Thursday, January 26, 2012


Went to Brunei for Christmas.

It was all fun and games. We went to the beach and learnt how to drive a jetski. My god, the exhilaration of going at breakneck speed, knowing that a wrong move could send you flying is real icy. I flew twice. Once was intended, the other was a freak accident. I used my whole hand to hold on to the accelerator because using only my index finger was tiring. I was going pretty fast when my cousin told me to slow down. I did so, abruptly. My first reaction was to accelerate again, but the momentum so great and I ended up pulling the accelerator all the way, which, let me assure you, makes the jetski go very fast. The faster we went, the tighter I held on to the handles and inevitably, the goddamn accelerator. Eventually, the force of it threw us off and if you can just imagine two people flying off a jetski (literally) and bouncing a few times on the waves like stone skipping, you'll see how funny it all turned out.

But then my Lumix FT3 died that day. FUCK YOU PANASONIC, if you can't manufacture truly WATERPROOF cameras, then DON'T lie to your customers and say that it's fucking waterproof. I didn't even have to do much before the camera committed suicide. All I did was stand in shallow water, the camera half submerged in the water. THAT'S ALL, it was before any water activities, I was just taking pictures of my cousins roughhousing in the water a few feet away! People reading this blog, please don't waste your money over a contraption that clearly doesn't work how it's supposed to. And on top of that, I got bitten by sandflies!

I remember walking around THE MALL (oh yea, there's only one heh!) and eating salted popcorn with da bf. I love salted popcorn. I LOVE IT. It really beats caramel and whatother flavors there are. Da bf hung out with my brother for dota and complained that nobody dotas in Brunei. They ended up playing COD or something. Oh, the people in Brunei are so courteous! They stop before zebra crossings JUST to let you cross the road. Isn't that the sweetest thing? Boyfriend told me to stop thanking everyone that let us cross the road cos I look like an effin tourist. LOL.

Another thing to rave about is the food. Oh my god. I COMMAND YOU TO GO TO SERASA FOR THEIR AYAM PENYET BECAUSE I CRAVE FOR IT EVEN NOW. I will never forget the taste of that delicious ayam penyet... Oh god, I don't think there's ayam penyet in Melbourne. That makes me sad. Very sad. Even my stomach is crying. The rest of the food I must dutifully introduce (because sharing is caring and if you do not share good food, you will rot in the smelliest hell) are: nasi katuk, nasi lemak, nasi something haha sorry, lekor, fratinis pizza which is the ultimate yums, jolliebee. Ok! Enough about food. I'm getting hungry and hunger is NOT a good thing when all you do is eat, sleep and watch series the whole day. Can you believe that I've gone through 4 seasons of Big Bang Theory and 1 season of Game of Thrones already? I can't wait for my course to start. :(

We also went jungle trekking! I really like trekking! It exhausts you, gets shit all over you, random insects attack you, is life-threatening... But I do enjoy it. It gives me a sense of... Accomplishment. I didn't know where we were trekking to, I usually trek to waterfalls so that it makes it all worthwhile. But after an hour or so (can you believe that there wasn't even a trail for us to follow?) we found a little swamp thingie. Oh god. Crocodiles. There weren't any crocodiles, per se, but it looked like an ideal habitat for them. After taking footage of crocs at the croc farm for my video, I can say that I've developed a healthy respect for them.

Last but not least and the best of all! Christmas presents!
Ah, the joy of receiving. ^^v


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