Monday, February 27, 2012

Book: Dog Boy

Dog Boy by Eva Hornung

I found this book very fascinating. It's about a boy who is adopted by a family of wild dogs. It follows a 4 year old boy named Romochka as he struggles to live as one of the dogs after being abandoned by his own family. I felt like I have stolen a glimpse of a secret world. He was smart but the basic characteristics of humanity were present in him - seeking acceptance, unable to accept death, selfishness etc. His abusive anger towards his family of dogs was shocking but aren't we all abusive towards our family?

As I put the book down and reeled my thoughts back from storyland, I felt dissatisfied as though something was missing. There were many questions in my mind, questions that would never be fulfilled because I seek answers that don't exist. How will we ever know what lies in the mind of others, of dogs?


The ending wasn't much of a happy ending. Romochka yearned for a different life, but he was torn between two worlds and he felt that choosing one meant letting go of the other. It was sad and surreal. In the pages is a boy who knew only what he knew and I found myself mentally screaming at him to make what I think is the 'right' choice. 

Time and time again, humans have proven themselves to be vermin of the earth. We take comfort in the belief that we live a good life and we assume that we can provide a 'better life' for others. Who is to say who is wealthy (figuratively) and who is not? For all you know, animals untouched by us life a more fulfilled life. 

I mean seriously, how fulfilled do you feel working your overweight ass off, stalking people on facebook, going about with menial things...?

Anyway, I love survival stories or post-apocalyptic stories eg. Hunger Games, Uglies trilogy. I've recently ordered Life as We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer. If you've got any similar books to share, drop me a comment below! Thanks and happy reading :) 

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