Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day for mistakes

We went out to the city today to try so that I could try getting a working permit since my course starts a month later, but no such luck. We met a lot of friendly Australians that helped us find our way.

Why is it the day for mistakes? Well, we don't know why but the train passed Flinders Street (which we originally wanted to go before the city) and went straight to Melbourne Central! After that we didn't get the chance to go to Flinders Street cos we decided to check out Lai's school instead.

We went shopping after that at Chadstone Shopping Centre and met an unhelpful bus driver. We asked him if he knew how we could get back to Holmesglen but he was an ass and told us no. C'mon, you're a bus driver! How can you NOT know?! But anyway, there are always helpful people around and soon we were on our way back to Glenferrie! Too bad that's when we overshot the Burnley station. - - Can someone tell me why sometimes we gotta press the button on the door of the trains if we wanna get off? It was only at the next station did I realize the words on the doors. So that was mistake no. 2.

Mistake no. 3 was getting overpriced bacon and buying 2 loaves of bread accidentally cos we thought they were on sale but they weren't! So we ended paying the full price for both! GAAAAAAAAAH.

Highlight of the day is Lai cooking dinner :D ♥

Watching tv right now, their local channels are actually not bad.


  1. Look interesting! A new adventure there! Have fun laopo! :)

  2. haha. i don't think you need a work permit cause it comes with your visa. as long as you're on a student visa, the max you can work (legally) per week during uni week is 20 hours. when its uni hols, you can do more.
    and you need to press the button on the train cause it doesn't open automatically. :) or the other kind requires you to pull the handle.
    and if you found out that you're paying full price for it you can just tell the counter that you thought it was on sale and they will double check if they are not sure or if they say its not on sale then you can just tell them you don't want it anymore and apologise. haha. :)

  3. hey! condition 8105 on my visa says i "must not engage in work before the course for which the initial student visa was granted commences" so i wanted to see if i could get a permit to work before my course started but they gave me a big fat no. thanks for the tips tho. :D

  4. Bahahaha.. Go work those cash on hand ones then u wont get tax so they wont know.