Saturday, February 18, 2012

Event: Party for Overseas Students

Snatched from their FB Page
Yesterday, we went to a party organized by AUG Study. AUG Study is kinda like an education agent, they gave us counsel on what course to choose, helped apply to our chosen institutes and processed everything for us including our visa, best of all, their services are free. Usually, the application fees are also waived if you apply through them so it's not just win win, it's a superwin. On top of that, their services are even better than services you pay for cos they service you gao gao. Unlike some places whose services you pay for and they punch you. Not naming names but you know what I mean. If you don't, comment below. Disclaimer: I'm not being ignorant, I know that they get paid for helping us and a fast food franchise is incomparable with what they do but I'm just making a point. They don't charge you and yet they deliver great service.

Anyway, they don't just stop there. Before I left Kuching, they told us to keep in touch and let them know if we have any problems. I thought they were just being polite. But no! I received an email from AUG Study Melbourne letting me know I was invited to a party which included a tour around Melbourne city and food and games! At that point, I emailed the Kuching branch letting them know we've settled down and I received a lengthy, informative reply! Dude... They don't just offer you free services and get you to Melbourne, they continue to counsel and guide you all the way through.

We didn't expect much, we just wanted to have a look see. But boy were they accommodating. They even got me to join their game of charade. We stayed until everyone left, just having a good time chatting. I'm sure if we didn't already know how to use the public transport or have accommodation, they'd walk us through till the end. Before we left, they convinced us to bring home pizza, kfc, a box of indo kueh and another box of sandwiches. Talk about generosity!

AUG Study - From the moment you decide to use their services, they open their doors and welcome you into their international family!


  1. lucky you, the early days @ Singapore sucks, I handle everything on my own. Glad that you had a great time over there~

    1. that's cos you didn't choose AUG study! :P thx babe~