Saturday, February 18, 2012

Night in the City

Melbourne night life isn't what we expected. Everyone kept telling me that since I love partying and clubbing, Melbourne is the place for me. I don't know what you are talking about cos the night life here is like Kuching before we had Travilion.

The drunks here are scarier too. A group on the train kept trying to talk to Lai and I but we responded by pretending not to know how to speak English! Sorry, Asians, I know that this has always been your foolproof go-to tactic, but on the bright side, they can't figure out who can or cannot understand English just by looking at you! Our secret's still safe with me. :D On the other hand, the world has suddenly become a friendlier place!

I have a theory why there's so many crazy drunks here and none back home. It's because the bouncers kick anyone who looks remotely tipsy out of the clubs so they have nowhere to go and nothing to do. When you're tipsy, you want to continue partying but since you can't, how do you handle all that pent up energy? You spend it harassing people trying to make a living on the streets (they really love the guy in a bunny suit playing the guitar and the magician near Melbourne Central station) or just anyone, really. Since most people take the train, it gives them ample time to meet and harass people.

In Kuching, there are virtually no bouncers. There are no tipsy people too cos we all get fucking drunk. The drunks leave the clubs via friends or anything that turns on the lights (fights, police, closing time) lol. Nobody except mentally ill people roam the streets at night. We have cars and we use them to its full potential, usually that means that it takes us less than a minute to get from the pub to the car so there's a tiny chance of meeting a stranger to harass.

There's a place we saw that looks pretty cool but it's in an alley and it was bursting with people so I didn't take any pictures. Who knows what they'd do to me? Probably pose for me, but that's besides the point. It's in one of the alleys opposite Harvey Norman, if I'm not mistaken.

Other than that, we really enjoy walking around and watching street shows. We missed the magician's show (saw it last week) but we saw a couple of new ones we've never seen before. Apparently, friday night is big for beatboxers.

We caught Lash78 which is a two girl band made up of a 13 and 14 year old! I didn't get a video of them cos to be honest, I didn't think they'll still sound as good through my iPhone's videorecorder.

But I found their youtube account! Enjoy:

So so what if the clubbing here sucks? They have great other-kind-of night life.

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  1. Yes.. Kuching people are awesome! That's why we love Kuching, yeah?