Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hunger Games Hype

Ok so while the rest of the world has (presumably) watched the movie, I have been invited to play the beta version of Hunger Games on FB.

Its graphic although not the best - who am I kidding? it's pretty damn freaky but - has started to grow on me and the gameplay is considerably okish. It hasn't gotten boring and redundant yet like most FB games. But I'm sure it's not long until it becomes so. There is only so much one can do until it becomes repetitive.

Anyway, a sneak peek for y'all:

I know it isn't much but I got to hear Rue's lullaby. Which in my opinion, is ghastly. I'm assuming they are trying to portray Katniss' dad singing, but really? I've always pictured (in my mind's ear) something a little more morbid, dark and longing. EDIT: OK FML. I thought it was the Hanging Tree song but duhh it's the lullaby. But I thought the lullaby should be sung by a woman not a man! HMP. And it should've sounded softer with lighter music... Like windchimes.

I guess I just have a case of sour grapes cos I haven't gotten to watch it yet while tons of other people who have never read the books or heard of Hunger Games until recently, have! But I'm not complaining, the more hyped up it is, the better it should be (aside from Twilight - it's utter crap, its only redeeming quality being *gasp* dare I say it? TAYLOR LAUTNER) I mean look at Lord of the Rings, it was amazing! So fingers crossed until I get to watch it.

Don't even try to spoil it for me, cos...

EVERYONE DIES IN THE END. I'm kidding, but yea... Pic above was inspired by Xiaxue - I think I even used the same stock image as her. IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. On a completely unrelated note: I really can't wait for my mom to pass me my camera. iPhone's shit cam is great at hiding flaws and all but its quality is really getting to me.

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