Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lynas? Australia vs Malaysia?

I'm sure that everyone is sick of reading about Lynas by now. But today, my friend tagged me in a video, which I shall share with you momentarily. It inspired me to blog about this issue. Australians, may I present to your our very own Namewee! Malaysians, enjoy! If you're offended easily, don't play it. 

I know it sounds vulgar and is shockingly rude, but I find it very funny. If you don't, then you have to STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY. 

When I first read about Lynas, I thought about how environmental friendly Australia is. They do everything they can to protect their ecosystem. I was highly doubtful that they would allow something like Lynas to proceed. I was blinded by discrimination. But Lynas is very real. It is an established corporation based in Sydney.

They probably couldn't convince the Australian government to let them dump the waste somewhere in Australia so they decided to use Malaysia as a rubbish bin. It could also be that since Australia is so strict on their environment, it was easier to target Malaysia. Let's face it, the conversion rate between AUD and MYR is around 3.2, everything in Australia is way more expensive than Malaysia. It would be much more cost effective to turn to a developing country rather than a developed country. Get it? DO I HAVE TO DO THE MATHS FOR YOU?! Anyhow, it's easier to sweep shit under the rug than cleaning it the acceptable way (tissue, mop, wash - you get the gist?). This whole paragraph is called an assumption. It's mine. Based on nothing.

Two questions:

If it really is so dangerous, who was the jackass that granted Lynas permission to pass through our borders? 
Malaysian Atomic Energy Licensing Board. We were the ones who let them into our country! How? What? Why? Personally, I think that Lynas paid someone off so that they could secure Gebang. Or, someone asked for a sum of money from Lynas and turned a blind eye and two deaf ears. I am sure that I am not the only one who shares the same point of view. And now that shit has blown up in their faces, Lynas is taking the blame and who knows what plans the government has.

If it isn't dangerous, why wouldn't Australia take responsibility over the waste?
The Star says that there is no decision on sending waste to West Australia. West Australia says that they will not accept Lynas' waste.

I can only say that Lynas corp si beh suay (is fucking unlucky). In Nov, 2011, Lynas was involved in a dispute with Malawi and faced a lawsuit. Now it is facing Malaysia.

On another hand, I want you all to take a look at China for a minute.

Now, I strongly recommend everyone to read: The Truth About Lynas Pt. 1 & The Truth About Lynas Pt.2 by Melinda Mazhar.

Truth be told, I am against Lynas because c'mon, who wants to risk their country? But I highly doubt that either parties are innocent. I didn't want to blog about this initially because the web was (and still is) suddenly exploding with patriotic Malaysians and Australian haters. I wanted to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. But people are pissing me off left and right, throwing biased accusations, making unreasonable assumptions. Many Malaysians (like Namewee) are attacking Australians. Why? It wasn't the citizens of Australia that placed Lynas in Malaysia. There are even protesters in Australia protesting against Lynas. Isn't there a saying: The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Please! Read and educate yourself about what's really going on, find out who the real enemy is. Don't be a blind follower of media. Sure, you only know what the media chooses to show you. But you are free to come to your own conclusions and form your own opinions.

Click on any of the links above or the ones below, best of all? Read them all!

I wanted to showcase two Malaysian online sites and two Australian but surprisingly, I couldn't find anything on concerning the dispute between Lynas & Malaysia and I only know two Australian news sites. BLAH.

This is purely my opinion, I didn't read through half of that crap and I am neither right nor do I claim to be. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Innit is dying...

Back when innit was first implemented, there were hoards and hoards of bloggers chatting at any given time. I quit blogging for a period of time and when I returned to innit, it has become a heaven for spammers - myself included. Hey! If you can't stop them, join them, right?!

Featured Posts
Nath made an interesting discovery about innit and I must say that I have taken advantage of the fact that the featured posts are refreshed at 00:00am every day. But I'm unable to do that now due to the fact that I'm 3 hours ahead. I have to wait up till 3am to nang myself to the featured posts. No way in hell am I doing that. My suggestion to Nuffnang: The system is faulty in the sense that if I add a new post at 11:59pm, my post would only be eligible to be in the featured posts for one minute. Instead of featured posts of the day, showcase featured posts in the past 24 hours!

