's THAT cold. 

I kinda feel sorry for the penguins cos they can't fly and they kept flapping their wings. But there are such attention whores! Did you spot the other penguin which stuck its head out? HAHA. So damn cute. I know you are going back to the picture to look at it.

I think my aunt knew how incompetent I am when it comes to cooking cos she kept feeding us. Now I kinda miss her cooking. After two days of bland, tasteless food... I think Lai's about to die. Not to mention he's sick. I think my food is making him sick. LOL. No, seriously... - -

After spending the weekend at my aunt's place, we spent a night without electricity cos we wanted to wake up early to get our stuff settled. Like bank account and phones and of course, organizing our little apartment.

Went for a walk.

Bought dinner. 

Candlelight dinner!

And that's all folks!

On my way to Melbourne...

Day 1 - 7/1/2012
I made a pit stop in Kuala Lumpur to visit my brother and spend some time with my friends.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I'm sorry to all who came to the airport or wanted to come and see me off. I had to rush like mad to catch the plane. I thought the flight was 9:40pm but it was actually 8:40pm! Thank god daddy checked. Thank god we could still check in our bags. Thank god security was not an ass. But I think all that rushing made everything easier, we didn't have to suffer through a slow goodbye... I wouldn't have to be reminded what I'm leaving behind... I wouldn't have to... You know.

It was difficult, watching Kuching disappear into lights and finally into darkness... I remember thinking to myself: What was I thinking? How could I leave my home?! But then I realized that if I never left that small town, I would beat myself up with the same question in the future.

No one can have the best of both because everything comes with a price.

This 5 day vacation should do me good. Although I will have to say a harder and more final goodbye to my brother and father who will be there to see me off.

When we reached, we went to SS2 Murni near my brother's place. It was so kind of him to fetch us from the airport. We're so grateful we didn't have to lug around 70kg worth of luggage! xD Anyway, the food was so-so but the place and people! WTF. That 1 shop has 10 shops worth of customers, they eat in the dark, on the road, in front of other shops. King ah! Not to mention the staff can remember every order and carry about 50 glasses of water each lol.

Mango Crunch & I Love You (ribena sprite with lychee & nata de coco)

Garlic Cheese Naan (tastes like garlic bread with cheese lol)

So that's how I left Kuching and that's what I did for the first few hours away from home. LOL.

Day 2
Went to eat the delicious char siew I blogged about on my previous trip. Friends, if you're in Cheras area (or not), don't miss out on this fabulous nyoms!

Went to get my bb keypad changed since the 'L' letter chun chun fell out while we were on the way to 1U at Haus of BiB (which, coincidentally, is one the way). So my keypad isn't falling all over the place anymore, yippie! I just realized that on my previous trip, I went to eat char siew and got my bb pinkified in the same day too. HAHA. Coincidence?!

After that, we went to 1U. I didn't have much enthusiasm for shopping because I'm unable to fit anything else into my exploding luggage so shopping went by uneventfully. The only way to restrain is to remind myself that I can shop like mad in Melb. Ok, fine, maybe not like mad but I can shop in Melb. The bf bought 6 pairs of socks tho, that kiasu boy.  Oh and cheese popcorn from Candylicious! NOMS!

For dinner, we had very delicious bbq omnomnomnom god it's so good! Mostly because of the sauce. I can probably finish a bowl of rice with the sauce alone. :D One of the bosses is really young and good looking too wow. x3 Do not go there if you're looking for something to fill your tummy because you may walk away with a full tummy but your wallet will surely have insufficient funds after that meal. It's not that it's expensive, it's just that the portions are really small.

Our BBQ pit in the making!

Our BBQ pit is set in the center of our small table! D:

Roxy da chef!

So, that's it for the day. Tomorrow, we'll be at Midvalley and Jessie will be here in KL!

Day 3
Woke up in the morning feeling not like P. Diddy cos me and my boy's sick. D: Went down to Midvalley to look for mom and then broke my resolve.

Mommy said that she won't be able to buy me stuff for another year or so ahahahahahah so she bought me tons of stuff!

After that, I went down to Pavilion to find Jessie and then we had a nice pint of Starker. Then I headed down to Lowyat to get some stuff. I got this pretty baby pink casing for my future iphone 4s. x3 It's sho pretty! Zard joined us for a while and I had to cab to Gardens for a light dinner.

Is it just me, or do people in general like to talk to taxi drivers?

Anyway, had the delicious moo yogurt ice cream ♥ and then sushi from Jusco with laopo.

