Saturday, February 25, 2012

O Week!

Edit 26 Feb// I've just received the pictures for the race. Credits & thanks to Nabila! 

Last week was what is widely known as O Week. I wasn't very active in my previous uni, but other than an orientation party, I doubt that there was much going on the week before classes started.

It's a lot different here with many events to look forward to and lectures chockfull of information. Actually, if our brains were a cup and information was water, it'd be overfilled. Anyway, on the first day of O week, I attended a lecture about what to expect, a speech from the police dept & fire brigade, and to enroll online, but since I've already done that, I decided to skip on home after signing up for a 'Get to know Melbourne' race. I highly doubt that it's the name of the race but I honestly don't remember heh.

Second day of O week was finalizing my exemptions and the race! I was going to blog about it sooner but you know what they say about depending others... DON'T cos it's a bad habit. I was going to use my phone to take pictures for my blog, but one of my team mates had a camera and since she was the designated photographer I thought I could swipe the photos off her... But... See sentence 2 of this paragraph.

This is the only photo I took.

To win the race, we were supposed to take pictures of the places listed. To be sure we don't cheat, we were all given an animal and a color. So here's our photobombing koala!

We acted more like we were sightseeing than in a race.

But it was fun, getting to know the place and just chillin'. Obviously we didn't win, we were actually the third team to reach the last stop and surprisingly the last team, which was late, won!

On the fourth day, it was the orientation for the faculty of social sciences so I joined in on the fun.

It turned out to be two long lectures. I have two complaints on behalf of the international students: 1. The speakers all talked too fast, we couldn't even get any notes. 2. There was too much information and if we wanted to digest it all, we needed to make notes! Obviously, we'll have to learn how to cope because that's what being uni is all about.

There was a free lunch after the first lecture and loads of freebies so I stocked up on both. :D Before that tho, I met a friend. OH MY GAWD I'M NO LONGER THE LONE WOLF. For the past two days I've been this sad little girl who doesn't have a clique. Honestly, I think there was an orientation for all the new students to form a group and I was left out of it but nooooooooo. Someone else was left out lololol JK. During the 2nd lecture, we added another member into our group of diverse ethnics. And after the 2nd lecture, we went to a party on campus to choke on pizzas (didn't get any cos the line was......

..... this long!) and drink free alcohol! MWAHAHAHAHAAAA.

This was the queue...

... for this!

It's kinda surreal cos we only see beer in red plastic cups in movies and look! RED PLASTIC CUP FILLED WITH BEER! I'M IN A MOVIE! It was so happening and our group got bigger and bigger till we had to leave at 6pm. - - So we went to my place to have a quick dinner and headed out to get even more hammered.

We went to a gay bar and when that closed we went to another bar down the road. We were like a party on legs man, by the end of the night the smoking room was filled with laughter, jokes, snide remarks and it looked like everyone's known each other for years when in fact before that day we were all strangers.

Can you just imagine?

That would've never happened back home, and that's what makes me sad. I feel so at ease here. I don't even have to try but I miss home more than anything.

Anyway, we missed the last tram cos by the time we decided to leave, it was 2am so we walked about 30 mins back home. At least all that walking made me feel less guilty about drinking. I mean, 30 mins should be enough to burn at least half of that shit right? :|