Quantity over Quality
Another thing is - if you haven't realize already - the quantity of posts that people make to attract traffic. If one isn't working, post two, if either of the two posts aren't attracting anyone, post three! One of those posts is bound to be interesting enough so that people would start visiting your blog. No. Stop doing it. Doing so will only result in people never visiting your blog again because there is no real content. Unless of course, you are like Perez Hilton, and you have fresh and new things to post with real content.

Copy and Paste
I don't know how many times I've clicked on 'movie review of xxx!!!' and get so disappointed because noob/lazy bloggers copy and paste from IMDB. What a disgrace to bloggers! You are a blogger, so at least write a paragraph or two! I believed I may even have danged the damn post. You wasted my time and my precious 10GB internet, every MB counts!!!

Misleading Titles
People tend to title their posts scandalously or in a way they think is interesting and would attract people to visit their blog. Sure, it'll attract people once. It's similar to 'Quantity over Quality'. When you cheat someone of their money (time), you'll be sure that they never buy (visit) from you again.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Shopping @ Victoria Market & Chadstone Mall

One fine morning we decided to head down to Victoria Market cos Lai哥 hasn't been there before. It's smaller than I remembered but I don't think we covered all the shops hahahaha cos Lai was too distracted by the low low prices on apples.

Did you know that no one is allowed to have a koala or a kangaroo (or any OZ wildlife for that matter) as a pet but it's perfectly fine to EAT them?! The most exotic food I've ever had is probably deer and frog legs. Koalas and kangaroos are too cute to eat. x3 

The fruits and veggies are pretty cheap so we bought lady fingers, broccoli, apples and strawberries! I haven't had any asian veggies in a while so lady fingers are a treat! If only I could get my hands on manichai.......

We also managed to catch this magnificent looking beast!

Isn't he gorgeous!? I just want to plop down on his carpet of fur and steal him home!! I bet he gets admirers everywhere he goes cos he ignores us all! He tolerates pets and attempts at hugging him but he just isn't generous with his affections! I don't even know if he's male! Must be a bitch. xD

Our luncha. And below is our tea lololol. We eat loads during weekends, I think it's from the lack of things to do. D: But look! It's smiling.

I also found a little shop at Chadstone mall that sells asian cosmetics (WOW, I know) but they don't have any whitening products either aside from facial masks. I don't need facial masks! I brought enough to last me a lifetime!!!

We initially went to Chadstone to buy a vacuum cleaner but Lai got sidetracked by Apple, I got sidetracked by hair products and by the time we got to the Reject Shop, it was already closed. :( They have the cheapest vacuums at only AUD40!!! Life is like a neverending search for bargains! Lol.

OK this is kinda like a pointless blabbering post. I'm going to end it now before I embarrass myself further. Have a great week, guys! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

O Week!

Edit 26 Feb// I've just received the pictures for the race. Credits & thanks to Nabila! 

Last week was what is widely known as O Week. I wasn't very active in my previous uni, but other than an orientation party, I doubt that there was much going on the week before classes started.

It's a lot different here with many events to look forward to and lectures chockfull of information. Actually, if our brains were a cup and information was water, it'd be overfilled. Anyway, on the first day of O week, I attended a lecture about what to expect, a speech from the police dept & fire brigade, and to enroll online, but since I've already done that, I decided to skip on home after signing up for a 'Get to know Melbourne' race. I highly doubt that it's the name of the race but I honestly don't remember heh.

Second day of O week was finalizing my exemptions and the race! I was going to blog about it sooner but you know what they say about depending others... DON'T cos it's a bad habit. I was going to use my phone to take pictures for my blog, but one of my team mates had a camera and since she was the designated photographer I thought I could swipe the photos off her... But... See sentence 2 of this paragraph.

This is the only photo I took.

To win the race, we were supposed to take pictures of the places listed. To be sure we don't cheat, we were all given an animal and a color. So here's our photobombing koala!

We acted more like we were sightseeing than in a race.

But it was fun, getting to know the place and just chillin'. Obviously we didn't win, we were actually the third team to reach the last stop and surprisingly the last team, which was late, won!