Laopo drove us to @live to find Jessie and my god it's awesome. Daylight come and we didn't wanna go home ! There's so many hot sexy dancers and hot singers. There's a girl with killer abs abs abs abs abs! I wants them too! But I had to leave early due to promises I made lol. So goodbye hot club.

Reached home about 1am because goddamnit KL roads are so complicated and idiotic. Their signs are in the middle of crossroads and we have to swerve into the correct lane at the last minute or make one huge u-turn. D:

That's it for the day, goodnight.

Day 4
Laopo went to work at about 9am after I cooked maggie for her. Probably won't be seeing her for another year or so. :(


Brother picked us up at 10 and we went for breakkie before he dumped us at Sungei Wang. Can't shop so left to Lowyat, can't shop so left for Times Square, broke resolve and bought more stuff lol *yaomingface.

Had dinner at this awesomely fast place called New Paris at SS2. Shit, their service is impeccable (ok so they didn't understand what SOYA SAUCE is) and super fast. I felt like I was eating at Flo's diner. Order, poof! Food appears! And it's not expensive at all!

Headed home early so this is a really short post. Bro and Roxy are tired so no party for me tonight, not to mention Lai's still sick. :( Why why why! Hopefully I'll be able to meet Jessie and Lizard tomorrow for the last time before I fly off to OZ!


Day 5
Daddy's coming today! I'm flying off tomorrow!! I'm super excited and super sad. :(

Stayed at home in the morning cos a guy came over to fix the heater. Was supposed to be yesterday, but he couldn't make it so he got scolded by his boss. His face looks about as black as Bao Qing Tian! Roxy asked me to give him a good iSlap hahahaha. And his workmanship is more like workmanshit. I bet he's gonna get it good this time. WAHAHAH.. Don't mess with the Legend which is Roxanne.

Went to meet Zard at Pavilion for lunch.

Then we lepak around for a while until it was time for her to go to the airport.

Thanks for the presents, Peters! I'll use them with love every day. :D

After that, I went to Sungei Wang to look for Jessie. Spent some time with her until I my brother picked me up for dinner. We forgot to take pictures! D:

Day 6 - 12/1/2012
It was kinda nice, these few days, staying with koko and Roxy.

I'm sorry to Zard & Jessie for not meeting up often cos I live far from the city and it's really inconvenient. But don't worry, you'll get my love from Aussie xD

I spent the whole day packing and repacking and unpacking and packing. I think I'm developing an OCD. I keep desperately trying to fit everything like a jizsaw puzzle. Seriously, I fold stuff up so that it can go into a blank space between two objects and it really feels as though I'm playing tetris.

We had dinner at Burger King and I'm off to the airport! My brother kept telling me that no one was sending me off and I believed him but then dad was like NO, DON'T BE SILLY. So I saw them at the airport lol.

We had some trouble due to the fact that our luggage is kinda overweight but got in fine.

So that's goodbye!

- written on the 8th, completed today! 


Saying this pretty frequently this year.
I mean year of the Rabbit cos I'm just really Chinese like that. 
Many left Kuching and some left my life.

As we grow older, we have to accept that things change with time. Whether you like it or not, it's part of life and if life stood still for us to appreciate what we have, we wouldn't. Because sometimes the things we cherish the most are the things we had or never will.

The next step in life for me is to leave Kuching, to pursue my studies abroad in Australia. I have always wanted to live somewhere that snows, but when I went to Melbourne for a vacation a few years back, I fell in love with the place. I'm sure that if you gave a homeless person chicken rice, he'll think it's the best food in the world even though the only real food he's ever had is that plate of chicken rice. To me, Melbourne is to me what that plate of chicken rice is to the homeless guy. There may be plenty of better choices but I've convinced myself this is the best choice for me. I wouldn't be able to stand the extreme cold weather that is required for snowing and even if I could, N.Z is too boring, Canada is too far and it's too hard to get a visa for U.S.A, not to mention the money involved. U.K could've been the second best place, but it's second only because I've never been there and unfortunately, they do not offer Tafe courses which is what my bf is taking and we are planning to leave the country together so... Australia it is. Culturally, I consider myself to be quite Chinese, so the thought of going to Taiwan or China has never even crossed my mind. But who knows? My plan is to travel the world as I work and come home when I'm ready to settle down. Or if I can, get a PR in Australia and return to Kuching every now and then.

