Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lynas? Australia vs Malaysia?

I'm sure that everyone is sick of reading about Lynas by now. But today, my friend tagged me in a video, which I shall share with you momentarily. It inspired me to blog about this issue. Australians, may I present to your our very own Namewee! Malaysians, enjoy! If you're offended easily, don't play it. 

I know it sounds vulgar and is shockingly rude, but I find it very funny. If you don't, then you have to STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY. 

When I first read about Lynas, I thought about how environmental friendly Australia is. They do everything they can to protect their ecosystem. I was highly doubtful that they would allow something like Lynas to proceed. I was blinded by discrimination. But Lynas is very real. It is an established corporation based in Sydney.

They probably couldn't convince the Australian government to let them dump the waste somewhere in Australia so they decided to use Malaysia as a rubbish bin. It could also be that since Australia is so strict on their environment, it was easier to target Malaysia. Let's face it, the conversion rate between AUD and MYR is around 3.2, everything in Australia is way more expensive than Malaysia. It would be much more cost effective to turn to a developing country rather than a developed country. Get it? DO I HAVE TO DO THE MATHS FOR YOU?! Anyhow, it's easier to sweep shit under the rug than cleaning it the acceptable way (tissue, mop, wash - you get the gist?). This whole paragraph is called an assumption. It's mine. Based on nothing.

Two questions:

If it really is so dangerous, who was the jackass that granted Lynas permission to pass through our borders? 
Malaysian Atomic Energy Licensing Board. We were the ones who let them into our country! How? What? Why? Personally, I think that Lynas paid someone off so that they could secure Gebang. Or, someone asked for a sum of money from Lynas and turned a blind eye and two deaf ears. I am sure that I am not the only one who shares the same point of view. And now that shit has blown up in their faces, Lynas is taking the blame and who knows what plans the government has.

If it isn't dangerous, why wouldn't Australia take responsibility over the waste?
The Star says that there is no decision on sending waste to West Australia. West Australia says that they will not accept Lynas' waste.

I can only say that Lynas corp si beh suay (is fucking unlucky). In Nov, 2011, Lynas was involved in a dispute with Malawi and faced a lawsuit. Now it is facing Malaysia.

On another hand, I want you all to take a look at China for a minute.

Now, I strongly recommend everyone to read: The Truth About Lynas Pt. 1 & The Truth About Lynas Pt.2 by Melinda Mazhar.

Truth be told, I am against Lynas because c'mon, who wants to risk their country? But I highly doubt that either parties are innocent. I didn't want to blog about this initially because the web was (and still is) suddenly exploding with patriotic Malaysians and Australian haters. I wanted to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. But people are pissing me off left and right, throwing biased accusations, making unreasonable assumptions. Many Malaysians (like Namewee) are attacking Australians. Why? It wasn't the citizens of Australia that placed Lynas in Malaysia. There are even protesters in Australia protesting against Lynas. Isn't there a saying: The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Please! Read and educate yourself about what's really going on, find out who the real enemy is. Don't be a blind follower of media. Sure, you only know what the media chooses to show you. But you are free to come to your own conclusions and form your own opinions.

Click on any of the links above or the ones below, best of all? Read them all!

I wanted to showcase two Malaysian online sites and two Australian but surprisingly, I couldn't find anything on concerning the dispute between Lynas & Malaysia and I only know two Australian news sites. BLAH.

This is purely my opinion, I didn't read through half of that crap and I am neither right nor do I claim to be. 


  1. some more got idiot from Innit says we worry too much. He should stay next to Lynas!!!

    1. i don't think that there's anything wrong with worrying, but people have to stop and think for themselves before turning into sheep.

  2. excellent write up on this issue btw. was reading through your assessment on the whole situation and personally I wish there were more people like you, giving out their opinions through proper understanding. Kudos.