On the fourth day, it was the orientation for the faculty of social sciences so I joined in on the fun.

It turned out to be two long lectures. I have two complaints on behalf of the international students: 1. The speakers all talked too fast, we couldn't even get any notes. 2. There was too much information and if we wanted to digest it all, we needed to make notes! Obviously, we'll have to learn how to cope because that's what being uni is all about.

There was a free lunch after the first lecture and loads of freebies so I stocked up on both. :D Before that tho, I met a friend. OH MY GAWD I'M NO LONGER THE LONE WOLF. For the past two days I've been this sad little girl who doesn't have a clique. Honestly, I think there was an orientation for all the new students to form a group and I was left out of it but nooooooooo. Someone else was left out lololol JK. During the 2nd lecture, we added another member into our group of diverse ethnics. And after the 2nd lecture, we went to a party on campus to choke on pizzas (didn't get any cos the line was......

..... this long!) and drink free alcohol! MWAHAHAHAHAAAA.

This was the queue...

... for this!

It's kinda surreal cos we only see beer in red plastic cups in movies and look! RED PLASTIC CUP FILLED WITH BEER! I'M IN A MOVIE! It was so happening and our group got bigger and bigger till we had to leave at 6pm. - - So we went to my place to have a quick dinner and headed out to get even more hammered.

We went to a gay bar and when that closed we went to another bar down the road. We were like a party on legs man, by the end of the night the smoking room was filled with laughter, jokes, snide remarks and it looked like everyone's known each other for years when in fact before that day we were all strangers.

Can you just imagine?

That would've never happened back home, and that's what makes me sad. I feel so at ease here. I don't even have to try but I miss home more than anything.

Anyway, we missed the last tram cos by the time we decided to leave, it was 2am so we walked about 30 mins back home. At least all that walking made me feel less guilty about drinking. I mean, 30 mins should be enough to burn at least half of that shit right? :|

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Nitty Gritty of Leaving Home

This was originally an essay. I broke it up so that you can read about issues that interest you most cos I know I tend to go on and on and on and on... So you're leaving home huh? Specifically from Kuching to Melbourne? Or maybe you're just stalking me, wondering how I'm doing? HAHA. Let me enlighten you on a few things.

Kuchingites are lazy as fuck. 
I don't want to sound like a spoilt brat, but before coming to Melbourne, my only form of exercise was going hiking once in the blue moon or walking 50 steps to the Spring shopping mall. Kuching people, be honest. You know exactly what I mean. We are SO lazy. We double park, park on curbs, park on white lines just so that we can be near our destination. I have seen many instances of:

Someone parks their car, sees another space (usually not even a designated parking lot) and slides out of the place they originally parked to park nearer to the other space even if it's just 10 steps away!

That's how lazy we are! AHAHAHA.. Honestly, I find it so enlightening now that I have to walk 10-15 mins to the supermarket every other day. I don't have that horrible slug rising in my gut saying pleeeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeeee nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... That lazy worm that rises its ugly head everytime there's even a suggestion of walking. Obviously, you may feel that I have no other choice. That's true. But the thing is, I don't feel like walking is such a chore anymore.

But that could also be because Kuching is so darn hot and humid, getting out of a well conditioned car can be a little too demanding hahaha...

Melbourne's SUN is more potent than Kuching.
I love the beautiful breezes in Melbourne! Which is probably why I don't mind walking. However, I have to tell everyone the truth: You will not get fairer in Melbourne! The sun is... Powerful. I don't know how else I can describe it. When the sunlight hits me, I feel like my SKIN is literally MELTING off.

So, don't play play. Those people who said yes you'll get fairer in Melbourne didn't give you the whole truth.

You will get fairer probably during the other seasons but in SUMMER? Keep dreaming, babe. So!!! Sunblock on, hats on, wear long sleeves and shoes so you don't get awful tan lines (unless you like them). I had to learn it the hard way. :(

If you are one of those assholes that told people you can get fairer... I don't care if you did, cos I didn't. Not while getting BBQed alive.

Source: Google Images

My encounters with salesgirls often end with them giving me a "are you high/retarded/weird" expression before walking away. Take it from me - if it wasn't obvious enough already - these people ENJOY being tan. Fair is pale is unattractive. D:

On another, more serious note: UV causes cancer, so please use sunblock regardless whether you want a tan or not. 

