Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentines Day

We went to Rococo at Glenferrie Road to celebrate the occasion.

I thought I knew fries cos I love fries. This proves that I don't. I have never tried anything so nice! It's a lil bit similar to the fries from Carls Junior but can you say YUM!? Even the tomato sauce is superb. I usually dislike contaminating my food with sauces but it was so good I couldn't help but finish it all. YUM factor 5/5.

This is exactly how spaghetti should be, filled with complementing herbs and a wonderful blend of tastes! YUM factor 4/5.

TOO SALTY. I hated it and I LOVE pizza and I LOVE salty food. Epic fail on its part. Honestly, ham and salted fish!?! It was so salty I felt like I was pouring salt into my eyes! D: So sad. I was looking forward to nyomming pizza! If it wasn't so salty I may have given it a YUM factor of 3/5 cos it tastes delish after we removed the salted fish and some black stuff that tastes like a ball of salt.

The culprits for ruining the pizza:

After we left, I realized that I forgot to take a picture of the restaurant exterior. :( Lai looked at me and gave me the lazy face and said painfully: I am not going back, it was hard enough to get where I am now. I was exploding with food as well so I was as lazy so I let it go. Hahaha..

Once we got home, Lai went to bed cos he has class tomorrow zomg forever alone. Then I drew a lil cartoon for wifey but she didn't reply zomg forever alone. I also called a few people on Tango but no one answered zomg forever alone so then I started blogging and pissing people off on FB by saying that Valentines is a competition hahaha ok I shattap now.

Source: Google Images
It's my blog so I won't shattap.

I don't understand people who post pics of their presents. Who are you trying to impress?

What's the point of putting it out there? Do you think that people will feel that wow you're rich? Pls, if you're rich, people would know. If you're pretending to be, people would also know.

Maybe you want to show the world how much he loves you. Dude, nobody cares.

Or maybe you just wanna share your happiness? Well, unless it's a puppy or something equally cute/lovable/interesting, chances are people don't care either.

So why bother?

Yesterday and today is like an epic war of 'thanks hubby!' accompanying a bouquet of roses etc. It's not a goddamn competition! Those that are content with what they have won't give a rats ass about what your bf bought you! As for the rest of the world, they probably hate you not because you're happier or luckier but for rubbing it in. Is that what you want? Make people feel bad?

Shame on you!

But hey it's a free world so don't take it personally.


  1. V'day is just like any ordinary day for me. Just a whatsapp flower pic from him. Dad won a RM100 Carlo Rino voucher for mom @ some contest that I put him in.

    Actually can get a gift as Self Love Singlehood Day, Friendship Day or Family Day. It's not only our partner but people we care for (including ourselves). Maybe I'm just lucky that I don't have much friends in FB, so got nothing much to complain about :D

    1. Awww.. I saw your blogpost... LDR can be a bitch. :/

  2. delicious food. Sweet picture of u!

  3. anchovies!!! haha. they love it here, esp on pizzas! and i think the black thing you're referring to is actually olives?

    1. Yes! And they put corriander (or is that parsley?) in everything! ARGHF!

  4. #1 - everytime i see anchovies aka salty fish in the ingredients for Pizza.. i would explicitly tell them.. i don't want! lol.. my first time reaction was like urs! SOOOO salty...

    #2 - " I started blogging and pissing people off on FB" lol.. wondering what u said.. then again, it is true.. valentines day can be rather overcommercialised and i, too don't get what's it with pp posting their flowers on fb!

    1. XD i thk i posted sth along the lines of: vday is not a fucking competition? lol!