Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On my way to Melbourne...

Day 1 - 7/1/2012
I made a pit stop in Kuala Lumpur to visit my brother and spend some time with my friends.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I'm sorry to all who came to the airport or wanted to come and see me off. I had to rush like mad to catch the plane. I thought the flight was 9:40pm but it was actually 8:40pm! Thank god daddy checked. Thank god we could still check in our bags. Thank god security was not an ass. But I think all that rushing made everything easier, we didn't have to suffer through a slow goodbye... I wouldn't have to be reminded what I'm leaving behind... I wouldn't have to... You know.

It was difficult, watching Kuching disappear into lights and finally into darkness... I remember thinking to myself: What was I thinking? How could I leave my home?! But then I realized that if I never left that small town, I would beat myself up with the same question in the future.

No one can have the best of both because everything comes with a price.

This 5 day vacation should do me good. Although I will have to say a harder and more final goodbye to my brother and father who will be there to see me off.

When we reached, we went to SS2 Murni near my brother's place. It was so kind of him to fetch us from the airport. We're so grateful we didn't have to lug around 70kg worth of luggage! xD Anyway, the food was so-so but the place and people! WTF. That 1 shop has 10 shops worth of customers, they eat in the dark, on the road, in front of other shops. King ah! Not to mention the staff can remember every order and carry about 50 glasses of water each lol.

Mango Crunch & I Love You (ribena sprite with lychee & nata de coco)

Garlic Cheese Naan (tastes like garlic bread with cheese lol)

So that's how I left Kuching and that's what I did for the first few hours away from home. LOL.

Day 2
Went to eat the delicious char siew I blogged about on my previous trip. Friends, if you're in Cheras area (or not), don't miss out on this fabulous nyoms!

Went to get my bb keypad changed since the 'L' letter chun chun fell out while we were on the way to 1U at Haus of BiB (which, coincidentally, is one the way). So my keypad isn't falling all over the place anymore, yippie! I just realized that on my previous trip, I went to eat char siew and got my bb pinkified in the same day too. HAHA. Coincidence?!

After that, we went to 1U. I didn't have much enthusiasm for shopping because I'm unable to fit anything else into my exploding luggage so shopping went by uneventfully. The only way to restrain is to remind myself that I can shop like mad in Melb. Ok, fine, maybe not like mad but I can shop in Melb. The bf bought 6 pairs of socks tho, that kiasu boy.  Oh and cheese popcorn from Candylicious! NOMS!

For dinner, we had very delicious bbq omnomnomnom god it's so good! Mostly because of the sauce. I can probably finish a bowl of rice with the sauce alone. :D One of the bosses is really young and good looking too wow. x3 Do not go there if you're looking for something to fill your tummy because you may walk away with a full tummy but your wallet will surely have insufficient funds after that meal. It's not that it's expensive, it's just that the portions are really small.

Our BBQ pit in the making!

Our BBQ pit is set in the center of our small table! D:

Roxy da chef!

So, that's it for the day. Tomorrow, we'll be at Midvalley and Jessie will be here in KL!

Day 3
Woke up in the morning feeling not like P. Diddy cos me and my boy's sick. D: Went down to Midvalley to look for mom and then broke my resolve.

Mommy said that she won't be able to buy me stuff for another year or so ahahahahahah so she bought me tons of stuff!

After that, I went down to Pavilion to find Jessie and then we had a nice pint of Starker. Then I headed down to Lowyat to get some stuff. I got this pretty baby pink casing for my future iphone 4s. x3 It's sho pretty! Zard joined us for a while and I had to cab to Gardens for a light dinner.

Is it just me, or do people in general like to talk to taxi drivers?

Anyway, had the delicious moo yogurt ice cream ♥ and then sushi from Jusco with laopo.

Laopo drove us to @live to find Jessie and my god it's awesome. Daylight come and we didn't wanna go home ! There's so many hot sexy dancers and hot singers. There's a girl with killer abs abs abs abs abs! I wants them too! But I had to leave early due to promises I made lol. So goodbye hot club.

Reached home about 1am because goddamnit KL roads are so complicated and idiotic. Their signs are in the middle of crossroads and we have to swerve into the correct lane at the last minute or make one huge u-turn. D:

That's it for the day, goodnight.

Day 4
Laopo went to work at about 9am after I cooked maggie for her. Probably won't be seeing her for another year or so. :(


Brother picked us up at 10 and we went for breakkie before he dumped us at Sungei Wang. Can't shop so left to Lowyat, can't shop so left for Times Square, broke resolve and bought more stuff lol *yaomingface.

Had dinner at this awesomely fast place called New Paris at SS2. Shit, their service is impeccable (ok so they didn't understand what SOYA SAUCE is) and super fast. I felt like I was eating at Flo's diner. Order, poof! Food appears! And it's not expensive at all!

Headed home early so this is a really short post. Bro and Roxy are tired so no party for me tonight, not to mention Lai's still sick. :( Why why why! Hopefully I'll be able to meet Jessie and Lizard tomorrow for the last time before I fly off to OZ!


Day 5
Daddy's coming today! I'm flying off tomorrow!! I'm super excited and super sad. :(

Stayed at home in the morning cos a guy came over to fix the heater. Was supposed to be yesterday, but he couldn't make it so he got scolded by his boss. His face looks about as black as Bao Qing Tian! Roxy asked me to give him a good iSlap hahahaha. And his workmanship is more like workmanshit. I bet he's gonna get it good this time. WAHAHAH.. Don't mess with the Legend which is Roxanne.

Went to meet Zard at Pavilion for lunch.

Then we lepak around for a while until it was time for her to go to the airport.

Thanks for the presents, Peters! I'll use them with love every day. :D

After that, I went to Sungei Wang to look for Jessie. Spent some time with her until I my brother picked me up for dinner. We forgot to take pictures! D:

Day 6 - 12/1/2012
It was kinda nice, these few days, staying with koko and Roxy.

I'm sorry to Zard & Jessie for not meeting up often cos I live far from the city and it's really inconvenient. But don't worry, you'll get my love from Aussie xD

I spent the whole day packing and repacking and unpacking and packing. I think I'm developing an OCD. I keep desperately trying to fit everything like a jizsaw puzzle. Seriously, I fold stuff up so that it can go into a blank space between two objects and it really feels as though I'm playing tetris.

We had dinner at Burger King and I'm off to the airport! My brother kept telling me that no one was sending me off and I believed him but then dad was like NO, DON'T BE SILLY. So I saw them at the airport lol.

We had some trouble due to the fact that our luggage is kinda overweight but got in fine.

So that's goodbye!

- written on the 8th, completed today! 

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