You don't know how spoilt you are until you have to leave home. 
I thought that I was so independent back in Kuching but now I realize I only had a tenth of the responsibilities I have now. I now know why my dad nge nge wanted to send me away. Once you leave home, you have to keep in mind that you are on your own.

Food - There was never a lack of food in Kuching. First of all, we can fill our tummies for around RM5-RM10 (less than AUD3) so you always have meals with friends or family. Secondly, mommy always cooked for me. Whenever she asked me to cook with her, that lazy worm would say no. Now? If you don't cook you don't eat. Forget eating out, the prices here are so steep that you won't even feel hungry anymore after converting. The first week was horrible. Neither of us knew how to cook well. The food was tasteless and ew.

Bills - WHAT BILLS?! All of the sudden, there are bills & rent to be paid. Sounds easy? Not if you've never done it before. Think about it, if you've never baked a cake in your life, even baking the simplest cake would seem like a feat to you! So for about a week, I was calling the companies up and down trying to make sense of it all. Thank god that's all done and over with. Tip: Always use direct debit so that you don't get charged extra.

Money - Being away from home means that you have to start keeping track of your money and having a budget. It's a learnt skill to make the most out of what you have. :D If you never had to go grocery shopping, I wish you good luck. I have always done the shopping at home so it's all good. It's a lot easier here cos they have mobile applications for their supermarkets so you can check out what items they have on sale!

Transport - I was thinking of Singapore when I came here. But it's SO NOT. Singapore has countless signs to make sure you know exactly where you are. There are little to no signs here. Granted, Singapore is tiny, but their MRT system is the best out of all the places I've been to. In Melbourne, you can take either the train or the tram or bus. I can't even begin to tell you how complicated it is because I still don't understand it yet. It's cool though, cos people are helpful when it comes to directions.

But at the end of the day, you will miss wherever you were from so much it hurts. You'll miss your family, your friends, your pets, your home, your room, your bed...

That's all I can think of right now... Probably will be back with a PART TWO if I haven't bored you to death already.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Night in the City

Melbourne night life isn't what we expected. Everyone kept telling me that since I love partying and clubbing, Melbourne is the place for me. I don't know what you are talking about cos the night life here is like Kuching before we had Travilion.

The drunks here are scarier too. A group on the train kept trying to talk to Lai and I but we responded by pretending not to know how to speak English! Sorry, Asians, I know that this has always been your foolproof go-to tactic, but on the bright side, they can't figure out who can or cannot understand English just by looking at you! Our secret's still safe with me. :D On the other hand, the world has suddenly become a friendlier place!

I have a theory why there's so many crazy drunks here and none back home. It's because the bouncers kick anyone who looks remotely tipsy out of the clubs so they have nowhere to go and nothing to do. When you're tipsy, you want to continue partying but since you can't, how do you handle all that pent up energy? You spend it harassing people trying to make a living on the streets (they really love the guy in a bunny suit playing the guitar and the magician near Melbourne Central station) or just anyone, really. Since most people take the train, it gives them ample time to meet and harass people.

In Kuching, there are virtually no bouncers. There are no tipsy people too cos we all get fucking drunk. The drunks leave the clubs via friends or anything that turns on the lights (fights, police, closing time) lol. Nobody except mentally ill people roam the streets at night. We have cars and we use them to its full potential, usually that means that it takes us less than a minute to get from the pub to the car so there's a tiny chance of meeting a stranger to harass.

There's a place we saw that looks pretty cool but it's in an alley and it was bursting with people so I didn't take any pictures. Who knows what they'd do to me? Probably pose for me, but that's besides the point. It's in one of the alleys opposite Harvey Norman, if I'm not mistaken.

Other than that, we really enjoy walking around and watching street shows. We missed the magician's show (saw it last week) but we saw a couple of new ones we've never seen before. Apparently, friday night is big for beatboxers.

We caught Lash78 which is a two girl band made up of a 13 and 14 year old! I didn't get a video of them cos to be honest, I didn't think they'll still sound as good through my iPhone's videorecorder.

