Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Shopping @ Victoria Market & Chadstone Mall

One fine morning we decided to head down to Victoria Market cos Lai哥 hasn't been there before. It's smaller than I remembered but I don't think we covered all the shops hahahaha cos Lai was too distracted by the low low prices on apples.

Did you know that no one is allowed to have a koala or a kangaroo (or any OZ wildlife for that matter) as a pet but it's perfectly fine to EAT them?! The most exotic food I've ever had is probably deer and frog legs. Koalas and kangaroos are too cute to eat. x3 

The fruits and veggies are pretty cheap so we bought lady fingers, broccoli, apples and strawberries! I haven't had any asian veggies in a while so lady fingers are a treat! If only I could get my hands on manichai.......

We also managed to catch this magnificent looking beast!

Isn't he gorgeous!? I just want to plop down on his carpet of fur and steal him home!! I bet he gets admirers everywhere he goes cos he ignores us all! He tolerates pets and attempts at hugging him but he just isn't generous with his affections! I don't even know if he's male! Must be a bitch. xD

Our luncha. And below is our tea lololol. We eat loads during weekends, I think it's from the lack of things to do. D: But look! It's smiling.

I also found a little shop at Chadstone mall that sells asian cosmetics (WOW, I know) but they don't have any whitening products either aside from facial masks. I don't need facial masks! I brought enough to last me a lifetime!!!

We initially went to Chadstone to buy a vacuum cleaner but Lai got sidetracked by Apple, I got sidetracked by hair products and by the time we got to the Reject Shop, it was already closed. :( They have the cheapest vacuums at only AUD40!!! Life is like a neverending search for bargains! Lol.

OK this is kinda like a pointless blabbering post. I'm going to end it now before I embarrass myself further. Have a great week, guys! 

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