Monday, March 12, 2012

just another day

Flinders Station
Went to the city yesterday. My cousin had to take pictures for her uni assignment so Adam and I tagged along. Check out the crowd above! It was so packed we missed the first train haha.

I tried macaroons for the first time! OMGWTFWHYHAVEN'TITRIEDITBEFORE?! I've always wanted to try it but it's so expensive for something so small (AUD2.50 = MYR8 for ONE) so Vess got me a cherry blossom/sake flavored macaroon cos I was gushing about how pretty they are. She caught my experience on camera and lol I look so idiotic. I had a mini nuclear explosion in my brain (read: mindblown); I think you can see it in my deranged eyes.

Mom told me it's really sweet and that I wouldn't like it. She was right and wrong. It really isn't that sweet and I don't like it. I love it! I want macaroon birthday cakes for the rest of my life!!!

Moving on...

We went to Mag Nation (I have never seen so many magazines in my life!), Minotaur (a geek heaven), State Library (I bummed outside cos there were birds all over the place ahaha), Asian Beer Cafe and yadda yadda. I found another asian cosmetics shop! They have My Beauty Diary masks and loads of other cool asian stuff. Heh. But I would probably never buy from them cos I know I can get them 70% cheaper... Or more!

Told you there be birds! They don't spook easily. I always have this urge to pull a Timon and Pumbaa everytime I see a flock of birds... But it's kinda pointless, cos the birds are like the birds in The Lion King. They'll fly like a foot off the ground and just kinda drift back towards the exact same spot.

We saw three brides at this alley with lotsa graffiti taking wedding photos. THREE WEDDING SHOOTS, THREE DIFFERENT BRIDES. What were the odds?! I have photos but it's in my phone so being the lazy bum I am... Here's a picture of two guys playing oversized chess. :)

To wrap up our day, we went to Moomba Festival! It was so happening! I guess that's why the trains were so full... Everyone was going there!

I really like street photography, but I feel that it's invading on someone else's privacy. You wouldn't want to have a picture of you floating around the internet somewhere, would you? But I love looking at candid pictures and I love taking candid shots of people because it's much more genuine. I feel like I should ask permission but then that would kill the whole purpose of it and the moment would be lost. I think that taking pictures of street performers is perfectly fine, but what about people who are just going about their daily lives? Maybe after I take a photo I could show it to them and ask them what they think? Anyone has any thoughts about this issue?

I took some pictures of kids too but they were epic fails. I kept making pedo jokes which I know are entirely inappropriate but I couldn't help myself. I might just get punched in the face one day while saying something like, "It's time to get my pedo on!" and brandishing my camera. Although I doubt actual pedos would say that aloud. They'd probably just smirk silently to themselves or do some other creepy shit.

Adam was so happy when he saw that the rides were AUD15 and above. I was not. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO FRIGGIN' EXPENSIVE?! I wanted to go on ALL the rides.

Ok, obviously not THIS ride cos this ride is for sissies. I joke. I don't see the point in paying money to bore yourself to death.

THIS was what I wanted to go on. Both of them. Looks exhilarating. But this has nothing on the ride at Clark Quay, Singapore. The bungee thing is definitely something I would never have the balls to try.

THIS IS FOR LIZARD. WHERE ARE YOU? HAHAHA. This picture is for you.

Looks like a real croc, doesn't it? I was freaking out when I saw it in my viewfinder cos ever since making this video, I developed a healthy phobia of them.


  1. Haha, your expression at the macaroon tasting is really funny! :D And that Spongebob tent! O___O I love watching that silly sponge and his friends. XD

  2. I want my macaroons this spring!!! The price pretty standard @ Aussie

  3. 18-26 O kids.....................
    Sometimes I wonder if WindowS are real?