But I found their youtube account! Enjoy:

So so what if the clubbing here sucks? They have great other-kind-of night life.

Event: Party for Overseas Students

Snatched from their FB Page
Yesterday, we went to a party organized by AUG Study. AUG Study is kinda like an education agent, they gave us counsel on what course to choose, helped apply to our chosen institutes and processed everything for us including our visa, best of all, their services are free. Usually, the application fees are also waived if you apply through them so it's not just win win, it's a superwin. On top of that, their services are even better than services you pay for cos they service you gao gao. Unlike some places whose services you pay for and they punch you. Not naming names but you know what I mean. If you don't, comment below. Disclaimer: I'm not being ignorant, I know that they get paid for helping us and a fast food franchise is incomparable with what they do but I'm just making a point. They don't charge you and yet they deliver great service.

Anyway, they don't just stop there. Before I left Kuching, they told us to keep in touch and let them know if we have any problems. I thought they were just being polite. But no! I received an email from AUG Study Melbourne letting me know I was invited to a party which included a tour around Melbourne city and food and games! At that point, I emailed the Kuching branch letting them know we've settled down and I received a lengthy, informative reply! Dude... They don't just offer you free services and get you to Melbourne, they continue to counsel and guide you all the way through.

We didn't expect much, we just wanted to have a look see. But boy were they accommodating. They even got me to join their game of charade. We stayed until everyone left, just having a good time chatting. I'm sure if we didn't already know how to use the public transport or have accommodation, they'd walk us through till the end. Before we left, they convinced us to bring home pizza, kfc, a box of indo kueh and another box of sandwiches. Talk about generosity!

AUG Study - From the moment you decide to use their services, they open their doors and welcome you into their international family!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentines Day

We went to Rococo at Glenferrie Road to celebrate the occasion.

I thought I knew fries cos I love fries. This proves that I don't. I have never tried anything so nice! It's a lil bit similar to the fries from Carls Junior but can you say YUM!? Even the tomato sauce is superb. I usually dislike contaminating my food with sauces but it was so good I couldn't help but finish it all. YUM factor 5/5.

This is exactly how spaghetti should be, filled with complementing herbs and a wonderful blend of tastes! YUM factor 4/5.

TOO SALTY. I hated it and I LOVE pizza and I LOVE salty food. Epic fail on its part. Honestly, ham and salted fish!?! It was so salty I felt like I was pouring salt into my eyes! D: So sad. I was looking forward to nyomming pizza! If it wasn't so salty I may have given it a YUM factor of 3/5 cos it tastes delish after we removed the salted fish and some black stuff that tastes like a ball of salt.

The culprits for ruining the pizza:

After we left, I realized that I forgot to take a picture of the restaurant exterior. :( Lai looked at me and gave me the lazy face and said painfully: I am not going back, it was hard enough to get where I am now. I was exploding with food as well so I was as lazy so I let it go. Hahaha..

Once we got home, Lai went to bed cos he has class tomorrow zomg forever alone. Then I drew a lil cartoon for wifey but she didn't reply zomg forever alone. I also called a few people on Tango but no one answered zomg forever alone so then I started blogging and pissing people off on FB by saying that Valentines is a competition hahaha ok I shattap now.

Source: Google Images
It's my blog so I won't shattap.

I don't understand people who post pics of their presents. Who are you trying to impress?

What's the point of putting it out there? Do you think that people will feel that wow you're rich? Pls, if you're rich, people would know. If you're pretending to be, people would also know.

Maybe you want to show the world how much he loves you. Dude, nobody cares.

Or maybe you just wanna share your happiness? Well, unless it's a puppy or something equally cute/lovable/interesting, chances are people don't care either.

So why bother?

Yesterday and today is like an epic war of 'thanks hubby!' accompanying a bouquet of roses etc. It's not a goddamn competition! Those that are content with what they have won't give a rats ass about what your bf bought you! As for the rest of the world, they probably hate you not because you're happier or luckier but for rubbing it in. Is that what you want? Make people feel bad?

Shame on you!