Jessie, Lizard, you two will forever be my party people. People might be shallow and assume that party friends are shallow friends but what they don't understand is partying is how friendships are strengthened. If you don't like someone, you wouldn't party with them. If they ngam beh tiok key, it's hard to party together. If they don't know how to have fun, nobody wants to party with them. But we all know it's more than just partying. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I doubt that people will understand how we guard each others secrets like our own and put blind faith in trust. It's hard to describe how I feel about our friendship, but remember: No matter what happens, even when the world is against you, I will always be with you.

I'm glad that in Senior 1 I was put in the same class as you, Jessie. Remember a long time ago we said that "beh pubo du beh ho seng liao ma". It made so much sense back then. But that was 6 years ago and we've grown beyond that. You don't know it, but you taught me a lot of things, you had some part in who I am today and even after we left school, I'm glad our friendship endured.

I'm glad that right before CNY 2010, you ma Peters waltz into my life without me knowing that one day you'll be one of the few people I truly trust. I will never get sick of telling people the story of how I didn't know who you are and chatted to you for a full hour or so. You're the craziest and steadiest person I have ever met and I don't think I'll meet anyone else like you.

I'm glad for the two of you, for making my life a richer place to live in. ♥

My sistas, Chia, Hei, Siew, KY (included :P) can you believe that we've been friends for more than 6 years already?! We went from immature, childish brats to who we are today. We didn't know what sisterhood meant and went through so much together till eventually, we learnt that it wasn't about loyalty (as in the only friends we can have are each other - that was pretty stupid, wasn't it?), it was more about acceptance. Through the years, we have truly become family. I cannot imagine life without you all. I think what best describes our friendship is: friends are like stars, you can't always see them but they are always there. We are like true sisters, we are so different from each other yet we are able to accept each other for who they are. We also don't see each other as much as we would like but I believe that this is the perfect balance. Take care of each other okay? And thanks for the presents. I've already used them all. And KY you cheeky little thing, I found some surprises in the diary you gave me. I like it! HAHA.

Laopo, technically, I'm not leaving you because you left me first hahaha! But I'm lucky to have someone like you! We really grew up together, didn't we? You're the oldest friend that I'm still so close to! Your family really hated me because they thought I was the bad influence but the truth is you really spoilt me like crazy. You always gave me everything I wanted and took in my temper without even raising an eyebrow. If you were a boy we would've been perfect for each other and everyone would envy us and kill us out of jealousy so thank god we're both females and straight! Despite all the years and all the distance, I'm glad to have you by my side. :)


My gang of brothers, we used to be so close. But time has a way of changing things. I will never forget how I was the only girl in the whole group and how all of you were like protective brothers. If I were lonely you guys would be there, if I were hungry you guys would be there and eat my food, if I were angry you guys would be a little further away hahahah. JK. I know that you guys cared and that's all the matters. If we're lucky, a few years ahead we'll reunite when we're done with chasing our dreams and living our separate lives. But if I'm honest, I know that our time has come and gone. So take good care of yourselves and thank you for the memories.

And to all those that I got closer to this year (I really hope you know who you are), each of you make it harder to leave Kuching. But I'll be back and when I do, we'll party like animals!


This is Koala and Frog. How they became best friends is a mystery and also against nature. HAHA.. But seriously, thanks for being there for me all the time and taking care of me. You're also more than welcomed to come to me whenever for whatever because we stick together right? You jump, I jump? Sorry Koala had to go back to her native country. :( Now there's no one to dig a hole for you. But don't stop living the life! Don't look, just jump! :D See you soon, if I don't see you... Then you know, I know. Don't be stupid anymore, Frog, and don't be too damn kind-hearted otherwise I may have to fly back and stab you in the eye. Remember, future comes first!

Ok, now I'm done with the dedications. If I didn't include you, it's because I'm shy.

The truth is, I will miss Kuching so much it hurts. It's not because I'm leaving the place where I was born but I am leaving everyone I grew up with. Not literally, but in the sense that we learnt together, we matured together, we experienced together. I am afraid in many ways that things will change and never be the same again. I'm afraid of going back and realizing that I've been forgotten, or worse, replaced. I'm afraid of what the future may bring. However, plunging into the unknown is like going on an adventure. And none of those young at heart will ever say no to an adventure. :D

All in all, writing this post made me realize (for the one thousandth time) that I am truly blessed to have people that care about me. I know you all don't just care, I know you all sayang me in your own way. And that's why I'm lucky, to have so many angels in my life. Thank you for the memories and everything else. Please take care of yourselves because I care. Till we meet again.

But c'mon, technology is so advanced now so keep in touch!


- written on the 15th of Nov, completed today!