Saturday, January 28, 2012

First encounter with an Australian bitch!

Met a fat bitch at Mallalieu (Auburn) today. I initially wanted to call her stupid or crazy, but it would've given her reason to act the way she did. This is my first encounter with a rude Australian! My god, everyone is usually really friendly, accommodating and understanding. But you my fat fuck, you are truly the cream of the crop!

I went into the boutique because I needed change for the ticketing machine cos it doesn't take 50 bills. The rude fatty manning the counter was talking to her friend or as she claims, customer. She looked and nodded at me and I thought it meant I could approach the counter so I went up to her and said hi. At that point she could ask me to "hold on" in a polite and civilized manner which is how other Australians would have said (speaking from experience, not to mention that is the acceptable behavior regardless of race/nationality). Her friend/customer then said that she is going to leave. You see, that is being polite and courteous. But as it seems, the fat bitch is merely a savage, devoid of manners. While her friend/customer was leaving, I ask her if she could break down the 50 I was holding, but once her friend/customer left the shop, she glared at me with her eyes bulging and red faced (honestly, I always thought this was a figure of speech) and said to me in a demeaning manner: did you know that you interrupted me?! That was a customer and you interrupted me! Obviously I don't remember her exact words, but it was something along those lines.

I was so shocked! Even back at Kuching, you would never see shopkeepers going at it with a customer. It was so uncouth, so out of line, all I could do was stand there and gawk at her like I was witnessing the meltdown of a hippo.

I tried explaining nicely that I thought that since she looked at me, I could interrupt. Yea, I know, big misinterpretion on my part. She then retaliated, saying: I was acknowledging you. I was still suffering from shock at getting attacked by a big white glob of fat, so I stared at her dumbly. Not to say that it didn't make sense, it made perfect sense, but so was my suggestion above that she politely put me on hold! She continued by saying that she wouldn't break down the money into change for me, so I began to leave without a second word. Just as I was about to walk out of the shop, she just HAD to add: You should apologize! I've regained composure by then so I responded with something along the lines of: No! I will not apologize. And left the shop.

To the bitch if you ever google Mallalieu or Auburn or fat bitch and find this post:

I may have interrupted your little chat but you had no right to reprimand me! If I had been rude and continued to impose myself on you and your friend/customer, I would admit I was wrong and apologize but I did NOTHING of that sort. I merely said hi and waited for your conversation to end. Your horrible attitude proves that you should not be allowed to interact with other people, much less be a cashier. Let me remind you that I was a potential customer. I will not apologize for your attitude problem and possible racism.


After recovering from that traumatizing incident, I met up with Charlene at a Taiwan cafe along Swanston St, next to McD. I told her about the whole thing and she laughed at me and told me she would have been shocked too. I admit, though, I would usually ignore such petty things but I guess I am too bored and therefore have nothing better to do.

After lunch, we went to David Jones (?) next to Myers. There was a lion dance going on outside Myers! Anyway, while she was talking to the lady behind the counter, another customer interrupted. The salesgirl waited patiently for the other customer to finish speaking before saying "in a moment" and turned back to Charlene. Look at that. What a professional, well mannered and helpful salesgirl. It sure beats the cashier at Mallalieu. :)

We went to Hives after that, by walking all the way there! It was far, it was hot and I got tanner. :( Poor Charlene got blisters from her new slippers cos she didn't expect to do so much walking! I felt kinda bad cos she didn't complain at all and her blisters looked pretty bad, not to mention I was the one who wanted to go to Hive. I never knew slippers could cause blisters. TIME TO CHANGE TO HAVAIANAS! LOL. She also brought us to a delicious Viet restaurant for an early dinner. :)

Thx for the delish popiahs Charlene~

The food was good! I managed to finish everything even though the portions are as big as what everyone says! I even contemplated stealing the sauce home because it's so darn nice too. Oh god oh god oh god, I shouldn't hang out with friends too often cos I'll get fat! But it was nice to see a friend from Kuching to hang out and just talk! It was fun~ God I miss my friends back in Kuching. :(

See you soon!

I just realized that my eyebrows are balding. Good god.

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