But hey it's a free world so don't take it personally.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Special

Valentines day is tomorrow! So, to honor the celebration of love, I'm going to write about it.
There is a difference between the one you settle for, the one you love and the one you're meant to be with.
I have been very obsessed with this quote recently. At first I was wondering why the one you love and the one you're meant for are separated... Then I realized that it's separated because it's different. Good for you if the one you're meant the be with and the one you love are the same person but I've come to believe that it's rarely so.

Before we go any further, this is my explanation for the three:

The one you settle for - This is the person you end up with when you realize that the person you love or the person you're meant to be with hasn't showed up yet. It's not what you originally wanted, it's what you have to accept. Have you ever heard of the quote beggars can't be choosers? Well, there you go. You've either ran out of time (imagine being 50 and still waiting for your one true love) or succumbed to the will of your parents (WE WANT GRANDCHILDREN, anyone?) but whatever the reason is... This is the person that shows up at the right time but is completely the wrong person for you. You may learn to live with her/him, love her/him even, but truth be told... S/he wasn't what you wanted.

The one you love - A lot of people seem to think they know what love is. I'm here to tell you no, most of you don't. I don't even know how to start describing it cos it's love! How do you tell someone what love is? To me it's meeting that one person who you're crazily in love with and who drives you crazy at the same time... The person that you can't justify loving. End of story.

The one you're meant to be with - Everyone has that dream guy/girl. They know exactly what kind of person they want and one day this perfect person comes into their life. They fit like two pieces of a puzzle. They are compatible in every way. They seem to be made solely for each other. It should be a happily ever after but then what if the person you're meant to be with isn't the one you love?

Obviously, I'm going to kick 'the one you settle for' to aside because that's not romantic. Sorry, but no. It's like I asked for pink and someone gave me lavander. No. No. No. F off, I don't settle.

So in the left corner we have the one that you love and in the right, the one you're meant to be with. Who would you choose?

I know that this is too bittersweet as a valentines post, but honestly, I'm sick of all the sugar that's going around. Ok, and I do think that it's appropriate because it's the day of love, dude. If it's not the day to contemplate deep shit like this, I don't know when is.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Female Drivers vs Male Drivers

All photos from Google Images. 

Women are fucking ngiao ci (hokkien: stingy), they will NEVER let you overtake or give way to others but they expect men to give way to them.

Men just can't be fucked. If you've got the skill, then, by all means!

Women will scold anything and anyone even if its their own goddamn fault. Eg. Can't get out of parking. Someone overtakes them. You scare them by honking at them because they don't know how to drive etc.

Men just can't be fucked. If they are really pissed off, they'll just overtake you.

Women are fucking paranoid, they will keep breaking for no fucking reason and men?
Men they just can't be fucked. Even if they don't know their way, they will just lap kin ki (hokkien: speed) and when they realize they are going down the wrong road or have missed a turning, they'll just make a u-turn!

Women are indecisive when it comes to a junction. They will think and think and think until the sun goes down and the car behind them honks which scares them shitless and they will start scolding the driver behind them. And they will continue to think until the oncoming car is too damn near and THEN decide to just STEP ON IT.

Men... Well, they just can't be fucked. They don't think for 20 minutes whether or not they should go, they decide within 0.2 seconds and chiong (hokkien: rush/go for it)!

Women can't park or get out of a parking to save their life. The perfect example of this is they will keep trying to fit their tiny car into a parking lot that is bigger than needed and give up when they are almost fully parked. Another is if they have to reverse out of a parking lot. They will reverse and park back in until some bystander can't stand it anymore and go over to help her. Not to mention that during the whole episode, they will be screaming obscenities at the cars parked by them. Saying that those idiots are the ones who do not know how to park and it has NOTHING to do with their own womanly driving skills.

Men has better judgement, they will either slide in/out effortlessly or let the parking space go if they think they can't fit in.

Conclusion is: Leave the driving to men or aspire to drive like men. And men? Let women do your shopping for you, because we are Gods of bargaining. :)

AND MEN, IF YOU DRIVE LIKE A LADY, PLEASE EFF OFF AND DIE. Oh, I KNOW you exist, I've seen you on the roads driving like an senile motherfuckaaaa! And I'll admit, I'm a lady driver, so I curse you and your entire family!

* Of course, the men I'm referring to are real men. Not ah bengs and chao ah sengs.

Be cool.