Thursday, January 19, 2012

Facebook: New generation of dating?

I came across this video on facebook (duhh):

And then I realized, hey, there's a new dating style. Previous generations usually relied on matchmaking or on their parents to find them a partner and generations closer to mine usually find the one through school or friends so does this mean that newer generations will find their significant other through cyberspace (facebook)? I say usually because I'm generalizing based on what I know. I may be wrong but this is what I see so bugger off if you can't be open minded enough to take my thinking with a grain of salt.

You'll come across lots of similar stories if you sift through their comments and that's just so amazing. To me, I used to think that cyber-dating is for losers. But after watching the video above, I realized that it can be pretty sweet too. I digress, if you pay to join an online matchmaking site, that's pretty sad and desperate but totally different from their love story! Their story is about two strangers who weren't looking for love but finding it in an unexpected place.

One other thing that touches me is that racial discrimination doesn't exist for them! Perhaps it's because they have never been exposed to shit like that but whatever! This new generation of lovers give me hope because (and let me quote Thirteen) "if everybody married someone from a different race, then in one generation, there would be no prejudice". When I watched Thirteen, the prospect of everyone marrying someone from a different race is quite low but now? I think that it is highly probable.

Now, love stories. Love stories are always heartwarming and inspirational. Stories about love that endure through distance, sickness and time, regardless of whether it started as a young love, summer love, highschool love bla bla bla but the thing is love stories are sweet. I digress again, I love Nicholas Sparks. He writes the best love stories although I have to be honest, I have only read The Notebook but watched all movies based on his books.

Let me know your views in the comment box below! :D


  1. whole post and you only focus on one point! hahahaha. took me a while to realize what you *ouch* for lol :P

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