Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Movie: Colombiana

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This is a movie about a girl who has a beautiful name (Cataleya) wasted her whole life just to seek revenge. And when she has committed her last vengeful act, she had nothing left.

There we loads of coincidences, which made it a very unbelievable movie and I like realistic, believable movies that make sense. But Cataleya was portrayed so believably, I immediately overlooked the plotholes. :)

Honestly, depending on what kind of person you are. I thought that it was beautiful because she got what she wanted even though she had to pay a price (but what doesn't come with a price, eh?) and got to start anew while she was still young. However, if you're a very narrow minded (or have a different opinion - see what I did there?) it may seem like a dark movie. She ruined her own life trying to do what? To kill someone. Does that bring back her parents? No. Does it make her happy? I highly doubt so, although she probably felt relieved of her duty. Now she can be free.

What choice would you have made?

I would've done exactly what she did. At least she got a killer body and lots of money to sustain her although she's now a criminal with nothing left to lose. How could you sleep, knowing that the person who murdered  your family is out there living his life while your family is left to rot?

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  1. My husband told me he wanted to see Colombiana because of Zoe, he thinks she is pretty. I didn’t mind because I love a good revenge movie, especially when it’s a woman. We were able to rent it by using Blockbuster@Home since I started working for DISH, Blockbuster@Home was introduced. I got to say it makes it a whole lot easier to watch movies of all kinds. I can easily stream any movie to my TV, so I don’t waste time driving to the store or standing in line at a kiosk. In thee end, we loved Colombiana. It was action packed and definitely my kind of movie.