Tuesday, January 17, 2012


If you're a dog lover, you have to get this book: A Dog's Purpose! 

Looks nice but isn't nice. The taste is ok, but it's too oily & the chix was soggy!! EWW.



There she is. Melbourne!

It's was really cold and there was so much to do and we didn't know where to start!

My aunt and cousin came over to pick us up from the airport and brought us to take our keys. Unfortunately, our electricity could not be connected on the day itself so we went to her place for the weekend.

He's very cold with Angel at his feet! :D

OMG. Pretty bird! 

We went to see penguins at St. Kilda. Yes, it's THAT cold. 

I kinda feel sorry for the penguins cos they can't fly and they kept flapping their wings. But there are such attention whores! Did you spot the other penguin which stuck its head out? HAHA. So damn cute. I know you are going back to the picture to look at it.

I think my aunt knew how incompetent I am when it comes to cooking cos she kept feeding us. Now I kinda miss her cooking. After two days of bland, tasteless food... I think Lai's about to die. Not to mention he's sick. I think my food is making him sick. LOL. No, seriously... - -

After spending the weekend at my aunt's place, we spent a night without electricity cos we wanted to wake up early to get our stuff settled. Like bank account and phones and of course, organizing our little apartment.

Went for a walk.

Bought dinner. 

Candlelight dinner!

And that's all folks!

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