Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Did two separate xiasoi things today. Xiasoi means embarrassing for those who don't know Hokkien (Chinese dialect).

First one, I went to class early and sat in the middle so naturally by the time class started, both ends were filled. Some really complicated looking graphs popped up on the screen and I remember going WOA, that's advanced and OMG am I in the wrong class? I quickly checked my schedule and discovered - to my horror - that my class isn't for another two hours! I contemplated whether I should stay and pretend to slide out later like a cool kid cutting class, but I was so hungry I decided to leave just then. I had to pass three students on my way out (serves me right for picking a seat in the middle) and one of them said something in a language I'm not familiar with so I assumed he knew I was in the wrong class and so I lost it. I ran all the way out and didn't stop till I was out of campus. D:

After leaving campus, I went to a place nearby to buy food. It came up to 2.50 and I paid with a 20 dollar bill. He gave me a 15 dollar bill and 2 coins in return - he gave me a huge 50 cent coin and a 2 dollar coin which I mistook for a 1 dollar coin so I told him he gave me the wrong change. He insisted that he gave me the correct change and I fumbled for the coin he gave me to show him and again to my horror, there's a 2 printed on it. Needless to say, I left the shop in a hurry after muttering "sorry, I'm new!" to which he smiled kindly and said it's no problem.

I guess on the bright side, I'm sure I made someone smile for doing either one of those things.

But really, why is 50 cents larger than 1 dollar, and 2 dollar the size of a 5 cent coin? Aussies clearly have a wicked sense of humor.

Australian Guy A: Hey I know! You know how coins usually get smaller with their value? Let's do it the other way around!
Australian Guy B: Yea mate that would be highlarious! Tourists' be fumbling for change all day long and pissing themselves in confusion!
Australian Guy A: Oh and have you heard about the drop bears?
Australian Guy B: What drop bears?
Australian Guy A: The animals created by our imagination that preys on tourists!!
Together: MUAHAHAHA.

Oh yes, I know everything there is to know about drop bears... An Aussie tried to pull one on me once and got a whole room of strangers convincing me that drop bears exist. "They spit venom and prey on tourists" - riiiight. But it's all in good fun. I guess it is pretty funny to watch a tourists' eyes go big and freak out about a fictitious creature.

On another note, I had a little fit yesterday and cut my hair myself.

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